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Neuro pulls out his cellphone and dials Yako's number. It's seems like it's been ringing for eternity before she finally picks up.

"It's about time Neuro!" Yako answers, yelling over gunshots among many other war sounds.

"Where are you?" Neuro asks, exiting through a nearby window.

"At the office with Godai and a couple of his… assistants." Yako answers, still yelling.

Without answering Neuro hangs up the phone and rushes over to the office. The scene in front of the office building is so hectic it could almost be comical. The building is covered in thick black hair, or more accurately "protected" by the thick black hair.

"Good job, Akane-chan." Neuro says to himself as he watches her fight off crazed criminals still in their prison uniforms. Most of which him and Yako sent to their imprisonment themselves. They are lined up for miles trying to get into the office to take a crack at revenge. All the while Godai and a group of his thugs shoot at them, trying mainly to disarm the criminals of their flamethrowers, bombs, guns, and other personal weapons. Neither of the two are getting at each other easily, not while Akane's raven glory thrashes about wildly.

Neuro gets a feeling of unease, looking up he can see that Takumi is eerily watching him safely atop the roof away from all the chaos. By Takumi's side is Ippai, watching the chaos with an almost pained expression. He wears only a loose fitting yukata. Rolling his eyes intentionally at the two of them, Neuro takes one big leap up to the office window and quickly climbs in, only taking a few bullets.

"Did I shoot you, monster?" Godai says smugly as he reloads his gun.

Neuro, with an equally smug face, happily round-kicks Godai in the face. Godai lands painfully on the hard wooden floor. Neuro stands mockingly over Godai grabbing his face with a clawed hand.

"It could have been because you were deliberately aiming for me." Neuro says with the same smile but his hidden threat does not go unnoticed. In response Godai presses his gun to Neuro's face.

"That wasn't aiming at you. THIS is aiming at you." Godai says, peeking through Neuro's fingers gripping his face. In response to Godai's "brave threat," Neuro takes a giant bite out of Godai's gun, chewing the metal effortlessly.

"Keep up the good work, Godai." Neuro says fondly, releasing Godai's face. "Ippai is bound to Takumi by a blood contract. This is how he is able to survive here." Neuro informs, suddenly all business.

"What does that mean for Takumi?" Yako asks.

"Ippai feeds on good fortune. Obviously there is none here at the moment. At this rate Takumi will drain Ippai and become a monster all his own." Neuro says, heading for the roof.

Stepping onto the roof, Neuro and Yako's eyes find Takumi immediately. Takumi knows they have arrived but makes no effort to acknowledge them, he simply continues to gaze down onto his chaos. He is dressed in black slacks and a white button-down shirt with a black tie. The combination goes well with the newly formed black snake scales running down the back of his neck, continuing to trail down his back, tracing his spine.

"You know, I always knew there was more to this world. I can feel it coursing through my veins." Takumi says interrupting the silence, his voice a little more raspy than usual.

Neuro continues to watch Takumi, while Yako looks to Ippai. He doesn't look well. His skin is cracking and his hair looks like frail hay. The image is frighteningly familiar to that of Neuro, the Neuro that lay dying before her very eyes a few years back.

"Takumi! Ippai is dying you need to stop this!" Yako yells franticly.

Takumi turns around, glancing briefly at Ippai's sad state. "I won't." He answers calmly, turning his startling dark eyes on Yako. His eyes were always dark, but never so empty, vacant of any light.

"Why?" Yako demands.

"Because I'm a teacher. I must teach and observe. It's my job." Takumi looks back down at the mess on the streets below.

"You're a liar!" Yako yells.

Takumi turns back around and looks at Yako, having his full attention. "A Liar?" He asks amused.

Yako nods. "Why are you really doing all of this?"

Takumi's expression turns to that of an irritated one, and he remains silent for a few moments. "I'm insane. Deranged, loony, crazy, psycho, bonkers, nuts. Pick one. Either way I am it: a complete madman. Was it not already obvious by now?" Takumi answers, baring new fangs.

"It's not obvious if it's not the truth. A madman doesn't realize he's mad, madness comes naturally." Yako says.

Takumi points a clawed finger at Yako. "THIS is what I wanted from you Yako! Why I CRAVED you! I wanted you so badly!" Takumi says in dramatic excitement. "But now all I want is you dead." Takumi says, all excitement leaving his voice, replaced only with sorrowed wistfulness.

Before his voice can finish echoing across the roof, Takumi launches himself at Yako, but is cut off by Neuro who in turn pins him to the ground with a sadistic shoe across his throat. Neuro is prepared to end all of the silliness, but is caught off guard by Takumi's inhuman shivering. The moment of shivering passes quickly and Takumi shoves Neuro's foot from his pinned throat.

"Ahhh, that's better. You're so smothering Neuro! I don't see how Yako puts up with it." Takumi says jokingly.

"You can feed on Chaos." Neuro says frowning.

"Hmmm, I suppose I do. How neat." Takumi says, smiling brightly.

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