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Neuro is sitting at his desk and listening to the conversation Yako is having over the phone. Granted it's all in Spanish, but that's not a problem for him. It's a nice little trick his slave picked up while he was still in hell. Apparently there are three other languages she knows besides Japanese and Spanish. She has defiantly evolved favorably. Yako is now able to bring him a variety of mysteries from many different countries. He hardly ever goes hungry anymore.

Neuro casually turns from his thoughts to face Yako. She is asking him if the mystery in the phone call is worth his attention. It's not. He could easily find one just like it around here; it's not worth going to another country for only a snack.

He shakes his head no, and then proceeds listening to Yako help the other person with his problem. It was hardly anything at all.

Once she is done with the call, the slug returns to reading over the crime that occurred at the college. She's wasting her time, that mystery is still developing. Though, because he is full, Neuro turns a blind eye to her wasting such valuable time. It doesn't take long until she realizes her effort is in vain and groans irritably in defeat. With a sigh, she looks over to Neuro.

When he says nothing and just continues to grin at her, she gets annoyed and goes to retrieve a snack from the full sized refrigerator that was put in just for her. She spends most of her time at the office and the mini-fridge had not been enough.

With a content and creepy grin, Neuro throws everything on the surface of his desk at Yako. She sees it coming but is unable to dodge, the large amounts of food in her arms to blame. The force of the flying objects was enough to knock her down, along with all of her food.

"What a mess you are Yako," Neuro smiles triumphantly at her.

Yako imitates a laugh as she begins to pick up her food from the floor and put it back on her plates. She looks up to Neuro when he politely answers the ringing phone. Now that he was busy, she felt safer to let her guard down and sat down to eat her meal. Neuro doesn't torture her as much when he's not hungry, which makes her life easier.

Neuro finishes his phone call just as she finishes her thought. Yako swallows her bite of food and turns to him. "What was that about?" She asks him innocently.

"Mind your own business and continue stuffing your fat pig face." Neuro says while pulling a rope out as a threat.

Yako cautiously turns around. "Okay, okay."

With a chuckle, Neuro sits in his seat and begins searching things on the internet. Yako feels uneasy within the silent room, with only his creepy typing, so she turns on the TV. Neuro looks up from his internet search to see what Yako has focused her attention on. The screen shows a woman in white and a man in black. While still looking to the screen, he feels her eyes on him.

"What do you want, slave?" He asks, meeting her stare.

She smiles at him. "You should marry me Neuro."

The change on his face is instant; a face full of boredom to a look of obvious pretend pity.

Yako asks through laughter., "Why not?"

Neuro, now more serious, questions her. "Louse, you are being serious?"

Yako rests her face on her hand as she observes him closely. "Am I?"

Her arrogant smile never leaves her face, even as he grips it in one of his hands.

He inches closer to her, until his lips are close to her ear, and whispers menacingly. "You test something that doesn't exist." Yako keeps her smile despite being intimidated and moves to whisper in his ear, too.

"There is always room to evolve."

Neuro can feel her smile grow against his ear as she whispers the world "evolve." Such confidence she has! She really is an interesting human, to even dare challenge someone as great as himself.

Just as he meets her eyes, the phone rings again and her eyes turn from his to look toward the phone. Growing impatient with the turn of events, he tosses Yako to the other side of the room and is pleased with the sound of her whimper as she hits the wall, then the floor. He then goes on to quickly answer the phone. There's been another murder at the college.

Neuro looks over to Yako, who is calmly leaning against the dented wall, waiting for answers. Neuro hangs up and, with an inhuman grin, begins to drool.

"The puzzle grows."

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