Annie's Heaven

Part 1

Annie opened the door to her Heaven, and behold, the beach backdrop in Honolulu Heights had come to life. There were coconut trees swaying by a sunny beach. It was beautiful and it burst with life! She saw Mitchell's back watching the sunrise, a Pina Collada in hand, a pink and blue lei around his neck and was wearing just board shorts showing off his sexy upper body.

"Mitchell!" Annie screamed at the sight of the former vampire. The Pina Collada dropped from Mitchell's hand.

He turned around at the sound of a familiar voice that made his heart beat faster. Heaven just kept getting better.

She couldn't believe Mitchell was in heaven. How could that possibly be? "Oh, my god, you're here!" She jumped into his arms.

"I'm here! I'm just as surprised as you are! Oh, Annie, I missed you so much!" He breathed in the scent of her hair. She's never been this alive to him. He heard her heartbeat and felt the warmth of her skin. Oh, Jesus, he didn't know what he did to deserve her, or better yet, deserve to be with her in heaven!

"Oh my, God, Mitchell I missed you so much!" She kissed him and tears flowed from her eyes. For the first time, she actually felt his presence whole. She felt his stubble, his chest hair, his breath, and even his heartbeat. Oh, heavens, Mitchell had a heartbeat!

"I love you so much, Annie! Look at what you're wearing! Hubba-hubba!" He looked her up and down appreciatively. Annie was in an itsy-bitsy gray bikini with white polka dots.

"Oh, my! I've changed outfit! Heavens! I'm just so incredibly happy! After four years, finally!"

"Who's this baby in your arms?" Mitchell noticed that she hadn't come alone. It really took that long before he noticed. So that was why her arms didn't go around him. Did she have a baby ghost?

"This is Eve, George and Nina's baby." Mitchell sighed in relief.

"Oh my, what happened? Isn't she cute?" He made funny faces at the giggling baby.

"Where's George and Nina?" her voice suddenly became worried.

"They're kind of in their 25th honeymoon. What happened Annie?"

"It's a long story. I kind of killed baby Eve."

"Kind of? Her ghost is in your hands."

"There was a prophecy?"

"How could you believe prophecies after what happened to me?"

"Well, Eve from the future kind of convinced me to kill her, I'm sorry."

"Why'd you have to kill her?"

"Because letting her live would sign the apocalypse papers."

"So, you saved the world by killing a baby?"

"I know it's hard to believe but Eve is the child of two werewolves. She's not just a baby."

"I believe you. I mean, I'll always believe in you. But damn, Annie. What will you tell her parents?"

What will George and Nina tell Annie, the murder of their child?

Why is Mitchell in Heaven?

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