Potions class. It's literally the one class us Slytherins stand a chance at earning a few points. Of course, I have to have the one seat next to the one boy I hate the most. Harry Potter. I am already finished my potion but Snape had to step out of the room so I have to bear with listening to the trio's conversation.

"Oh Hermione it was awful. I had to sleep in a cupboard and I couldn't go anywhere. I was lonely like you can't imagine" He kept going and going. My fists started clutching tighter and tighter. I am Sick of listening to prissy boy Potter complaining about his life. I honestly can't understand what his problem is. Yes, I get that he lost his parents.

Potter, however, never had to go home to a father who never failed to tell you that you were and never will be good enough. He never had to feel the pain of a crucio curse that wasn't lifted until he passed out. He doesn't have to deal with the sick feeling that he would get from looking at his own refection in the mirror. He never felt the anxiety every time he held a sharp object in his hand.

The pain of knowing that those around you are there because they have to be. The look of disgusts from the teachers knowing that you will become a servant of the dark lord. The fear of knowing your future. He was never up for nights at a time hiding behind a wall that could not afford to be broken. He never had to think about what new torture awaited for him at home because he wasn't the "golden boy".

I KNOW FOR A FACT that he NEVER had to hide behind a glamor because he couldn't risk being found out. So here I sit a second year in potions class my head pressing against the wood of the desk. Fists clenched. Trying ever so desperately to forget about the world around me. I can see the knife I used to chop the ingredients for the potion. I can hear it speaking to me. I can hear the soft whispers telling me I need the release. I can't though. I know I can't.

Not here.

Not now.

I cant.

Draco please, you can't sit here and just block me out. If you were able to do that you wouldn't have the scars on your arm.

Stop please. I placed my hands over my ears, but the effort was in vain.

Why are you doing this to yourself Draco? Is it because you never really got to choose who you are. Or is it because you can't not. Is it because you tried it once and now it's your drug.

Why won't you leave me alone.

I can't leave you alone for the simple fact Draco. I am you

Subconsciously my nails dug into the pale skin on my forearm. I could feel the small drips of crimson relief drip onto my robe. I chuckled. It was a dry laugh. Even in my subconscious, I took all the necessary precautions so I wouldn't get caught.

"Malfoy you stupid git what are you over there chuckling about." I heard the Weasels voice ask me a question. This was new usually I start the fights. The classroom was literally silent.

"Yea Malfoy" I literally heard the venom dripping from her voice when she said my name. "Harry's home life isn't something to joke about." That struck a chord. I was mad before when Weasel interrupted me for no reason. No now, it was different. Now I was LIVID. I made the decision then and there that this time I would have the last laugh.

"ha. HAHAHAHA" I was in stitches. "You three have such a sense of humor." I stood up and walked over to them now completely serious. "You know nothing about who I am. What has happened to me? What's it like to be in my shoes. Where I have been. What I have seen. What I've experienced." I was literally shouting now. "I am so done with you three. I cannot stand the fact that you can literally stand in front of me and say those things like you understand what you are saying. Look at other people for a second and think about where they come from." I gave the three of them the worst glare I could muster before I ran out of the room.