Long-ish A/N: So, I realize I probably should have uploaded this here, um, two weeks ago, when I wrote it. ...Surprise? I'd put this on Tumblr already, and people didn't hate it, but it's still the first thing I've ever written, and I'm hesitant to put this up. Many thanks to Megan (WritingPurple) for the hand-holding while I moaned over my inability to write fan fiction. This was written post-iOpen a Restaurant, in a fit of bitter sadness, and I hope y'all are still angsty enough to appreciate this. Italics are mostly Gibby's thoughts. Please, be gentle with me.

It's their worst fight yet, Gibby muses, crouching even lower in the hallway.

He peers back into the iCarly studio, where Carly and Sam are.

He'd only stayed to watch because the insults they started out with were pretty feeble and, quite frankly, hilarious. But, somehow the amount of venom inserted in each jibe had escalated beyond anything he could have ever imagined either of them ever being capable of saying to each other.

"You're so stupid, Sam!"

"Well, excuse me for having better things to do than study, triple-A!"

From his hiding place, Gibby snickers a little.

"Better things to do like be a criminal!"

"That's rich, coming from someone who doesn't care about hurting other people!"

"What are you talking about?"

"He was off-limits, Shay!"

Uh-oh. This is not good.

"What? What are you- Freddie never even loved you!"

Gibby groans and buries his face in his knees.

Both girls freeze. Gibby sees the regret reach Carly's eyes before she's even finished speaking.

"No, Sam, I-"

"No, Carly." She called her Carly. Not Carls, or... Sam smiles brokenly. "Out of all the stupid things we've said to each other tonight, that was the only thing that was true." And she starts towards the door.

Carly's still frozen, her mouth half-open, and Gibby scrambles further into the darker end of the hallway, away from the door.

Sam emerges from the studio door, and Gibby's shocked to see tears sliding down her face. She's still smiling that horrible smile. When Sam disappears down the stairs, Carly comes tearing out of the studio.


He grabs her elbow as she passes him.

"No, Carly, hang on a sec. I think you need to leave her alone right now. She knows you didn't mean it, right?"

"I'm not sure she does this time, Gibby."

She runs after Sam. Gibby watches her go. He stands there for a long time after with his head down, pensive.

His jaw is set when he finally looks up, a strange fire glowing in his eyes. Clenching his fists, he storms off to find Freddie.

A/N: Please note that I really do love Carly as a character, and any depiction of Carly as a horrid person in this fic is mainly because I wanted this fic as angsty as possible, for therapeutic purposes.

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