A/N: Okay, so a plot bunny was jumping around my head and I just had to get this written down on paper! I realised that Ami and Lita aren't given enough attention in the other fic so I wanted to write a one-shot each for them. This was supposed to be a one-shot but it totally changed! Yup, prepare for another AU, lol. But bewarned, this one is alot darker that The Princess and the Clown. It's more upsetting but will be Ami-centric...So hope Ami fans will like it! I won't give away any pairings but I am dropping hints. ;)

Oh and don't worry about this, it won't be M-rated. although there will be mention of adult situations, there won't be anything explicit. My exams will be over at the end of May, so I will return to writing the Princess and the Clown and get that finished first before writing anymore of this story.

Ami was never one to enjoy college parties, especially if they were organized by the university heart-throb, Treize Kushendra. On Mina's imploring, she finally agreed to go. She knew Mina's secret crush on Duo's friend, Trowa Barton, the only reason the gorgeous blonde dared to attend Treize's party in his magnificent rest of the girls tagged along with Mina to help her finally admit her feelings.

For once in her life, Ami had decided to appear more lavish than her usual self. She wore a knee-length blue dress with a peasant neckline embellished with round, sparkling jewels. Her icy blue eyes were rimmed with kohl, giving them more depth. A deep red lipstick enhanced her usually taut lips with more volume. She debated the use of make-up in her head. It wasn't very logical painting yourself beautiful at a party like this.

She was suddenly self-conscious, a hand trying to tug her skirt further down to her knees. Lewd eyes stole glances at her and the girls. Logically, it is natural for boys to peek at exposed flesh that is normally hidden during college hours. Most were on Mina and Rei, since they were the most popular choices with their well developed curves and long hair that resembled sunshine and the night. They didn't have a chance with Rei, not when a man of Asian origin glared daggers at anyone who whistled at the raven-haired girl. Wufei draped a protective arm around Rei's waist and led her to the dance floor. Darien pushed past the crowd that was swarming around Ami and her friends and held Usagi's hand, a small smile creeping on his lips. The girl, who had her long hair cascading down past her thighs, exchanged the smile, a light tint of pink dancing across her cheeks.

Ami was left with Lita, another college beauty, and Mina. The latter sighed wistfully as she watched Rei and Wufei dance in tune to the waltz music now on.

"I so can't believe that Wufei asked her out! After all those times calling her weak and suffering more than a kick on the ankle," she giggled.

"I agree, they sure are cute, but not as cute as Darien and Usagi!" Lita cut in, smirking and folding her arms across her chest. Her top ended just below her midriff, leaving her well defined abs exposed to the flash of lights that flashed in psychedelic colours in the house.

"Lita!" a voice cried out and Ami jerked to that tone.

A pit formed in her stomach and she suddenly wished to race out the door but it was too late. They were greeted by Lita's new boyfriend. The young man grinned jovially at them, his blue eyes flashing it's own colour despite the artificial beams of the disco lights. His long, caramel brown hair was twisted into a plait. Ami's legs almost gave way, like two matchsticks that lost balance. She had adored Duo, since the first day of college. Sure, he was an English-philosophy student and she was studying Medicine but there was a boyish charm that emitted from him every time he revealed his infamous smile.

"Hey there, love," Lita grinned and allowed Duo to hold her hand who instantly kissed her wrist, allowing his lips to trail up her arm.

Bile threatened to escape from Ami's throat and her vision blurred to inscrutable dots of colours.

"Excuse me!" she whimpered and made her way to the bathroom, unaware that a pair of footsteps followed her.

Thin arms encircled her gamine form, tightening around her and she silently thanked Mina for coming as she cried in the bathroom.

"Ami…I had no idea…" the other girl whispered, her bright blues shining with sympathy.

Ami gulped down the last of her sobs. The mirror on the wall reflected a navy-haired girl with a vivd pink nose with kohl slithering down her eyes. Mina ran a hand through her hair, perfectly manicured nails slipping through the strands.

"I never thought that he'd ask Lita out…" Ami replied, guilt consuming her.

How could she think so low of Lita, a friend who was completely unaware of the petite girl's feelings for Duo? She knew how loyal Lita was. Lita was a woman who put others needs before her own. She deserved Duo more than Ami.

"You shouldn't have pretended not to like him, Ami…But what's done is done. There's plenty of other guys out there!" Mina said, suddenly cheerfully, wiping the tears that stained the shorter girl's face.

Ami looked away, too stricken with regret to look into the reflection she hated so much. Mina was right. She was acting like a petulant child right now. Sure there were more than one man out there…But there was only one Duo.

"Mina, I'm going home…"

"Wait, what? You can't just leave! I haven't asked Trowa out yet!" Mina exclaimed. The blonde's eyes suddenly widened in their symmetry, realising the irrational salt she had just applied to Ami's wounds.

"Ami, I'm sorry," the blonde said, facing her shoes.


Ami cursed herself on her way back home. She didn't live far from Treize's house, considering her parents were surgeons so they live close to the Kushendra mansion. She was angry at herself for leaving the party earlier. Firstly, she knew she was downright rude to Mina who only tried to cheer her up, next, she forgot to bring a jacket with her and it was past midnight but there were no stars or moon to accompany her on the walk back.

The icy breath of a wind tousled her hair and whipped at her dress. Her cheeks prickled from the cold and she wrapped her arms around herself in hopes allowing circulation to reach her head faster. Her narrowed eyes surveyed the foreboding surroundings.

Shadows of trees merged behind walls, branches hustling in the wind. Fear constricted the girl's heart when she realised the bushes blustering close-by. She stopped in her tracks, her heart beating rapidly like a frightened rabbit's.

"S-someone there?" she called, her voice hoarse with fear.

There was no reply, just the whispering of the trees as their branches brushed against each other. The wind howled in her response, the force almost knocking her over her feet.

Ami knocked her knuckles against her head. She needed to get a grip on herself! It's not like someone was following her, right?

As she walked down the dark road, she could not help but notice another shadow creep behind her. Ami glanced over her shoulder swiftly, her pupils dilating.

Waves of anxiety surged through her body. Nobody was behind her but she could have sworn she saw a figure jump into the bushes of bleeding roses. A moan erupted from the flowers. Roses have thorns after all.

"W-who's there?" Ami called out again.

Maybe it was one of her friends deciding to play a prank on her? If so, she will never forgive them for a whole month! This was certainly not a nice way of playing jokes on her when her mood wasn't bright.

When no one responded, Ami quickened her pace, her breath catching in her throat. Her heart beat so rigidly, she was sure it was throbbing in every organ of her body, the sides of temple, the pit of her stomach, the pulse behind her ears. From the corner of her eye, she noticed a shadow catching up with her. It slowly took the form of a broad-shouldered person, to buff to be a woman.

She spun around again and this time she found the culprit.

He was tall, wearing a large, dirty trench coat that covered a tank top and loose trousers. His hair was greasy, clinging to his facial beard and falling past his shoulders. When he smiled, a surge of disgust swarmed through Ami. He was just on the verge of jumping back into the bushes but she caught him this time round. The stalker raised a hand to wave at her, dirt encrusted his fingernails.

Her body screamed at her to run away but her legs stayed rooted as if glued to the spot. The unruly man approached her, his crooked, yellow teeth evident in his smile. He reeked with the stench of alcohol.

"Looks like yeh found me. The name's Tony," he hiccupped with a nasal tone.

"W-what do you want from me?" Ami asked, frightened to her very core.

She should be running away! Why is she talking to this freak? She probably resembled a deer caught in the headlights and he was in no mood to let her go so easily. He wasn't a gentleman like the boys back in college. He was from the outside of the town, looking for trouble to satiate his desires. Ami took a step away as Tony brushed a hand on her cheek, leaving a trail of grease.

Ami slapped his hand away. She didn't realised she was walking backwards until her back touched the cold wall.

"Feisty, eh?" Tony teased, his green eyes burned with malice while Ami's glistened with moisture.

"Get away!" Ami yelled, her voice breaking in sobs as she tried to push him away.

Tony's features contorted with rage. He grabbed her slim wrists roughly, threatening to crush them beneath his grip and pushed Ami against the wall. Ami watched terrified as one of his hands shuffled in his pocket and pull out a small hand knife.

He pressed the cold steel against her throat, instantly silencing her.

"There's something that I want," he whispered, no hint of humour in his voice. His eyes were bloodshot with lust as he steered his face closer to Ami's.

"And ye're are gonna give it to me."




Torn fabric...




Cries for help...




Pain and blood