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Everything seemed okay (although it was a little out of character) with Dib. Gaz had planned out the "Answers" she would reply with, but the strange thing was that Dib only asked one, 'Why?', To which she was expecting but his reaction afterward was what knocked her on her ass.

Dib didn't say so much as a word to her, she expected him to scream and yell, tell her she can't, even now Dib was unnaturally quite, as if he was pondering something over in his giant head. (Yes, Gaz admitted his head was larger than average proportions, but she would never tell him that.) She knew that he wasn't freezing her out because the silence was more calm and collected than icy. Gaz focused her attention back down and finished off her crepe (what kind of prison game feeds people crepes?) and most of her fruit salad.

The loudspeaker broke the mostly pleasant atmosphere of the cafeteria, "All tributes head to the training area." Gaz stood up from her seat and said a quick bye to her brother, and then two guards escorted her to Mistress Ivy's living quarters.

When Gaz arrived she saw the last thing in the world she wanted to see in that moment. That obnoxious, egotistical Irken was standing there with two guards, that she assumed were there for the same purpose that the two that came with her.

"Why hello pathetic little Gaz." He had greeted her in such a mocking tone that it took all her will-power to not slap that insolent mouth of his. Before she could respond Ivy came out the electronic doors into the hallway and gave Zim a look that immediately silenced him.

"If you two would follow me I'll take you to your trainers," she stated as she issued one more glance at Zim.

As they traveled down the hallway Zim was mentally bashing himself for that fight with Dib, he would rather be stuck with him than his short tempered sister. The guards were still following him, he guessed that's what he deserved for causing problems, but as they came to another electric door Ivy ordered the guards to go back to their posts.

Gaz thought it was strange for Ivy to order the guards away, but she figured that whoever her and that Zim's trainers were that they would probably be able to handle them without the guards.

Once the guards had rounded the corner Ivy said the word "Catta" which was Latin for unknown species, Gaz had remembered reading it in one of her science text books. The doors slid open and they continued down the hallway to another door.

When entering the room Zim noticed that there were different sections like in the first training room but there was a different level that he could see through the glass floor that was all white with black dots. As Zim glanced up he noticed different floating floors, but what had really caught his attention was the human looking persons that Ivy had left to talk to. Gaz seemed curious to about them; they looked no older than she was.

"I brought your tributes." Ivy said.

They turned to see Ivy standing behind them. "From these files that you gave us they seem to be a handful," the girl said in pleasant tone while the boy just glanced up at her, then continued reading.

"I'll leave them to your discernment," Ivy said as she laughed leading them over to the tributes.

When Ivy came back with their trainers Gaz noticed that they looked human, but they had startling in-human appearances. The girl had long brown hair, about the same length as Gaz's, and fiery green eyes that seemed to shine in the well lit room. The boy was more startling however; he had blonde hair that clashed with his fiery blood red eyes that reminded Gaz of lava that she would see on the game slaves she used to play. They wore a similar uniform to one another they were both all black with a silver lining.

"These are your trainers you will follow their every order," Ivy said in harsher tone than normal. "They will report to me if you break the rules." Ivy issued a harsh glare at them both. As she turned to leave Ivy called out to the girl, "Zethel try not to put these two into a state of insanity." At this the boy snickered and Zethel turned to glare at him.

"Okay let's start with formal introductions, I'm Zethel and Mr. Snickers over here is my brother Jaspher," the girl started.

"We'll be teaching you combat and weapons training," Jaspher continued after issuing a glare back at his sister.

Zim examined these two closely. He didn't understand how they were to train a mighty Irken Elite. They both seemed to be smart, but he highly doubted that they would teach him anything that he didn't already know. "Zim you will follow my brother he will be training you in combat," Zethel said with a smirk. Jaspher was already walking away toward a section of the training room that looked similar to the level underneath when Zim started to follow him.

It was at that time that Zethel turned her attention back toward Gaz. "It says here that you wanted Etiquette training," Zethel asked raising a brow in question.

"Well technically," Gaz started.

"You only said that so you could get out of training with your brother," Zethel finished.

"Umm, yeah that's true," Gaz replied completely confused at how she had just had the words taken out of her mouth.

It's just great that my sister had to give me the Irken, why does she always find the most horrible ways to torture me? Jaspher thought to himself as he reached the section of the room that teleported them to the stimulation level beneath when he turned around to face Zim. From his file he seemed to be more of a problem then the human girl, Gaz as he remembered reading. "I'm going to be putting you in the stimulation level to see how well you fight and to find out any adjustments that I need to make to your fighting style during your training," Jaspher told Zim in monotone, "the stimulation level is as real as your existence. You can't die but you will probably be injured."

Zim noticed how Jaspher went about explaining the stimulation level in an expressionless voice, but he noticed that his eyes had a glimmer of annoyance. Which in all truth he couldn't blame him; if Zim had to train a bunch of tributes he would probably be a little annoyed himself. Zim teleported down to the lower level and waited as Jaspher turn on the stimulation. All the sudden he was somewhere else surrounded by tall structures that he figured were buildings. That was when he heard it twitching his antennas in reaction. He had barely dodged out of the way when one of the structures came tumbling down just inches away from to where he had moved. Zim understood now what Jaspher meant by the stimulation being as real as his existence. In that same moment that he dodged, robots started to appear out of thin air attacking him left and right. One had punched him in the torso area, thus causing a burning sensation in his squeedley-spooch to which he retaliated by ripping a few of the robots heads off.

Gaz was now being lead by Zethel to another area of the training room. She had suggested her learning some martial art and fighting techniques that are common on Earth. How she knew about them is a complete mystery to Gaz. When she stopped and turned to Gaz and smiled, "Do you know why I decided to focus on this?"

"To use the fact that humans have never been in these games to my advantage," Gaz answered.

"That is true, but the real reason is that I heard that Polyrisis knocked you on your ass," she said with a laugh. As much as Gaz hated to admit it that the comment was true and it is probably a good idea for Zethel to focus on this first.

She did admit she had a admiration toward Gaz when she first read her file and Zethel did hope that she would make it through the end. Zethel had decided to teach Gaz different forms of combat such as Aikido, Judo, close quaters combat, SCARS, and different sword techniques, along with fighting styles of different planets that she would be competing with. When they arrived to the dojo area of the training room Zethel turned to Gaz and began running her through drills.

When the stimulation ended Zim had to admit that he was exhausted. It felt like every muscle in his body was on fire and his squeedley spooch was in knots. There was a large pile of dismantled robots with missing arms, legs, and heads. Wires were everywhere sizzling and crackling as the landscape started to fade away with the robots one by one until he was back in the plain white and black stimulation level. Jaspher came forward with a clipboard writing things down.

"You need to focus on your surroundings more Zim," Jaspher commented while still writing on the clipboard. Zim was about to reply when Jaspher raised a hand to allow him to finish. "You have large a mounts of strength, but you could use more control. You actually remind me of my sister. You're both reckless," at this Jaspher had glanced up to make eye contact with Zim, "Strange how similar you two are." Zim blinked in confusion at this comment. He had never once considered himself reckless, but looking back through his memories the word reckless seemed to describe him pretty well.

Dib had been going through weapons training with his friends. He wasn't really that worried that Gaz had decided to train without him, she probably had good reasons to make that choice. He was also much less stressed since Zim had been removed from training with him. Yes he was a little angry when Gaz told him about them being separated because it seems now that they should be closer than ever seeing as their lives are on the line. He glanced down at the weapon he was holding, some type of alien rifle, that's what Dylit told him, he raised it into proper position and fired at the target. Dib had never been sure if he would have the will-power to kill someone; it seemed more like his sister as much as he hated to admit. He never liked thinking of his sister as a person that could kill but in this game they didn't really have any other option.

Gaz had picked up the moves fairly quickly to judo and aikido and was now listening to Zethel describe SCARS fighting. "The keys to SCARS fighting is to know the sensitive nerves of your opponent," Zethel explained while pointing out common pressure point among the other tributes. Gaz really did enjoy Zethel's way of teaching; she didn't look down on her but treated her more of an equal. She went on describing the pressure points and showing Gaz just how to hit them. "This comes in handy when you need to sneak up on someone and take them out without alerting anyone," Zethel said, "I recommend that you show this to your brother, it could save his life in the game."

When Zim and Jaspher arrived at the main level of the training room, Jaspher took him toward a section that was blocked off by metal walls, glancing over he noticed Gaz fighting with Zethel, her form was improving and now she moved in fluid graceful movements that resembled dancing. Zim hadn't even realized that he stopped walking until she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, that move however caused Gaz to be flipped on her back by Zethel. He smirked at this and continued watching as Zethel pulled her back on her feet then started following Jaspher again.