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Robin: Hey Uncle Green Arrow!

Green Arrow: Yes?

Robin: This one is about you!

Green Arrow: Great….

Meeting Green Arrow

Green Arrow needed to visit Batman. He had a question about a new gang in Star City. The gang started in Gotham, and seemed to be spreading. Green Arrow wanted to ask Batman what was taking him so long. Arriving in the Batcave, he set his Arrowjet down. Yes, the Arrowjet, and it was amazing. He was lucky that Batman was okay with him coming into Gotham without notice, maybe it was because he did not have powers. Whatever, and he did say that he was coming soon... Landing the jet he jumped out and sighed looking at the seemingly empty cave.

"Hello?" Green Arrow called in the creepy cave. Great, typical, when he needed the Bat, he wasn't here… There was a sudden war like cry in the cave.

"Intruder!" yelled a small voice. A small of red, yellow, and green came out of nowhere and jumped on Green Arrow, almost knocking him over.

"Wha…" Green Arrow started confused. Green Arrow looked down to see a small boy, no more than nine glaring at him. The glare almost reminded him of Batman's. It almost made him shudder.

"What are you doing in Batman's cave?" the boy asked leaping off Green Arrow pulling out something from the yellow utility belt around his waste. Suddenly it hit Green Arrow, this was the kid everyone was talking about. Only Superman had met him, he said his name was… Robin!

"Hey, it's alright, I am Green Arrow a friend of Batman's," Green Arrow said quickly.

"Really? What is Batman's secret ID?" Robin asked ready to attack.

"Bruce Wayne! My name is Oliver Queen," Green Arrow added pulling off his mask. "And you are Robin," he added.

"Very good, because Batman runs around with more than one of me," Robin said rolling his eyes. "What do you want here?"

"I wanted to ask Batman about the gangs popping up in my city," Green Arrow explained.

"Oh, you should have said so Uncle Oliver!" Robin smiled making a 180-personality change. Oliver blinked in surprised. "Batman is out looking for them now, I still can't go on patrol with him to do gangs, I am stuck with computer duty…" the kid groaned.

"Can you help me find him?" Oliver asked. Robin thought for a moment and nodded and walked off to the big computer.

"Uncle Oliver?" Robin asked as he sat down at the chair. "Is it alright if I call you that?" Robin asked.

"Yeah sure kid," Oliver answered patting Robin on the head. He liked this kid, he didn't know why but he felt like the kid was instant family. Someone he had to protect… Even though the kid attacked him at first, it was cute… Oliver watched in awe as the kid tapped away at the keyboard in front of him.

"I think I found him…" Robin said. "Let's go, it's easier if I just tell you how to get there, then download everything into your jet…" Robin explained. "The computer has been a bit glitch recently… I think it's because I tried to play those new video games… Oh well!"

"Wait, I can't just take you with me," Green Arrow said replacing his mask. Robin frowned.

"I think Batman is surrounded, we have to go now, I can help. I am good," Robin explained. Green Arrow frowned, no time to argue. "Bye Alfred!" Robin yelled. The butler in the corner just nodded, knowing that even if he tried to keep Robin at the cave, he'd find a way to get lose.

Green Arrow sighed as the kid was bouncing in the back of the jet. It made him nervous to take the kid into the middle of a gang invested area… Making the landing where Robin told him, the two got out and ran towards the warehouse. It was starting to rain, great… Green Arrow pulled out his bow and an arrow just in case and Robin already had a few bird-a-rangs in his hand.

"Batman is in here," Robin explained. "I called the police already, they are coming in about ten-fifteen minutes, enough time to get Batman and go," Green Arrow nodded surprised at how well the kid was doing. "Let's go!" The two raided the "fort."

Everything happened at once. Robin was flipping in the air and jumping around taking out the weaker thugs, Green Arrow saw Batman hanging from the ceiling fighting to get free. Green Arrow let his arrows fly through the warehouse, disabling their intended targets. Green Arrow made his way to Batman and was trying to think of how to get the bat down.

"I don't think so!" said a cool slippery voice. Suddenly Green Arrow felt himself get hit on the head and everything went black.

The Penguin stood in front of him and the Batman. Green Arrow shock his head only to realize he was upside down hanging from a building. How in Hell did they get there? Where was Robin?

"You can't find the bird?" Penguin demanded from an underling. The brute nodded. "Whatever, the bird isn't our problem, looks like we have a Bat and… a frog? What are you?"

"Green Arrow," Green Arrow hissed back.

"Right, a lizard we have to take care of," Penguin said.

"Batman I hope you have a plan," Green Arrow said as Penguin activated his razor blade umbrella.

"They have my utility belt, and your arrow," Batman answered back.

"And that has never stopped you," Green Arrow spat back.

"I know, I am working on it…" Batman retorted as he wiggled against the ropes.

"Let them go!" came the familiar voice of Robin.

"What?" Penguin yelled turning. "Oh well, I wonder if this bat and fish can fly!"

"It's Green Arrow!" Green Arrow snapped back.

"Whatever," Penguin shrugged and snapped the rope and the two fell.

"NO!" Robin yelled. Green Arrow heard screams and gun shoot as the two fell. Suddenly Batman was free and grabbed Green Arrow.

"What's your plan?" Green Arrow shouted.

"This!" Batman growled. He shot out his extra grabbling hook and took off. Landing on the building top Green Arrow managed to free himself and saw to his surprise and horror that the little bird had taken out all the thugs without a scratch. The kid stood over the Penguin and had a Bat-glare that made the cold bird shrink.

"You killed them!" Robin yelled. "You let them… them… fall…" his voice cut off.

"Robin!" Batman snapped Robin turned and his eyes behind his mask widened. "The police are coming, let's go," Robin nodded and rushed over to Batman.

The three made it back to the Batcave in silence. Robin was holding on to both Green Arrow's shirt and Batman's cape for dear life.

"It's alright," Green Arrow said as sweetly as he could. Batman took off his cowl and then Robin's mask, reveling Robin's baby blue eyes. Green Arrow did the same.

"I thought you fell…" Dick said softly.

"I think it's time for me to…" Oliver stated, but Dick's grip tightened.

"Don't go!" Dick pleaded. "Stay, I want to make sure this isn't… a dream…" Dick was shacking as he started to cry.

"Dick, calm down," Bruce Wayne hushed. "We are fine…" Bruce said. Dick shook his head almost like he didn't believe them. "I'm going to give you a sedative to sleep okay?" Bruce asked. Dick nodded, Bruce pricked the kid with a needle and the kid drifted off to sleep.

"Bruce what was that? The kid was going into shock it looked like," Oliver said.

"He was, he watched his parents, fall to their deaths…" Bruce explained. Oliver gasped, that kid had already gone through so much… "He doesn't want to lose anymore family."

"Wait family?" Oliver asked feeling a smiled etch across his face.

"Well, Dick seems to think everyone in the League is his family so…"

"But he hasn't even met them yet," Oliver said.

"Yeah, but he thinks that you will be there for him like a family. He thinks that the bonds are created with a simple connection…" Bruce explained.

"Strange kid…" Oliver muttered.

"You're telling me."


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