Meeting Robin: Supergirl

A/N: I'm using a mix of Arrowverse/whatever I feel like here… Supergirl has not been introduced yet so yeah (Robin is like 9/10 here?). Also, hey! Here's a thing, sorry I don't update like I used to many years ago. I hope everyone is staying safe and I hope you enjoy! Sorry if you tried reading this earlier, the format went wonky.

Robin sat in the Watchtower bored. There was nothing to do but wait for Batman to get out of the Justice League meeting. Alfred couldn't watch him, so here he was alone in the Watchtower. He guessed it was a good sign that they trusted him alone, better than forcing Roy to watch him. Also, it helped that all his glitter paint had been found even if it took Batman longer than he would have liked to admit. The ventilation system made a great hiding place, shame it was found out.

There had to be something to do up here.

Wishing beyond belief he was allowed to hack the system, train, or do something other than sit in the monitor room and do nothing.

Recognize Superman A01. Recognize Supergirl G01 rang across the room. That's right, Superman was late because he was getting his cousin from his parents' house and had a deadline at work. While not yet a part of the League Supergirl was starting to make herself known around the world and her own city, National City. Robin was happy Uncle Clark had family on Earth that could tell him about his home planet. He also couldn't wait to meet Kara.

"Superman!" Robin yelled rushing towards his favorite uncle in the League.

"Hey Robin!" Superman said picking Robin up easily and spun him around. "How's it going?"

"I'm so bored!" Robin groaned he then turned to the girl next to Superman. She looked to be in her 20s with long blonde hair and blue eyes. "You must be Supergirl!" Robin declared. "Superman has told me about you!" he said excitedly.

"Hello Robin!" Supergirl replied. "It's so nice to meet you Superman has also told me about you."

"Awesome! Superman? Can Supergirl play with me?" Robin asked.

"She's supposed to meet the League," Superman said looking at the clock on the monitor screen. "We're already late."

"She can meet them later!" Robin whined.

"It's fine," Supergirl said. "I'll hang out with him. I think I've heard enough," she added noting her cousin's worried face. Superman looked at them and sighed rubbing his head.

"Okay…" he said. "I have to go, so please be careful. Robin, be easy on her," he added before rushing off towards the meeting.

"Awesome! Let's mess with the League!" Robin declared, hoping Superman wasn't using his super hearing to listen in, and was distracted by being late and getting to the meeting.

"I don't think…" Supergirl started.

"Oh, it'll be fine! We're just going to hack into the system and lock them in the meeting room!" he said. "I've done it before! Yeah, Flash was watching me!"

"I still…"

"It's fine!" Robin was already plugging his wrist computer into the monitor. "Listen, I messed with my code so the system won't instantly block, because Batman didn't like me getting into the system. So, it took a while but I finally found the loophole!" Robin declared. "Look!" he said as he sent his code into the system. Supergirl watched, while this was low tech compared to Krypton he was smart. She watched the code fly through the system, slowly Robin faces appeared on the screen turning from red to green, smiling. This kid was smart. "YES!" he declared fist pumping the air.

"Robin, I don't think this is a good idea. Clark said that you tend to get in trouble…"

"Yeah, I probably will, but it'll be worth it. Besides, it'll help them secure the system further. Also, if you're here then this is supervised. Uncle Clark trusts you that'll be enough for Batman," Robin smiled.

"Okay… Are you sure?"

"Yeah, besides, it's fun with you here!" he said.

"I'm not doing much though," she said.

"Oh, but you will… In three, two…"

"ROBIN!" several voices rang through the Watchtower.

"Time to go! Let's go to National City, always wanted to go!" Robin grabbed Supergirl by the wrist to the zeta tubes. "If I'm going to get in trouble might as well be later!" Robin said.

"Won't they worry?" Kara asked Robin as the boy walked next to her, in civies he bought himself, emblazed with the Supergirl symbol at a street stand, in National City, sunglasses covering his eyes holding her hand.

"I left a note!" he said. "Besides, it'll take them a while to get out."

Robin had quickly gotten them out of the Watchtower to National City at speeds that impressed Kara. After arriving he had convinced her to take him out to ice cream and enjoy the beautiful summer day.

"Can't they smash their way out?" Kara asked.

"They could, but they don't want to do remodels, it'll cost money."

"Batman's pretty smart though."

"He is, but I left a few surprises for them too. They may have taken my glitter paint, but they didn't find the glitter," he laughed lightly licking his ice cream. Kara laughed a little then paused, hearing a distant Help!


"Someone's in trouble," Robin finished. "I'll help! Got my utility belt!" Kara sighed, knowing she couldn't just leave him.

"Okay, but you stay with me and don't do anything dangerous, Clark wouldn't forgive me."

"Of course he would, but okay!" he said. "Let's change!"

Two robberies and a mugging later Robin and Supergirl were at Kara's apartment, TV playing the news in the background. The news was going on about Robin being in National City. The question: "Is Supergirl Babysitting Robin?" emblazed at the bottom of the screen.

"YOU WERE SO COOL!" Robin yelled. "Thanks for taking me flying!" he added. "Clark does it sometimes, but Batman doesn't like it," Kara groaned. The Dark Knight's wrath was something she was warned about. "Oh, you'll be fine, it's because he is jealous of Clark," Robin smiled. His wrist computer beeped. "Ah man! They're free," Robin sighed. "Thanks for hanging out with me!" Robin said. "They'll be here soon enough…"

The door knocked and Kara went to open it. At her door stood Clark and a man, in a suit, that looked very familiar from the news and papers… Both had glitter specks clinging to their hair.

"Dick," the man growled. Robin smiled pulling off his shades reveling light blue eyes.

"Yes Bruce?"

"it's time to go. We will be talking about this and that in the car," he added, eyes glaring at the Supergirl symbol shirt.

"It's Supergirl's symbol, not Superman," Dick said rolling his eyes. Clark laughed at the technicality instantly stopping at Bruce's glared. "Thanks Kara for everything!" Dick said hugging her and rushing off after Bruce. "See you Uncle Clark!"


"Bruce Wayne, yeah, not everyone in the League knows, I vouched for you so Bruce agreed" Clark explained.

"Robin is something," Kara said in disbelief.

"He really is."

"Hey, what happened at the Watchtower? What's with the glitter?"

"I'll tell you later."

And that's that! Thanks for reading. Again, hope you enjoyed! Hope I can update again within this year!