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Deathstroke liked working alone, it was part of the appeal of hiring him as well. Less risk of someone accidently divulging a clints name, or worse yet the target. This particular target, however, was dull. Some police commissioner in Gotham City. Not that this police commissioner really mattered in the long run anyways, but the job paid well enough. Whoever wanted him dead went through a lot of effort to get him for the job. So fine, what was one dead cop anyways?

The target himself was easy enough, there were multiple openings in his day where he could kill the man. But the bat problem Gotham had would be a possible issue. He had heard about the Batman from multiple sources, and one going as far to say that he had a little birdy sidekick now as well. That should be fun, a kid loose on the streets of Gotham fighting crime, easy enough to deal with.

It was not that he didn't want Rose to one day follow in his footsteps. No, it was better to wait and be patient. This Batman on the other hand, what was he thinking? The child must be a constant hinderance while patrolling the streets of Gotham for mad men and women wishing to do harm on the "innocent" people of Gotham. Deathstroke almost hoped the rumors of the child were true. If only that meant Batman was stuck babysitting rather than doing his perceived job in Gotham.

This pondering almost made him realize his target was about to leave the station, almost. Realizing his almost error he once again looked through the scope of his sniper rifle, aiming for his target. As long as the job got done, he didn't particularly care how he did it. He just needed to get it done, get paid and leave.

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, he felt something hit his rifle. Hearing the distinctive beeping noise, he tossed it away as it exploded jumping and ready to fight. A large dark figure rammed into him and he heard a distinctive cackle. But not that of the mad clown of Gotham, but that of a child.

Pulling out his swords he pushed the figure back, realizing this was the infamous Batman.

"Well, well Batman, what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Tell him Batman!" the child sang again. Batman just grunted and threw a bat-a-rang at him. Deflecting it with one of his katanas he growled and engaged with Batman. Where was that child?

He suddenly felt something hit his shoulder. Another beeping sound, probably not a bomb, based on Batman seemed to pride himself on not killing criminals, the fool. There was an explosion of gas and suddenly found himself surprised. Was that the child doing this? Once again he felt himself slammed into by the Batman. There was a struggle and a few more explosions, and every now and then something annoying would hit him from the distance, giving the Batman a moment to take advantage of the momentary distraction. Just enough to get the upper hand.

It must be that child he had heard rumor about. It was smart enough to cause distraction for Batman to gain the advantage. The fight went on and Deathstroke knew that it was time to retreat. His target was gone and probably in a more secure setting and this was just not worth the trouble anymore. Better retreat than have to break out of prison later.

It was at that moment Deathstroke disengaged from the battle and on the other side of the roof top and the child came out from the shadows, clad in a bright red outfit with an "R" on the chest.

"Well Batman, I see you have yourself an apprentice," Deathstroke commented. Batman glared and seemed shift in front of the child, interesting. "Until next time then," Deathstroke jumped off the roof and rushed towards his motorcycle to get out. No doubt Batman and the child were following suit.

There were a few moments Deathstroke thought Batman would catch him until he was finally able to give him the slip. With that he found himself in one of his safe houses taking off his armor, thinking about the child. Pulling up a search engine he searched Batman and found related pages on someone called "Robin."

"Interesting," Slade muttered under his breath as he searched through the pages. Maybe, just maybe, an apprentice wouldn't be that bad of an idea after all.