After having a meal in the dining room, Carly nursed the baby while Lawrence reassured Nicky of their safety. "The authorities will have Vivian sent back to the United States and I am sure she'll be returned to the mental hospital. Ivan too will have to pay for his part in helping her escape and get to Paris. He's been arrested as well. You did a great job, tiger, so you don't have to worry anymore. We are all safe."

"Okay, Dad," said Nicholas as he gave his dad a big hug. "I love you."

"And I love you, too, Son. I am so proud of you. You're becoming such a wonderful young man. Do you still want to go to medical school and become a doctor like your mother?"

"Yes. I want to be like mom and save lives," responded the boy.

"You'll be great at it; I know... but for now, you need to finish up your homework and get to bed," said Lawrence.

"Alright, Dad." Nicky gave his mom and baby sister a kiss on the cheek before he left the dining room.

"I love you, baby," Carly called after him.

"I love you, too, Mom," said Nicholas before he disappeared from sight.

Carly was picking at the food on her plate. She hadn't put the baby down since the ordeal with Lawrence's nutty aunt. She was suffering from the aftershocks of having seen the woman who had stolen her child and hidden him away for eight years.

Lawrence could see that she was agitated. He moved across the room and took a seat beside her. "Katerina, I know you're frightened and unsettled about Vivian showing up here today. It was completely unexpected..."

"She never should have broke free from that mental facility where you had her placed!" Carly cried out. "What if... what if...?"

Carly trembled as hot tears slid down her cheeks. She couldn't stop the raw emotions that bombarded her. Vivian had STOLEN her child and had made her think that Nicky had been dead for YEARS. Because of Vivian's meddling, she and Lawrence's relationship had shattered into a million jagged pieces. Carly had been deeply wounded. It had taken years to repair the damages of Vivian's evil deeds.

"Katerina, Vivian can never win. She stole our yesterdays with our son, but we have all our tomorrows together and I intend to CHERISH every one of them," Lawrence said as he gazed at her with tenderness. "You have to believe me. There is nothing that can come between us now. Nothing that can destroy our love. Our children are safe, because I will protect them. I swear it to you."

"Ohhh Lawrence," she said tearfully as she wrapped one arm around his neck, kissing him softly on the lips. She sucked in her breath as his lips tasted absolutely delicious. "Make love to me. Make me forget everything. Please."

"I think that can be arranged, my love. But first, we need to get our little Princess to bed. I will take her to her room and you go check on Nicky. Once they're both in bed, it can be OUR time," Lawrence promised.

"Okay," she said as she gave him one last lingering kiss.

She relinquished the baby into his loving arms. Lawrence kissed the top of Loren's sweet little head as he stood up to carry the little Princess to her nursery. Carly pushed her unfinished plate aside, then stood up to go check on Nicky.

Nicholas was finishing his homework assignment. "How's it going, Nicky?" Carly asked.

"Great. I am almost done."

He completed the lesson and put the workbook back into his book bag. "Are you okay, Mom?" he asked when he realized that his mother had been crying.

"I am fine; I promise," Carly said as she gave Nicholas a little smile. "Why don't you go brush your teeth and put on your pajamas?"

"Okay, Mom."

A few minutes later, Nicky emerged from the bathroom, wearing his warm pajamas. He showed his mother his sparkling white teeth. She kissed him tenderly and tucked him into bed.

Staring into his eyes, so much like her own, she almost lost it all over again. She had to hold back her cascade of tears. As Lawrence had stated, Vivian had taken all their yesterdays with Nicky. It was so unfair, but they still had all their tomorrows they could share as a family.

"Mom, are you sad?" Nicholas asked as he could sense his mother's moods.

She took his small hand in hers, lightly squeezing it. "Nicholas James Alamain, I love you soooo much. No, I am not sad; because you're here, I am blissfully happy."

Nicky gave her bright smile. "I love you, too, Mom. Always and forever."


Minutes later, Carly and Lawrence met up in the master bedroom. "Is Loren tucked in?" she asked.

He nodded. "How about Nicky?"

"Out like a light," she responded.

"So it's our time," he said with a slow smile.

"So it is," she said with a flirtatious grin. "What shall we do with it, Mr. Alamain?"

He lifted her into his arms, laying her down on their comfy bed as he began to undress her. He was tossing all her clothes aside.

"You are my world," he spoke softly as he gazed into her eyes. "I love you, Katerina. So much."

"I feel so lucky...cuz I got you back."

"Yes... and we got Nicky back," Lawrence spoke. "And now we have Loren, our little miracle."

She took off his tie, throwing it on the floor. "We have a LOT of lovemaking we have to make up for," she said as she finished undressing him. "I'll never get enough."

He chuckled. "Don't worry. I promise to pleasure you in every possible way."


"I won't argue with that," she said as she tugged him down on top of her.

The next morning Carly awakened in a state of bliss, tangled up in Lawrence's embrace. "What time is it?" she whispered when she saw Lawrence's eyes coming open.

"It is well past 9 am," he replied. "I let you sleep in."

"WHAT?!" Carly gasped in alarm. "Nicky! I didn't get him off to school. And Loren...surely she's starving!"

"Nicky is old enough to get himself up and ready for school, love. Before he left, he announced that he has his first zit -."

"WHAT?!" Carly repeated again. "He's ...far too young."

Lawrence grinned. "I guess not. As for Loren, I heated up some breast milk you had frozen and she's resting comfortably in her crib."

"You think of everything."

"Well, almost everything. I am not sure what we are doing for breakfast. I am getting kind of hungry... you know, after all the loving..."

"Ohhh I bet you are..." Carly said as she was nibbling on his neck.

"Are you gonna eat me for breakfast?" he asked.

"I was hoping you'd eat me instead,"she said mischievously.

"I will take you out for breakfast... after," he bargained.

"After we...?"

"Yeah, I want you again," he said as he reached under the covers to fondle her in all the right places.

"Mmmmm, you're hot and wet again," he observed as he explored her damp folds with his fingers.

"You seem to have that effect on me, Mr. Alamain. Ooooo. I love you, Lawrence," she said as he was teasing her hardening clit.

"I love you so much, Katerina," he purred as she suddenly took control of the situation, climbing atop him. She slid herself down on his flaming erection, encasing him completely in her snug warmth.

"Let's spend forever in love's embrace," she suggested as she slowly made love to him while gazing into his hazel-green eyes.

"It's tempting... but we have children...and we might starve," he said breathlessly.

"I might feed you...occasionally...IF you're a good boy."

Lawrence pulled her down for a hungry kiss that ended all further conversation. In the end, love had won and they could not have asked for more.

The End