The Half Nephilim

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The awakening:

(Flashback October the 31st 1981)

"Lily…I have something I need to tell you." Said James Potter over a dinner of roast lamb, Lily Potter looked at her husband confused. "What do you mean James?" James placed down his knife and fork and stood up. "I'm not human. I may look human but I am not. I am one of the last of a race called the Nephilim." Lily stared open mouthed. "A Nephilim like Death, Strife/Pestilence, Famine/Fury and War." James nodded and gave Lily a thin grin. "Care to guess which one?" Lily thought, "Are you Death?"

James nodded and altered his voice, which was really thick with an Irish accent now sounded low rumbling and gravelly like he had been eating gravel and bricks. "Correct. My family was all Nephilim's, my race has died. Myself, War, Strife and Fury are the last survivors. Voldemort will come in three hours. We will both die nothing I can do to prevent it but I will be reborn but unable to come back to earth again until the apocalypse. However our son Hadrian Letus Potter will survive due to his heritage, which I sealed away. It will activate when he is fifteen years old." James finished sadly as a Nephilim could.

Suddenly the wards crashed, whined and died. Standing in robes that sucked in the shadows and the light, Voldemort strode into the house. "Lily take Harry. I will hold him off." James shouted to Lily as she ran up the stairs, drawing his wand James fired off twelve light spells at Voldemort who laughed insanely and brushed them off. "Is that the best you can do Potter?" He mocked sending out a cluster of cruciatus curses with the occasional killing curse in their midst.

James smirked and shifted his form. He rose from 5'9 up to an imposing 6'11, his dark brown eyes flickered to an orange/red, his pale skin turned alabaster white and his veins became more pronounced. "I can do so much more pretender." Death cast his crutch of wand aside, flicked his hands and began to throw out killing curses, blood boiling curse which literally sung with power, causing Voldemort to panic and throw up exceptionally powerful shields which shattered under the raw power of the Nephilim's curses.

"I'm surprised Potter you know such curses." Replied Voldemort almost casually as Death's rending curse swept millimeters above his head. "I will die before you take my wife and son." Screamed Death, Voldemort cackled and conjured a mirror as a killing curse rocketed towards him. The curse reflected and slammed into Death vaporizing him. As Death left the human world he conjured a dummy of James Potter and left it. Voldemort bowed his head before gliding upstairs.

Lily heard her husband die. She drew her wand and warded the nursery door which almost immediately blew in. Voldemort laughed and turned on Lily. "I'm here for the boy." Lily stood her ground "Take me. Not Harry." She screamed as she went to fire a curse but Voldemort was quicker and cast the killing curse and claimed her life. "The prophecy shall never come true." Voldemort murmured as he turned his wand the third time on Harry. "AVADA KEDAVRA." He shouted, the curse spat forth, hit Harry etching the mark into his forehead as Harry's Nephilim powers unfurled re-directing the curse.

(End flashback)

Harry woke up in his Dormitory, his scar and back itching. Blearily he wiped his eyes but didn't realize he didn't need his glasses. 'What is a Nephilim? What am I?' He thought. Harry knew it was too early for everyone to be up, so he slipped into the shower. Harry pushed the thoughts from his mind as the water cascaded down onto him.

Harry looked over his shoulder as he stepped out of the shower was a mark of a crow on a skull with two crossed scythes ending in two straight blades. Thankfully it was a weekend, so Harry relaxed with his friends. Meanwhile Voldemort was sitting in the darkness of Malfoy Manor dungeons thinking, about 1981. He detested puzzles. "What was James Potter? How could he fire such dark spells when he was of a light family?"

A throaty laugh echoed throughout the dungeon "Because James Potter never existed. Only a Nephilim." The figure stated, he was 6'11 with piercing orange eyes, alabaster skin with black silky hair. "Who are you?" Sneered Voldemort, the stranger chuckled "I'm the oldest of four and the second rider. The rider of the pale horse. You can call me Death. I am here for my son, when I deem him ready he will bring you down. Soul piece by soul piece." With that Death disappeared leaving Voldemort speechless and for the first time since he was sixteen afraid.

For Harry the day passed slowly. He had spent the time in the library under the pretence of doing solo homework. In fact he had finished his homework two hours ago and was now looking for what the mark on his back meant. Harry sighed in frustration as he closed yet another book on birthmarks. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw it.

The book was small, black no bigger than a notepad nestled snugly between Moste Olde Marks volumes one and two. Harry cautiously gripped the book with tense hand the cover said 'Mark of Nephilim'. Harry stared at it. The symbol on the cover was the EXACT same as the one on his shoulder. Excitement filled him as he opened the book.

"If you can read this. This means you are either a Nephilim or of Nephilim ancestry…"