The Half Nephilim

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Chapter Nine: We have ways of making you talk (Say it with an accent)

"Gadreel. Gadreel said if I bound any of you two me he could guarantee my familie's place in Heaven."

"She's telling the truth you four." Stated Katie calming the four half nephilim.

"Gadreel is a lying shit bag the only thing it warrants is genocide of your entire family and the human race. The seventh seal can only be broken by the Armageddon blade or Humans breaking the Ancient Laws of Governance and Balance..." Stated Harry holtstering his hand gun.

"Where would I end up?"

"Possibly Lilith's domain...tormented by incubi for seven centuries." Said Neville with a grin.

"I could against them." Protested Hermione devoutly she always had to have faith in God, he would protect her.

"No Hermione God can't intervene to save you only your guardian angel can and since he set you up for this the chances are you're screwed. You don't have the mind set to protect yourself against incubi who take the form of the most attractive men you could ever think of...For a human I think the record is four decades and she became an succubi."

Hermione paled "I'm sorry my parents they don't understand the workings of the wizarding world , they didn't see magic as a sign of the devil but a step in evolution, I digress but they understand what the Apocalypse is. I said I'd try and help the White City protect humanity..."

Harry and the other Nephilim all burst out laughing "Oh Hermione, come here you beautifully brilliant but naive girl." With that he pulled her into a hug that threatened to break at least twelve bones.

"The whole idea of the Apocalypse is too see if man can survive against Angels and Demons. Demons are pricks who can't be trusted but can be trusted and Angels they don't actually help those who pray for them to be saved..."

Hermione stared "You mean you can trust demons more than angels..."

With that Luna sat next to Hermione and over the next forty minutes Katie, Harry, Neville and Blaise watched with entertainment and popcorn as Luna calmly countered Hermione's well thought out arguments and even provided hard local evidence of great unnatural unexplained disasters in the muggle world that was caused by an Angel.

"Basically Demons are bad but Angels are worse...When is the Apocalypse supposed to take place?"

"Oh not until your 50th great grandchild Hermione. But unfortunately Voldemort has decided to try and win favour with the demons when in fact he's actually winning faith with the angels who want to annihalate the demons early..."

Hermione groaned "What am I going to do?"

"Easy Granger chew bubble gum and kick some ass except we nephilim are allergic to gum." Explained Blaise getting Hermione's attention and suddenly their worlds dissolved.

Neville and Luna looked at Harry slightly concerned; Harry merely grabbed Katie and held her close "I didn't expect the Son of Strife of all people."