A/N Some of you have accused me of going a little fast here and I probably have. This Chapter is important not as pivotal as Chapter 13(14) goes but important none the less. I have a lot of interesting things planned this chapter so be warned.

Harry Potter and the Moral Dilemma

Chapter 15(16)

The Dark One Attacks

It is now almost the end of June with it comes Graduation and the leaving feast. Exams are over with and Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup again.

"Ron, it seems like only yesterday we met on the Hogwarts Express," Harry said.

"Yeah and soon you and Ginny will be getting married," Ron said.

"I only hope things will be ready," Harry said.

"I agree. You know your scar has been awfully quiet this year," Hermione pointed out as she sat down.

"Scary how you have a point Hermione. I wonder why. You would think Voldemort would want to do something here while he has a chance," Harry said watching as his two best friends cringe at Harry using the Dark Lord's name. In fact everyone seated with them Leslie Lowdy, Kelly Nichols, Lucy Collins, Colin and Dennis Creevey, even Miquel Rodriquez, Ginny who generally sat with their group was resting since the youngest member of their group Amy Lillian Potter had gotten her up a few times the night before. Meanwhile Amy was resting away near the group the last member of their gang Ashley Kline was watching over her.

"Harry, I hope who ever this Voldemort is doesn't harm so much as a hair on Amy's head," Ashley said.

"You Know Who is bad news. A Danger not only to Full Witches and Wizards especially Muggle Born witches and wizards but squibs and even Muggles," Leslie said.

"I wonder if that is why Dumbledore has me wear this ring," Ashley said referring to a ring on her left ring finger the companion to a similar ring on Ron's hand.

"I just hope you will be able to pull off the spell if needed," Lucy said.

"Even though I'm a muggle I've already been promised a job with the new Muggle Relations office at the Ministry of Magic," Ashley said.

"What will that office do?" Kelly wondered.

"The basis behind the Muggle Relations office is two fold. For one thing it will help families of Muggle Born wizards or wizards like Harry who while born to a wizarding family were raised by Muggles deal with the presence of a witch of wizard in their life. Also I will assist the muggle half of a Muggle/Magic marriage transition into the magical world. That's part of the reason I've spent the last few months here so I could get an idea of what goes on in your world to gain experience," Ashley explained. "According to Professor Flitwick I won't know if I will be able to use the ring uniting spell until I have to use it. This means of course that if it doesn't work I'm in trouble."

"Lets hope then that you won't have to use it," Harry said.

"I agree wholeheartedly with you on that," Ashley said.

The next day everyone slipped out to Hogsmeade. Harry made sure Padfoot was on hand since Ginny was bringing Amy along. Their first stop was the Three Broomsticks.

"Hello Harry, Ginny, haven't seen you two lovebirds lately," Rosmerta the owner said.

"We've been busy Rosmerta," Harry said. "We'll need eight chilled goblets and 2 jugs of Pumpkin Juice."

"No Butterbeer today that's unusual for your group," Rosmerta commented.

"We figured on simply downing some Pumpkin Juice," Harry said.

While they were drinking their pumpkin juice a young witch walked over and saw them.

"Looks like a pretty big group," the witch commented.

"We're students over at the School," Ashley said.

"Which School is this not Hogwarts," the witch said.

"Actually we do attend Hogwarts," Harry said.

"The baby there is certainly cute how old is it?"

"She is almost four weeks," Ginny responded.

"Well I'm sure she someday will be attending Hogwarts like her parents or is she a muggle child?" the witch asked.

"No She's born of magical parents," Ginny said.

Harry was when they left and headed for Honeydukes. HE immediately stocked up on candy for after the wedding. His next stop on his own was to buy little gifts for Ron, Seamus, Neville, Fred, George and one final gift for the last member of his party who he preferred to remain as nameless as Voldemort for the time being.

The days leading up to Graduation and the Wedding were some of the worst Harry had ever had due to his Nerves. Finally it was the last day. and he was standing in a room off the Quidditch Pit with the other sevenths years wearing his finest Dress Robes. Finally Hagrid walked in.

"OK Everyone come with me," Hagrid said. Hagrid then lead the graduating class out onto the field where Harry noticed on a Small Stage was the Faculty of Hogwarts along with Cornelius Fudge and Fidius Vidulous were seated. The Stands held the entire student body along with a lot of parents.

"Headmaster Dumbledore, Minister Fudge, Deputy Minister Vidulous, I present you the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Graduating Class of 1998," Hagrid said.

"Thank you Hagrid," Minister Fudge said. "I want to thank everyone for coming here today. Do any of you graduates know what is so special about graduating from Wizarding school. For one thing you don't have to deal with Severus Snape all the time. Also as you know every year the students are given little notes reminding them not to use magic over the summer holidays. Well Those notes are only given to the First through sixth years. That's because you seventh years now that you are through Hogwarts are allowed to use magic in your daily lives. I'm sure most of you will use your magic for the light meaning against practitioners of the Dark Arts. A few of you though will probably use your magic in order to practice the Dark Arts and probably join You Know Who in his campaign against those who aren't pure blood wizards."

Just then Professor Blankwood was seen heading toward the podium with his wand out.

"Avada Kedevra," the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor said pointing his wand toward the Minister of Magic. The Minister then fell dead and a panic started to ensue.

"Not so Fast Professor Blankwood," Colleen called out. "You're under arrest for the Murders of Argus Filch and Cornelius Fudge."

"Miss Faulk where did you get that authority?" McGonagall wondered.

"Ministry of Magic Magical Law Enforcement Squad Undercover," Colleen called out. "Stupify." Colleen managed to stun Blankwood. His sleeves fell down his arm as he fell to reveal a mark on one arm. The Dark Mark. Professor Thadeus Blankwood was a death eater.

"Well Well looks like I finally found a worthy Follower," A Wizard said as he walked in dressed in some of the finest robes he had a whole legion of masked followers with him. At that very moment Harry's scar burned worse then ever before for Lord Voldemort had arrived.

"Death Eaters Attack," Voldemort ordered.

"Ashley, be ready as best you can," a student next to her in the line called out.

"Oh I will be," Ashley said.

Sirius then knowing what was going on leapt into the air while in his animagus form and landed on one of the Death Eaters pulling his mask off revealing Lucius Malfoy. Voldemort meanwhile headed for where Ginny was sitting off to one side with Amy.

"Well Well what have we here," Voldemort said.

"You stay away from her," Draco called as he got between Ginny and the Dark Lord.

"Ah Draco Malfoy come to show your worth by killing them yourself?" Voldemort wondered.

"No you foul disgusting excuse for a wizard. I've come to end your reign. Expelliarmus," Draco called. Voldemort then fell backwards and lost his wand. Dumbledore caught it and promptly snapped it in half and then snapped the pieces into pieces.

"If I had known then what I know now Tom Marvolo Riddle you would have been the one expelled not Rubeus Hagrid," Dumbledore said.

"The name old man is Lord Voldemort, you hear me Voldemort. Tom Marvolo Riddle is Dead."

Two hours later the battle was over and the Ministry had arrived to take the captured Death Eaters off to Azkaban among those arrested were Lucius Malfoy, A former Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports, and the Former Headmaster of Durstrang Academy. Deputy Minister Vidulous then took the stands.

"I want to thank everyone who helped in our finest Battle. I have one quick announcement to make before we try and finish our ceremony. At this time Lord Voldemort is being taken to a secure area to await the Death Penalty. Yes my young witches and wizards Lord Voldemort born Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. is to be given the Dementors Kiss. Due to the crazyiness today we will only have time for the rest of the Graduation Ceremony today and the leaving feast will be at lunch tomorrow following a short ceremony of a different Nature," the Deputy Minister said.

They then started to give several awards to various members of the Graduating class. After the Ceremony was over the Members of the Graduating Class of 1998 gathered in the Great Hall for a small party to which the other students weren't invited.

"Draco, could I talk to you for a minute?" Harry asked when he noticed Draco was sitting off to one side with a long face.

"Sure Potter," Draco said. "Why you want to talk to me after we were enemies for seven years I don't know."

"First off I want to thank you for protecting Ginny and Amy during the battle today," Harry said.

"Yeah and look where it got me. I'm here and my dad, Crabbe, Goyle, and their own dads are in Azkaban," Draco said.

"Draco, there isn't much you could do about it. You made your choice and they made theirs. It's too bad about Cornelius Fudge. While he and Dumbledore didn't always see Eye to Ey They at least knew what was best," Harry said. "Draco, I have a small request for you. Tomorrow during the ceremony I'd like you up front with my closest friends and I."

"What ceremony is that?" Draco wondered.

"The ceremony when Ginny and I get married," Harry said.

"Harry, I think you've drunk one too many butterbeers you make no sense," Draco said.

"Sense or not Draco that is my desire," Harry said.

The Next Morning Molly and Arthur were waiting in An Empty Classroom with Leslie, Hermione, Parvati, Ashley, Lucy, and Kelly to get ready for the Ceremony.

"Anyone know who the last person in Harry's party is?" Kelly wondered.

"I have no idea. I know he was talking about something to of all people Draco Malfoy last night but I don't know what they were discussing," Ginny said.

Myrtle then flew in through a wall. Amy was off to one side so the godghost sat down with her.

"Dumbledore still presiding over it?" Parvati wondered.

"I think it changed and Minister Vidulous will be presiding over it. He was elected Minister Last night during an emergency session of the Ministry following the raid by the Death Eaters," Arthur said.

A Short time later The Wedding Party started to walk through the Great Hall to a small podium at the far end. Everyone had been surprised to find Draco Malfoy was the final member of the Grooms Attendants. Magic Wands everywhere were out and ready. Minister Vidulous was flanked for the Ceremony by Dumbledore and Snape.

"You did good on the battlefield yesterday Kline," Snape said since Ashley used the ring uniting spell to do a massive stunning spell on all the Death Eaters to end the battle.

"Thank you professor," Ashley said.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, in my first official act as Minister of Magic for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland I am pleased to Unite two of the most Prominent and influential families by presiding over the marriage of Harold James Potter and Virginia Louise Weasley. Even in the wizarding world marriage is a sacred vow that is dwelled upon by many. For marriage can unite not only two people but two families. Miss Weasley's mother was saying how They always looked upon the groom as family especially since he frequently spent at least part of his summers after entering Hogwarts with the Weasley family," Minister Vidulous said to open the ceremony. After a long drawn out speech about the marriage customs in the Wizarding World he came to the part that is common in all worlds.

"Harold James Potter, do you take this woman Virginia Louise Weasley to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," Harry said.

"Virginia, Louise Weasley, do you take this man to be your Lawfully wedded husband?"

"Oh yes I most certainly do," Ginny said.

Finally after another twenty minutes everyone sat down. The Staff were scattered among the House Tables since the normal Staff table was today being used for the Wedding Party. Ginny in the end wore Dress Robes of a Stunning white with a Cap of an equally stunning white that had a veil longer then one of Hagrid's middle fingers.

"May I present Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter?" Minister Vidulous asked as everyone sat down. Draco then stood up and signaled for attention.

"I just want everyone to know that my presence up here today was a surprise even to me. Harry and I were never close friends. We were more like rivals in classes and even on the Quidditch Field where we played the same position for our respective houses. Yet yesterday during an attack on Hogwarts by You Know Who and his Death Eaters I had taken the time to protect two of the most important people in Harry's life. One was his wife Ginny and the other was his infant daughter Amy," Draco said. "It's my guess that it was because of my sacrifice that Harry asked me at the Last Minute to be a part of his wedding party."

"For the record Harry had intended to ask Draco all along," Ron whispered to Ashley.

Everyone noticed how Sirius Black was on hand as the Stand in for the Father of the Groom.

Fairly Soon the reception was over and All of Gryffindor stood by as Harry and Ginny with Dobby and Myrtle flanking them boarded a carriage for the trip into town.

When they arrived Myrtle Held Amy while Harry carried Ginny over the Threshold.

"That was something else. One thing no one mentioned today was how we don't have to worry about You Know Who any longer," Ginny said.