Hi, guys! I'm back with a new fic finally! In case you've been living under a rock for the last few years, The Avengers movie came out today, but I had the honor of seeing the midnight release here in New York with a friend of mine. All I can say about it is that it ****ing blew me away. Anyways, in honor of the film, I have created my own fanfic which is my own team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes lead by an OC SHIELD Agent created by myself for Nick Fury as a means of both good PR between SHIELD and the Avengers as well as to combat against a new threat to earth. Here are a few things you should know before reading.

1. This is based off of the Avengers Alliance Facebook game, but I gave it a bit of a twist to incorporate more of Marvel's Multiversal Mythology on all the characters from over the last 73 years of Marvel's History.

2. As such, you might note that this takes place after the events of Fear Itself, but right before the events of Avengers VS X-Men where Norman Osborn has been put down for good. The major difference is that Nick Fury is still head of SHIELD and has the appearance of a certain famous actor whose no dobut saved his carrer with The Avengers film adaptation.

3. Agent Coulson is in this, and while some of you might be wondering why, Coulson has recently been indoctornated into the Marvel U in a limited series called Battle Scars. He has a different appearance in the regular Marvel U continuity, but I chose to gave him the film look just because of how much he's grown on us.

4. Lastly, I own NOTHING except my OC's. This is a Fan Fiction for fan-purpopses only, so please don't sue!

Okay, so with that out of the way, Let's begin...

In the vast cosmos of space, there lies a wave of energy known only as 'The Pulse.' It has existed before even the mighty Galactus or even the Watchers; floating aimlessly with no clear course. It's power is unlimited and unstable, even more chaotic than the all-powerful Phoenix Force. But unlike that entity, The Pulse carries with it shards and gasses that are similar to that of the Inhumans, but empower those who already have abilities far beyond that of regular 'simpler' species of the universe. Now, for the first time in its history, The Pulse heading for a planet it has never visited before…Earth.



SHIELD Hellicarrier

High Above New York City…

The SHIELD Agents cleared the flight deck as a transport carrier flew in. It stopped upon reaching the ground and one of the side doors opened, revealing two SHIELD Agents wearing a Level 3 Security Uniform, before the last member of the transport stepped out. He had short jet black hair slicked back, with sparkling green eyes and wore a SHIELD Level 1 Security Uniform meaning he had just passed the recruiting stages of joining the international spy agency.

He looked around at the hell carrier and the clouds surrounding before a voice interrupted him.


The Agent struck a serious composure and saluted the woman coming towards him. She was young and beautiful looking, with black hair and had it not been for the gym-teacher styled haircut, he might've actually been romantically interested in her. That and the facts that she probably had other things to take care of and already 'committed' to her jobs.

"Welcome agent;" The woman said, as the agent stood up straight, "I am Deputy-Director Maria Hill. Second-in-command to Nick Fury and also head of the premiere Avengers Team. Congratulations on passing your first basic training."

"Thank you, Miss Hill." The Agent said.

Maria looked at him seriously.

"What's your name?" She asked.

"Westley, Ma'am," The agent smiled, "Westley Skarsy."

"Okay; agent," Hill said, with sarcasm in her voice clear enough for him to hear, "Let me give you the lowdown; One: you are never going to be like Steve Rogers so stop pretending to act like him; Second: DON'T speak to anyone unless you're told to."

Westley almost quivered in fear. He had seen and heard about Hill's stance as Deputy Director of SHIELD, but he never was able to witness it firsthand until now. She was literally like Victor Von Doom, Norman Osborn, Loki, and all the other big-name Super Villains he had heard about with their anger all rolled into this woman's personality.

Seeing that she had made her point clear, Hill gave a smirk at the agent before turning around.

"Come along, Junior." She commanded as Westley did so, "There's someone who wanted to talk to you before you start work."

The two agents walked into the Helli-Carrier bridge, and Westley beheld the SHIELD Hellicarrier command post where the director of SHIELD would view all the world's problems from his command seat which the two walked past. Around them, SHIELD agents were running on the ground level of the center, or on the catwalks, preforming various tasks and talking about various subjects.

"Thank god for The Avengers catching Osborn again."

"Did you hear about the new recruits coming in?"

"You know what's coming? My lunch!"

Soon enough, the two reached an elevator which Hill pressed the 'Down' Button for. A few seconds later, the elevator doors opened and they went inside. Hill pressed their destination, but as the doors closed, they heard another voice.


Hill quickly pressed 'Open' and a man with balding brown hair entered. He was wearing a fancy black jacket and tie, and took deep breaths as he looked at Hill.

"Cutting it a bit too close, Coulson?" Hill asked sarcastically.

"Very funny, Hill." The man named Coulson shot back, "I just got through doing a report that I'm on my way to tell the big boss about."

"What a small world." Hill joked before looking at Westley and realizing he was still there, "Oh how rude of me. Agent Westley Skarsy; meet Phil Coulson. He's our Black-Ops boy for Fury. Coulson; this is Agent Skarsy. He just arrived from completing all the required training for SHIELD Agents."

"Ah," Coulson said, cheerfully, "How do you do, Agent?"

"Good." Westley said, shaking Phil's hand.

"I'm guessing that you were expecting a celebration party to welcome you with cake and ice cream." Coulson assumed.

Westley was about to say something but was elbowed in the ribs by Hill telling him to shut the hell up. Coulson smiled at this.

"Well; that's not what happens here." He explained, "Then again; what you're being called for hasn't happened to any SHIELD Agent in a long time."

The elevator door finally opened, and Westley beheld the person sitting at the end of the single room they were in. He sat at a desk which showcased a perfect window view of Manhattan bellow them, as well as various hologram images of areas around the world like Latveria or Wakanda to name a few. The man sitting at that desk was a bald African American man with a goatee and had an eye patch over his right eye which covered up part of the scars from that patch. The man was looking at some papers when he turned his attention to the three agents and smiled.

"Well;" He said, happily, "Glad you three could join me here. Have a seat."

Hill and Coulson did so obediently, but Westley was a bit nervous being that he was in the presence of Nick $%^*ing Fury; The Director Of SHIELD and the man in-charge of National Security for the world from threats both of and not of this world. Fury noticed Westley's nervousness and smiled.

"Come on, son;" Fury laughed, "I ain't gonna bite you."

Westley finally soaked up enough courage and walked over normally taking a seat between Hill and Coulson.

Fury looked at the last of his file work before slapping it down on the desk, and eying the three agents through his single eye. He brought his hands together leaning on the desk towards them. His eye fell upon Hill first and looked at her.

"Agent Hill;" He asked, "Your report for the day?"

"The Avengers managed to take down A.I.M after Tony Stark and Noh-Varr found their secret base. Their leader; Doctor Monica Rappaccini, was apprehended and will be turned over to us tomorrow for questioning."

"Good." Fury smiled, "Gives us one less problem to worry about."

"Director Fury?" Coulson asked, "If I may…"

Fury eyed Coulson.

"Wait your turn, Coulson;" Fury warned, "I got little time and I think it's best if I address everyone chronologically as they're sitting. I'm sure you can wait till after I've addressed our newest recruit."

Coulson shut up but looked around nervously as Fury pulled out a file and read it over before tossing it over to Westley.

"So;" He said to the rookie SHIELD Agent; "Westley Skarsy: Born on May 4th 1992 to both Chazz and Sharah Skarsy. Graduated from New York University in a major of Espionage and Law Enforcement."

Fury looked at the young agent who was swallowing a lump in the back of his throat.

"Don't seem so surprised kid;" Fury laughed, "I got a million dollar spy-agency working for me. But let's talk about you some more. Why did you want to join SHIELD?"

"Because I think that the world's getting tougher and some people need more help from agencies like SHIELD." Westley said, finding the words to say it in.

Fury nodded before his tone became more serious.

"We've been through a helluva $%^* this year; Agent." Fury noted, "US finally puts that ^$%* Bin Laden in his grave and yet the same year; Odin's long-lost brother awakens from his grave and turns heroes and villians against us before Thor sacrifices himself to prevent this guy from dragging our $$es down to the fifth layer of hell, Norman Osborn returns and turns public opinion of SHIELD and The Avengers against us; and then there's the meeting Steve Rogers and I had with the President the other day when we reported this."

He stood up and looked at the agent.

"The world's changing;" He stated, "The President doesn't want to lose any more support than he already has and I assume that you're a democrat too."

Westley nodded.

"Me too." Fury smiled, making the agent a bit calmer, "But point being is that the President wants SHIELD to ensure that we're prepared to deal with superhuman threats more efficiently from now on and not just always falling on our $$ as always. So I've been doing some thinking and I think it's time to make a proposition to you that I once made to a young woman long ago when she was around your age."

Westley was about to answer, but before he could, something unexpected happened. All at once; a purple cloud of unknown energy engulfed the entire room, passing through the four SHIELD members, as well as the rest of the carrier before fading away through the massive ship.

"What the hell?" Fury asked, as the lights suddenly went off, only for a red alarm to start sounding.

"What was that?" Westley asked, concerned.

"Not good." Coulson said, grimly, "Not good."


New York wasn't the only place to get hit by The Pulse, though. Like a giant swarm of bees descending upon a person, The Pulse also hit other places around the world as well. Germany. France. England. Latveria. China. Afghanistan.

No place on Planet Earth was uninhabited by The Pulse. It spread around the world at an astonishing rate before something even more astonishing happened.

For the first time since it was created, The Pulse finally stopped.

And then it dispersed forevermore.

SHIELD Hellicarrier…

"Director Fury;" Coulson said, knowing that he had to say this now; "This is what I was trying to warn you about. Last night, my team received word of a strange cloud heading to Earth. Scans of SHIELD satellites showed us that this cloud was one of cosmic energy similar to the rays that created The Fantastic Four, yet more powerful. Possibly matching up to the power of Galactus himself."

"Great." Fury said, sarcastically, "So what you're telling me is that in a few minutes we're all going to turn into cockroaches or sumthing."

"No." Coulson explained, "Our scientists said that it would not have effect on ALL Superhumans. They said the cloud would only work on those that were a bit more 'experienced' per-say. But the biggest problem is that now…"

"…The Supervillians could have that power now?" Fury finished.


"^&*$!" Fury cursed, before loading a gun, "All right. Coulson; send out an SOS signal to The Avengers. Tell them to get on it now and…"

Suddenly, the Hellicarrier was rocked, and the window was engulfed with a hologram showing the SHIELD Flight Deck being overrun by a familiar green-and-yellow-costumed enemy army of Fury's.

"HEIL HYDRA!" A woman said walking onscreen.

The woman had a green one-piece bathing suit along with green hair and glowing green eyes. She also happened to be carrying two pistols and Fury happened to know her better than anyone. The woman smiled as she turned to the others as if she could see them easily.

"Hello; Nicholas Fury." Madame Hydra smiled, "Do you like the gift we brought? This gift of power beyond the stars will help us to achieve our ultimate goal; destroying you and this hellicarrier. Heil Hydra."

With that, she shot at the screen as the normal view returned.

"Dammit!" Fury cursed, turning to Coulson, "Agent Coulson…"

"I'm on it." Coulson agreed, disappearing into the elevator.

Fury waited a minute and then rose, turning to the two agent standing with him.

"Let's go." He said.

"Where?" Westley asked.

"We're going to try and hold the line on the deck as much as we can." Fury said, as the elevator doors opened and they entered, "And just hope The Avengers make it here in time."


Upon the elevator ringing their arrivial, the three SHIELD agents whipped out their guns and started firing at anything that wasn't a friend.

"HEIL HYDRA!" A random Hydra soldier declared, "Cut off my head and two more shall take its place!"

A bullet was fired into his head as soon as he finished, causing Nick Fury to reload, and chuckle grimly.

"Yeah." He noted, sarcastically, "It's okay; I got A LOT more bullets where that came from."

He then turned to Maria and Westley.


"You heard the boss, kid!" The second-in-command declared, grabbing Westley's arm and pulling him outside.

Once out there, they beheld the many bodies of fallen SHIELD and HYDRA agents strewn around them, as the battle pushed on. But the two agents eyes fell on one person who had her hand soaked in blood and torn through the body of a random fallen SHIELD Agent who had his eyes closed.

"Ah; my friends." Madame Hydra declared, smiling wickedly as her eyes turned light green, "How nice of you to join me. But regardless…."

She then moved quicker than Hill could register until she saw that Madame Hydra was now behind her and holding Westley's arm as she dangled him above the edge of the hellicarrier where New York laid about a thousand feet below the carrier.

"You are not worth my time, nor do I think you are worth SHIELD's so I doubt anybody's going to miss you."

With that, she threw Westley off the ship as he began his descent towards his doom. He had failed in his first real assignment and now he was going to literally be nothing more than a memory and a stain on the New York City sidewalk.

But after he had closed his eyes for about a minute in preparing, he suddenly felt a jerk in his gut, as he felt the wind being pushed towards him differently. Opening his eyes, he saw he was moving away from the ground and back up again.

"Normally I only do this for special hot ladies…" A familiar robotic voice said, as Westley looked and saw the gold-and-yellow-suited Avenger who had saved him, "But as my old good drinking pal Mel Gibson liked to say; 'It's all fun and games until you #^%$ somebody off.' And with the way SHIELD's had a spotty record with me, it's probably not a good idea to let any more die on my watch."

"IRON MAN!" Westley exclaimed, as the Armored Avenger flew him back up to the hellicarier.

"Hey, take it easy kid." Iron Man declared, as he let Westley off back where he had been thrown from, "And besides, it's not just little-old-me who came along."

He pointed to the battle raging on, but now SHIELD had more help.

Westley watched the battle with amazement at the new back-up for SHIELD. The mighty Thor flew high above the ship, raising his hammer overhead as the skies darkened and struck lightning bolts around the carrier, with some slamming into the HYDRA Agents. Then there was The Protector who Westley had known about very recently. New part of the Premier Avengers team apparently. He was fighting some of HYDRA'S new Giant-Man like allies created from the stolen superhuman DNA made from SHIELD traitor Dr. Washington. Hawkeye and Spider-Woman stood back-to-back firing off their arrows and venom blasts at the many HYDRA agents as they could. Finally, Red Hulk was confronting the many other Hulk-like soldiers Dr. Washington had created for Norman Osborn's resurrected HAMMER group. But Westley really was focused on the Avenger he admired the most who was bashing Madame Hydra in the face with his iconic red-white-and-blue shield.

"Give it up, Madame Hydra!" Captain America declared, pulling his shield back and landing a strong punch to Madame Hydra's face, "It's over!"

"FOOL!" Madame Hydra declared, "IT IS NOT OVER!"

Suddenly, Westley noticed Madame Hydra's eyes were glowing green before her entire body did the same and exploded into a burst of green light. Cap covered himself as Westley and Iron Man did the same and when the light faded, the three stood in shock.

Where Madame Hydra once stood, there was a Leviathan-like creature that now easily dwarfed the hellicarrier. Even Thor stood in amazement as this seemed to be much larger and stronger than his now-deceased Uncle, Cul: The God of Fear was. The creature's skin was dark green, and her eyes shined in a familiar green style, and that told the Avengers who it was.

"BEHOLD, MORTALS!" The voice of Madame Hydra declared from the monster's mouth, "THE POWER OF THE PULSE UNLEASHED!"

"Dammit!" Cap cursed, throwing his shield at her, "Thor! Iron Man! Back me up!"

"Stay out of trouble, Kid." Iron Man ordered Westley as he stood to shocked to move.

Captain America's shield approached the Leviathan like creature, only to be swatted away with her tail. It was at that moment Westley suddenly realized that the shield had been rebounded and was soaring right towards him. Not wanting to be sliced in two, he jumped out of the way as the shield struck the floor of the hellicarrier where he once stood, staying in place.

The Living Legend of World War II dove for his shield, but Madame Hydra's new tail slammed into him, pinning him to the ground. Before he could even react, the tail constricted around him, holding him in place as Steve Rogers could only struggle as Madame Hydra brought him to her face to no doubt gloat to him some more.

"Poor Steven;" She laughed, "It's just like I told you; you destroy everything you touch. Your friends, your team, the country you stand for; everything."

"Well then;" Iron Man declared as he and Thor soared towards her, "You can't blame my drinking on him then. I just blame BudLight for their commercial advertising. It's so hard to resist a commercial that's as funny as that."

"Have at thee!" Thor declared, as the two prepared to unleash their powers on her…

…only for her to effortlessly swat the both of them with her tail, sending the two soaring off the Hellicarrier.

She then began to constrict the tail even further as Captain America yelled in pain.


"We're all busy enough here!" Red Hulk responded, pounding the next Hulk HYDRA Agent out as he went for the next.

That's when Westley noticed the iconic shield still stuck to the floor.

What he did next was very stupid but as an Agent of SHIELD, he had to help somehow.

Grabbing the straps, he pulled the shield out of the ground. Surprisingly, it didn't weigh as much as he thought it did. It was heavy, yeah, but it wasn't as hard as let's say Thor's hammer was. And that shield had a reputation for being very strong. Then he remembered that during the Serpant's attack on Earth, Cap's shield had been broken and from what he had heard; Tony Stark had some Asgardian elfs rebuild it adding a lace of Uru (the same substance that Thor's hammer was made of,) to the shield.

Westley was struck with the only explanation being that he could be one of the few 'worthy' people to lift the shield now, but dismissed the idea for now.

Pulling his arm back, he flung the shield and watched it go flying right towards the leviathan's tail at the bottom part…

…and then slice it off effortlessly, as Madame Hydra screamed in pain, obviously not prepared for someone else tossing the shield.

Cap was dropped, but with the tail no longer constricting him tightly, pushed the tail off him and flipped over on top as if he were riding a surf board, once it hit the hellicarrier ground, Steve Rogers effortlessly jumped into the air, as the tail fell to the ground bellow him, and flipped back up onto the hellicarrier deck and managed to grab the shield in his hands as it came back behind him.

Had it not been for the fact that Madame Hydra was now focused on Westley seeming VERY ***** off, Westley would've enjoyed the moment, but like he said; there was a giant lizard-like creature staring at him angrily and looked like she could crush him with her foot.

"YOU PITIFUL WEAKLING!" She declared, pulling back her breath, "I WILL DESTROY YOU FOR YOUR INTERFERANCE!"

With that, she unleashed a horde of fire aimed at Westley, who closed his eyes, thinking it was the end, until ten seconds had passed at which he opened his eyes and saw Captain America there, using his shield to deflect the fire, though obviously struggling against Madame Hydra's new strength.

"Get behind me!" He demanded, as Westley did so.

"You're going to have to let up sooner or later, Captain!" Madame Hydra hissed.

Rogers ignored this, however, and instead counted down silently to himself and as soon as he reached zero, Madame Hydra heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Madame Hydra!" Iron Man called, shooting an electrical blast at her, "What a 'shock,' am I right?"

Madame Hydra was about to fire another blast at Iron Man when suddenly she felt very strange for some reason. Her eyes then widened as she let out a defying scream as electricity coursed through her entire body. Her howling pain continued until the electricity stopped as she fell to the ground, unconscious. At the same time, the other Avengers had finished up their enemies, and let out a sigh of relief that it was over

"New technology I've been working on with Thor." Iron Man explained as he landed net to the other Avengers, "It's an electromagnetic-serving telepathic nanobot system. It shocks the victim while injecting them with nanobots that give them a jolt a thousand times more powerful from the inside."

"Pretty handy." Red Hulk said, admiring Stark's technobabble as best he could.

"Good job, Avengers." Captain America nodded, before turning his attention to Westley, "And that was some pretty damn fine throwing arm you had there agent."

Westley almost crapped and peed himself at once. THE Captain America was giving him a 'well done?' The Captain had been a hero of his Dad's and Mom's Dad, the last of whom was one of the many WWII soldiers who fought alongside him. Hell, this was Westley's inspiration for joining SHIELD for christsake!

Before anyone could respond, the Hellicarrier's intercom kicked in again.

"ATTENTION EVERYONE!" The voice of Nick Fury said through the speakers, "This is Nick Fury speaking to you from controls. We've successfully retaken the Hellicarrier now. This could not have been done without the Avengers, whom we wish to thank. But we need Captain America and Iron Man to stay with us for a little while. We have to discuss something."

Westley was now extremely nervous again. What was it that Fury needed Steve Rogers and Tony Stark for now?


The White House, Later That Day…

Westley sat outside the Oval Office door nervously as he fiddled with his fingers trying to calm his nerves.

Fury, Rogers, and Stark were inside the room with the President of the free world now, and pretty soon, Fury said that he'd be in there with them. After the other Avengers had left, Fury explained that they were now all going to meet with the President so Westley had been given a suit along with Rogers, (Fury and Stark didn't need one since Stark's new armor could change clothes and Fury…well, he was just Fury,) to look presentable.

Just then, a female attendant approached him.

"Westley Skarsy?" The attendant asked as Westley stood up.

"Yes, ma'am?" He asked.

"The president would like to see you now."

The new SHIELD agent nodded as she opened the door and he stepped into the oval office. Rogers, Stark and Fury were standing in front of the President's desk all talking when Westley stopped in. The President was the first to notice as Stark, Rogers, and Fury looked to see him enter.

"Mr. President;" The attendant said, "Westley Skarsy."

"Thank you, Julie." The President said as she closed the door behind her.

Westley quickly gave a salute to him and the President gestured to one of the four seats in front of his desk. Westley sat down between Stark and Fury as everyone was seated and The President looked at them with his hands folded on his desk.

"Well;" He said, finally, "Another big win for SHIELD, I take it?"

"Indeed." Fury nodded, eying Westley with his one eye, "We all worked together to save the day."

"And we finally have Madame Hydra captured."

"Actually," Stark said, "We decided we couldn't squeeze her gigantic butt into Ryker's Island, so instead Thor dropped her off in an alternate Asgardian universe called Nastrond. Alternate world where the only thing there is some giant dragon, but it's just as well a prison if she's got another bunk buddy now."

The President nodded satisfied before his expression became more serious, "But now we have this 'Pulse' event to worry about."

"Yes." Fury nodded solemnly, "We saw what it did to Madame Hydra. We can only imagine what it's going to do to other villains once they try to experiment with it."

"Then I think it's a good idea to open the SHIELD Avengers project." The President said, to Fury.

"Already on it;" Fury smiled, looking at the latest SHIELD recruit, "We have our new leader right here."

Westley suddenly froze horrified. THIS is what Fury wanted him for? To lead an Avengers team?"

"Sir…" Westley asked, interrupted, "Could you explain to me what this whole 'SHIELD Avengers thing is?"

"Gladly, kid." Fury explained, "Back in 1959 Maria Hill's Grandpa came to me with a message from President Eisenhower to create a potential team of Avengers. The plan was scrapped after two missions were a failure. However; in light of recent events such as Skrull Invasions and Dark Reigns…"

"I've decided it's time to re-introduce the Avengers Initiative with a whole new team," The President finished, looking at Westley seriously, "But in order to do that, there will have to be a SHIELD liaison to the Avengers."

"It basically means that you'll be a full-fledged Avengers leader," Fury explained, "You get to hand-pick your team, and anything that you need that we can provide, you just tell me and I'll see what I can do. It'll also mean that when you're not out there kicking butt, you'll be filing paperwork for communication between the day-to-day involvements with The Avengers and SHIELD. Nothing more than just writing up a report and sending it to me alone."

"Sir…" Westley said, "With all honesty…I don't think that I'm so qualified to lead…"

"Actually, son;" Rogers interrupted, putting a hand on his shoulder, "You reminded me of your Grandfather back on the Hellicarrier."

Westley froze as he faced the iconic Avenger shocked beyond belief.

"You remember my Grandpa?" Westley asked amazed.

"I make it a point to visit all the soldiers who I fought alongside every so-often," The Captain explained, "And what I can remember about your grandpa was that there was one time when he got caught underneath a pile of rubble, but he still fought against the pressure of the weight. He didn't care if in the end I lifted it up off him, he was going to try it anyway. When you threw my shield at Madame Hydra, I could see that you had no idea if it was going to work yourself, but you tried anyway. That's something I can tell you that I truly appreciate in anybody nowadays. I think you're more than qualified."

Westley stood shocked. Captain America had just praised not only Westley's dearly-deceassed grandpa, but The Captain just praised Westley as well! The feeling of confidence sunk in as he gave Cap a smile and nodded.

"Okay." He said, turning to the President, "All right, sir. I'll do it then. Just one question; where's our base of Operations going to be?"

At this, Stark just smiled and looked at the young agent.

"Oh, don't worry, agent." The billionaire playboy grinned, "I know a place."


"And there came a day. A day unlike any other. When Earth's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common foe. To fight the battles that no single superhero could. On this day; The Avengers were born."

And so there you have it; Westley's been made head of his own Avengers team, and Cap and Iron Man have joined up. Who are the other SHIELD Avengers going to be? Read the next chapter to find out!