Hi, everyone! Welcome back to the latest chapter of SHIELD Avengers! Something I should start by mentioning is my Avengers Team selection and why it came out the way it was. Let's talk about that first:

Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor – The Holy Trinity of The Avengers franchise. Without them, there is literally no Avengers team.

Ms. Marvel – By the time I started reading Avengers, it was when The Secret Invasion was literally months away from hitting and I had taken a shot with The Mighty Avengers (though I started reading New Avengers at the time back when Spidey was still cool before One More Day happened at it got worst from there.) I was fascinated by the character of Ms. Marvel as she was one of the few super heroines of the Marvel U who didn't seem like a cardboard cut-out. So when the great and powerful Brian Michael Bendis launched Dark Avengers and she stayed with Luke Cages team even to this day, I figured I'd include her on this team since she hasn't been on an official Avengers team in a while.

The Human Torch- While some of you may laugh to see two superheroes Chris Evans portrayed in the same room, I have some actual genuine reasons for putting Johnny Storm on the team. Firstly, when my mom was a young girl, she actually had a crush on Torch, so that's one reason. Second and the most important reason is that Johnny Storm recently stated that everyone else on the Fantastic Four has been an Avenger besides him and with his recent return from the dead, I felt it was necessary to bring him back.

Kitty Pryde- Kitty was actually a choice I made at the last minute. I was playing Avengers Alliance and decided to look at Kitty's history on Wikipedia when I found out that Kitty was an agent of SHIELD for some time back when she was first starting out as a character. With her growth from being placed inside a bullet (courtesy of the all-powerfull-director Joss Whedon during his comic writing run on Astonishing X-Men,) to her current position of Headmistress of Wolverine's own school, this seemed like another great opportunity to let Kitty shine herself.

And just so that way you can have a little taste of what comes next, here's what to expect for upcoming chapters;

Current Arc: Assembly Required = With the world constantly under threat each year, SHIELD is forced to sanction a new Avengers team under orders of the President. But how will this team be? Can the combined guidance of SHIELD Agent Westley Skarsky and the Avengers Trinity of Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man topped off with the power-houses of Ms. Marvel, The Human Torch, and Kitty Pryde be able to save the day and keep PR good that ensures the world that The Avengers are still necessary? And did somebody say 'Green Goblin?' Find out here!

Second Arc: Some Doors are Better Left Unopened = The SHIELD Avengers have come across a new foe! A deadly team called ABRAXAS has been hunting down Marcus Johnson AKA Nick Fury Junior, and when Cap and Iron Man decide to re-assemble the New Illuminati, Westley and the two Avengers will clash over arguments. The question is; can they stop ABRAXAS and their unknown plan? Plus; ENTER: THE BLACK CAT!

Third Arc: Avengers VS X-Men = The SHIELD Avengers join in the Marvel Event of 2012! And with Thor, Ms. Marvel, and The Human Torch up in space dealing with the Phoenix with the other Avengers in space, three new members fill their place in the forms of Daredevil, Black Widow, and Mockingbird! Their mission? ASSASINATE CYCLOPS! It's a no-barred fight when this AvX Tie-In! Guest-Starring ALL of the Avengers and X-Men! Plus; who will leave the team and who will take the empty position left from there?

Fourth Arc: Thy Trickery Knows No Bounds = The Iso-8 has affected Loki returning the God of Mischief to his full adult state. Can the SHIELD Avengers stop him?

Fifth Arc: Doomed! = Doctor Doom kidnaps Nick Fury and Maria Hill having taken a large amount of power from the ISO-8. The SHIELD Avengers rush to stop him, but something big is on the way!

Sixth Arc: To Infinity…and A God! = THANOS RETURNS! The Mad Titian is back again using the ISO-8 to power him in order to find The Infinity Gauntlet and The Infinity Gems once more! The New Illumanati, The Avengers Franchise, and The SHIELD Avengers brace themselves for a stand against the Mad Titian once more! It's cosmic throw-down just the way you like it!

I'll have more ideas coming soon as long as Marvel's around, but I just wanted to clear that up.

Oh and finally; I own NOTHING but my OC's. This is for FAN-Purposes only, so please don't sue!


After a deadly unknown cosmic energy upgrades HYDRA and possibly more supervillians around the world, SHIELD Director Nick Fury has ordered Agent Westley Skarsky to put together a new SHIELD-sanctioned Avengers team to deal with the panic and remind the world why The Avengers are needed now more than ever. Westley hand-picks his own Avengers team which is comprised of himself, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Ms. Marvel, The Human Torch, and Kitty Pryde.

Recently, The Avengers and New Avengers dealt with the return of Norman Osborn after his escape from prison. Norman nearly took down both teams having acquired the acquaintance of The Hand, AIM, and HYDRA, and used the teams to recreate HAMMER and his Dark Avengers as well as allow himself to be turned into a Super-Adaptoid, which allowed him to absorb the powers of anyone he came in physical contact with. The Avengers teams took him down by making him absorb all their powers at once and caused his body to overload, sending him into a comatose state.

Unfortunately, a mysterious loyal servent of the Goblin gives Norman a shard to the heart which has resurrected the former director of HAMMER and now Norman stands once again in the uniform of The Green Goblin, as he has made his attack on the SHIELD Avengers during their unveiling to the world!


Stark Tower, Now…

"Aurora!" Westley declared, "Get the people out of here now!"

"Already on it!" She said, tapping into the speakers, "ALL GUESTS, GET YOUR BUTTS OFF THE VACINITY NOW!"

"Thor…" Westley declared, as The God of Thunder looked at him, "Let him have it."

"Verily." Thor declared.

Thor launched himself as he flew quickly towards Osborn.

"You destroyed my home, Osborn!" Thor declared as Norman cackled without a care in the world, "THIS is for my kingdom. FOR ASGARD AND MIDGARD; HAVE AT THEE!"

With that, Thor raised his hammer and unleashed a humongous Lighting bolt that engulfed The Goblin on his glider.

But when the lightning stopped, everyone stared out in astonishment. Norman was still on his glider with nary a scratch on him.

"Odin's eye…" Thor said amazed.

"Neat trick!" The Green Goblin laughed, "Here's one of my own!"

With that, he tossed one of his trademark pumpkin bombs which hit Thor straight in the chest, causing him to feel the wind knocked out of his gut and send him hurtling to the ground. Norman in response to this just giggled loudly almost losing his footing on his glider.

"Oh." He snorted, "I've always had a thing for killing blondes."

"That's it!" Westley declared, backing up from the edge of the building, "We're not going to stand here while Thor gets his butt handed to him by a LARPer. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!"

With that, he ran forward as the Avengers followed.

"Cap!" He declared "You and Tony help Thor! Torch and Kitty; you make sure that people stay AWAY from this maniac."

"And what about you?" Kitty asked, as Tony Picked up Cap and flew him down to Thor.

"I'll handle Mister Mean Green Giant from Muppet's Place over here." Westley declared, as his SHIELD jumping boots activated and he jumped towards the Goblin.

Kitty flew down with Johnny while Westley soared towards Osborn.

Okay SHIELD stuff. He thought to himself, If you don't work, I'll probably end up roadkill after this.

Fortunately, Westley managed to land on the glider right behind Osborn who turned around to confront the new SHIELD Agent.

"Norman Osborn," Westley declared, "By the authority of SHIELD and The Avengers as well as The President of the United States of America; I hereby declare you a branded terrorist against America from within. As such, you are ordered to surrender now."

"Aren't you a bit too young to be giving orders boy?" The Goblin smirked.

"Aren't you a little too old to be playing dress-up in that kind of get-up?" Westley remarked.

Norman just threw a punch at Westley which he blocked with one hand. Westley tried swatting the Goblin's head with his free hand, but Norman simply blocked it with his own free hand.

"You know…" Norman said, as he continued to hold his ground against Westley, "There's an old saying, kid; if you can't make lemons…"

With his distraction, Norman kicked Westley right in between his legs as he suddenly gasped for air and fell on the glider in immense pain.

"Just kill your grandchildren!" Norman finished with another phychotic laugh.

"What…" Westley gasped, "What happened to you? Why… are you so strong now….?"

"Simple!" Norman laughed as he kicked Westley's face sending him off the glider and to the ground, bellow "I got better!"

With that, he took off to places unknown.

Down below, Thor was being helped up by Iron Man and Captain America when the two noticed Westley falling.

"Oh #$%^!" Tony declared, "There's no time for me to get to him."

He quickly patched into Johnny's comlink.


"Got him!" Johnny assured as they saw a streak of fire heading into the sky.

Johnny continued to fly higher until he was close enough to flame off his arms at which point he caught Westley before he could fall any further. Johnny then proceeded to carry Westley back down to the ground where he laid him on the street. As the other SHIELD Avengers approached him, Westley coughed in pain and sat up, surveying the others.

"He got away, didn't he?" Westley asked, depressingly.

"Yep." Tony nodded, "He hit the road and I think we might be seeing him more."

Westley groaned as Kitty and Johnny helped Westley to his feet.

"Easy!" Kitty assured him.

"What did he do to you?" Johnny asked.


"I guess it goes without saying, but that was pretty insane out there." Westley declared, as he and the others sat in the meeting room.

"But why would he come after us now?" Steve asked, "He seemed to have no clear goal in mind, so why come here this instant? It's not like he gave a speech or anything."

"The only two things I'm concerned about is A: How the hell did he survive Thor's attacks? and B: Why is he dressed as The Green Goblin again?" Johnny asked.

"Last time, Norman made a move he had been converted into a Super-Adaptoid; right, Cap?" Westley asked, "Maybe he's still got the powers?"

"No." Cap said, "Osborn would've shown off beating us up with our own powers if that were the case. But even if he did have it, why not just turn into a Hulk or use the powers of Thor?"

"Wait!" Kitty declared, "What's this Adaptoid you're talking about?"

"It's an old AIM experiment," Iron Man declared, walking into the room, "It basically is grafted into your body so that if you touch anybody, you automatically gain their powers and abilities. Osborn used it last time to try and take us down but we managed to overload it."

"So what do you have for us, Tony?" Westley asked.

"I got everything we need to know." Tony said simply as he took projected a number of holograms featuring equations, Osborn, and the mysterious 'Pulse' cloud that hit yesterday, "I managed to snap a quick photo on here that did a biological read on his body, the Super-Adaptoid material is now completely fried in his body. But it wasn't damaged by what we did to him last time."

He expanded the hologram of Osborn during today's events and the hologram became wire-framed with a red energy signature emitting from the center of his body.

"See this?" Tony asked, "This is the cause of what's making Osborn so powerful."

"What is it?" Johnny asked.

"I conferred with Reed about it, Johnny." Tony explained, "Apparently while you were with us, The remaining Fantastic Four members did a sweep of the New York for traces of the pulse and they came across this."

"Spider-Man substituted for me, didn't he?" Johnny asked, clearly annoyed.

"Yup." Tony nodded, as he enhanced an image of a shard for everyone to see, "But the point is that what Reed has dubbed this as 'ISO-8.' Apparently these shards were made from parts of the Pulse's particles combining with certain chemicals in our atmosphere resulting in different shards falling to earth."

"So let me guess;" Westley questioned, "One of Norman's cult Goblin worshipers got their hands on one of these and decided to use them on Norman."

"Correct, Agent Skarsky." Tony nodded as his holograms now brought up another video of a man sneaking into a hospital room containing Norman in it, "And we've tracked the smartass who thought he could get away with it."

He pointed at the guy as the video freezed and enlarged so that everyone could see him better. He was middle-aged with sagging cheeks and light tan hair in a buzz-cutt.

"Ladies and Gentlemen;" Tony continued, "Meet Lyle Wilder. Former army medic in Afghanistan, but more importantly; former agent of H.A.M.M.E.R. He was brought back to the states after the Skrull Invasion because there's always one man in the army who hates my guts and Norman saw him as being the best one to make a H.A.M.M.E.R. agent. He's very skilled in chemistry and biology, so Norman gave him that position as Mister Wilder became one of the many people to go cuckoo-for-Norman. After our intervention at the Siege of Asgard, however, it turns out Lyle escaped in the confusion, and we haven't heard from him until just now."

"Great." Westley declared, rubbing his hands in his eyes, "So right now, Norman Osborn has become even-more-powerful after being exposed to an unknown cosmic energy. That makes me feel great."

He finished rubbing his eyes and then looked back at Tony.

"And what about his returned Goblin Persona?" Westley asked, "Any ideas on that?"

"My best guess is that the ISO-8 probably reignited his Goblin side and made it grow up a hundred times more than what it usually was." Tony answered.

"Alright," Westley said, laying his hands on the table "I don't think I have to remind everyone now how dangerous Osborn has become recently."

"Agreed," Thor declared, crossing his arms, "Osborn must be stopped as soon as possible."

"Right," Westley nodded, as he rubbed his chin, "Now we got no way of knowing where Norman's run off to, but I have a few ideas, and I think it's best if we hit these locations now because I got a bad feeling that Norman's expecting this Goblin Persona or not."


An Abounded Warehouse by The Queens Bridge…

The abounded Oscorp shipping warehouse was truly a wonder to behold. Most people would make it out to be very needless with Oscorp having crashed in 2010 after Norman Osborn's incarceration. The whole company was now obliterated to the point where Stark Industries had been the previous year.

But inside this warehouse, the former Oscorp CEO lurked inside, with a wicked mad scheme planned for everyone who had wronged him.

"You have all been so loyal to me." Norman cackled as he stared out at the millions of street thugs who now stood before him.

The street thugs may have been from different gangs and different ethnicities, but there was one thing they all shared in common. Each of them had a purple-and-green tattoo of a wicked-looking Goblin with a long tooth grin smile on their necks.

"Things have changed, my friends," Norman continued, "Oscorp has gone straight down the toilet, and The Avengers mock me for it. No more! They think that they know everything about me! They are about to figure out that is not the case at all! We will show them that we are no longer HAMMER, nor AIM, nor HYDRA, nor The Hand. WE…ARE…THE GOBLIN CULT!"

At that moment, everyone raised a fist into the air and simultaneously, they all chanted five simple words repeatedly.


"And when we're through with these Avengers…" Norman smiled, "I'll be back on top again!"

To be continued!