So, I was really bored last night so I wrote my first one-shot. It's really short sorry.

Disclaimer- I don't own the 39 clues. A series of very talented authors do!

I loved her, she loved me or at least that's what I thought.

Her name was Natalie Kabra. She was my first love. You see, I trusted her with my soul and she

betrayed my trust she cheated on me with some random guy.

~ Flashback ~

It was the night of the Cahill ball. I was trying to find beautiful girlfriend of five months Natalie Kabra.

I was so excited I requested the DJ to put on a slow song in five minutes.

I decided I should check in the supply room even though she would probably never be there.

But there she was kissing some guy with sandy blonde hair in a Justin Beiber do.

I wasn't concerned about the guy but my mind was racing a hundred miles and hour. Questions like Why was she kissing some one that wasn't me 'her boyfriend'.

When the came up for air Natalie's amber eyes wondered around the room. Then they finally landed on me. Her eyes widened whilst she scrambled so she was standing up.

" Dan, it's not what it looks like." She said pleadingly.

" Well, what are you doing then?" I asked.

" Ummmm. "

I didn't wait for her to explain after that very helpful 'ummmm'.

I was heartbroken.

~ End of Flashback ~

And here she was standing in front of him apologizing.

" I'm sorry Dan I really am. Please take me back? " She pleaded with her stunning amber eyes.

I thought for a while.

" I'm sorry, but you hurt me once and I won't let it happen again." I replied.

I turned and walked away.

Years later I was so happy I had done that when I received an invitation to her wedding.

It turns out his name was Robert Wiliamson.

Please no flames.

~ Chelsea

P.S. I wrote this at like 12:00 AM!