*NOTA BENE: I strongly recommend you read "Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels" first, or you'll likely be very lost.


"Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They're just brave for five minutes longer."

-Ronald Regan

I remember the first day I met the Hero of the Time. When I saw him, I... he reminded me of myself many years ago; myself when I lived for the Brotherhood; fought for the Brotherhood... he reminded me of myself when I thought that I was talented enough with a blade to bring about change in the world...

Our paths were different, nonetheless. He met me because one of his fairies warned him of my presence. I met him because that man told me he'd be here.

I was wrong in believing that I could change the world... but when I looked at Link, I knew he could... and I knew he would.

Though I felt a bond with him before I even spoke to him, I never intended on joining him on his journey. I did not. My attempt on Ganondorf's life was unsuccessful... and in this form there's no way I would succeed should I try again.

I was tired... A creature of my age should not be running all over Hyrule Field anymore. It should be tucked away, resting... I've done my part for the hero. Now it is time for him to do what I failed to do so many years ago...

It's time for him to kill that bastard.

My joints popped and my bones ached, but my stomach was full for the first time in days. Hunger cannot kill me, anyway. Nothing can with that evil man breathing.

I let out a breath through my nostrils and shut my eyes. I never wanted to be immortal. I never wanted to take this form. I wanted to do what I was sent to do and then go home... my new home, since the one I loved passed on many years ago.

Many would wish to live forever. Many would wish to be impossible to kill... but immortality is a curse. Most are blinded by the idea of never being judged. Most are blinded by the idea that they cannot die... but the truth is, NOTHING can kill you. Not even starvation.

I know from months of experience that starvation magnified by a curse doesn't bother you, doesn't hurt you...

It torments you. Every waking moment a stabbing pain goes through your stomach, and your legs are lead weights that take nearly all your energy to simply move. You can trick your body once in a while by drinking water, but ultimately you end up feeling like your stomach is leaking.

It is not the sheer pain that tortures you. It's the fact that this pain is constant, constant until you find something to fill your empty belly.

You don't sleep willingly. You cannot hope to fall asleep of your own accord. Instead, the pain becomes so much that you can't shut your eyes for more than a second. You don't sleep until you eventually pass out after days of deprivation. However, fainting from lack of sleep can take days to finally come around...

...and the sleep deprivation becomes another form of torment that immortality offers.

I could continue to describe what I endure, but what's the point? When Link kills that man, my curse will be lifted.

All at once I feel tired...

...Perhaps I'll just... lie down and rest a moment...

This will be a very brief fic (I think only 7 chapters or so). Those of you that didn't read SHFA, let me clarify:

I was never comfortable with "heart containers" when it comes to writing about zelda games. I tried to make Link's endurance seem more realistic, and so Canis came to be. He kills two birds with one stone for me- I don't like heart containers, and I don't like how Link's wolf form in Twilight Princess was explained.

Essentially, those that might have read SHFA know that Canis got Link armor. This is the story of what he went through to get Link armor.