LAST CHAPTER! Thanks to the people who stuck around to read the last of this :) I applaud you. This isn't my greatest work but I did promise my brother...I have other stories here that are not Class of the Titans but I enjoy writing them. So, I hope you enjoy the ending to The Key To Victory.

Cronus looked at the teens with a weird fascination.

"You know, I always find it weird that you brats always survive which is irritating."

"If you had smarter minions that'd help," Atlanta snorted with Archie grinned at the red head. Cronus narrowed his eyes.

"Manners Theresa, didn't your mother teach you some?" Theresa's eyes hardened.

"You wish." Jay was slowly getting some of the Hydra blood on his sword and on Archie's whip. Theresa slowly backed away so she was with her siblings.

"I love family reunions, don't you?" Cronus asked as he watched the three siblings.

"You're not family." Mark spat. Cronus raised an eyebrow.

"Indeed. Then I have no qualms about doing this." His scythe came down towards Kiley with Theresa pushing her out of the way and grabbing her nun chucks to intercept the blade. Twisting them, she saw that they disappeared and reappeared into Cronus' hand again, giving Mark enough time to get Theresa up and Jay was sneaking up behind him, ready to strike.

Cronus turned and started attacking Jay as Atlanta, Archie and Herry were busy taking down the giants (Cronus seemed to have tripled the numbers). The three siblings backed away far enough to be away from the fight and hid behind a ledge. Theresa looked over to her siblings.

"Ready?" They nodded. They held hands while standing in a circle while Theresa was concentrating on her purple self, trying to remember how she did it. She could see the purple tendrils and grabbed onto them and looked over at her twin and saw the same thing and grabbed hers. Mark could see her starting to turn purple and she clenched his hand hard. Remembering what he was suppose to do, Mark shut his eyes to concentrate. He could see Theresa getting Kiley's power and was trying not to lose control of it so Mark went over and gave his little sister a hand. Theresa looked up and Mark gave her some strength to help control the urges of the purple in her.

To anyone else, you would see three people standing in a circle with one glowing purple. Theresa suddenly threw her head back and let the purple loose. She was still in control, but only just because of Mark and Kiley. Floating over, purple Theresa assessed the fighting. Odie and Neil were near them to help out in case any of the giants come after them while Archie was helping Jay with Cronus and Atlanta and Herry were still dealing with the giants.

Floating over, purple Theresa went inside a rock and peaked out to see where they were. She had to wait for the perfect moment to strike or else Jay and Archie could get distracted and all will be lost. Jay bent backwards to avoid the scythe that swept at his neck and nearly growled at that. Archie covered him while Jay dodged to get back up and saw some purple coming from a rock close by. Taking a closer look, he could see Theresa covered in purple again. Fearing for her, he looked over and almost sighed in relief when he saw her siblings with her.

Turning back to the fight, Jay went to strike at Cronus from the side but was reflected off so Jay tried to kick him but got a slash to the leg instead. Clenching his teeth, Jay spun towards Cronus at his back so Cronus' attention was taken off Archie long enough to get a decent hit in. Cronus did turn around but put up a wall, similar to the one from the park. Theresa growled in frustration. Of course Cronus would do that. Looking over, she drifted into the ground and popped back up near Archie and tied to take down the wall with Archie almost jumping on her.

"Jeez Drama Queen! Do you really have to live up to your title?" Theresa glared.

"Shut up for a minute Archie and let me concentrate." Theresa started picking at the one weak spot and put enough power into it that it exploded. Cronus would feel it of course, but she didn't care about that. Feeling her control starting to slip, Theresa waited until Archie was in a good position but that was when she was spotted.

"Trying your old trick again there my dear?" Theresa glared.

"I'm not your dear." She spat. Archie had a small opening and exploited it, distracting Cronus enough so Theresa went threw him again. She shuddered at the power as she came out.

"Now Jay!" Cronus turned slightly and Jay ran his sword through him that was covered in Hydra blood. Cronus dropped his scythe in shock and fell to the ground with his eyes still wide open. Theresa almost dropped to the ground.

"Tarturus." She panted.

"The power needs to go somewhere and I can't control it."

"How are we getting to Tarturus then?" Atlanta asked.

"Your not. I am." Everyone just stared at her.

"I wasn't sure if killing him was the best thing so I made it so he was only paralyzed and took his powers but we can't argue now!" Theresa's voice was starting to sound strained. Jay looked over at Cronus and Theresa. Cronus' complexion was growing more ashen while Theresa was going deathly pale from trying to be in complete control of her powers. Frowning, Jay nodded.

"Only if I come." Theresa rolled her eyes.

"Fine." She concentrated on a portal and gave Odie the coordinates.

"When Jay calls you, make one of Hermes' portals to get us." Odie shifted his feet.

"I'll need a source of some type then."

"Magic?" Mark asked. Odie nodded.

"I'll do it." Everyone turned to Kiley.

"I can do this." Theresa looked at her twin.

"Here." Theresa went up and put her fingertips on her sister's temples and transferred the knowledge of how to make one.

"There. We need to go. I can feel the power wanting control again." Theresa waved her hand and a black portal with fire around it appeared and walked through it with Jay dragged Cronus behind him.

"Tarturaus, here we come," he muttered.


When the two teens emerged from the portal, a shock of hot air hit them.

"Holy Hades that's hot!" Theresa yelled. Jay just grunted while dragging the titan along. Theresa wandered ahead to find the right cell.

"Jay, I think I found it." Jay came about ten minutes later to cell 18091A.

"This doesn't look like much," Theresa commented. Jay looked around the edges.

"There's some writing on the edges of the cell here." Theresa went over and took a closer look.

"Cool. Let me try something." Theresa's hand brushed against the door of the cell and started muttering with her hand glowing orange with black swirling around. She let out a breath and put her hands on her knees.

"That should help." She panted. Jay had a confused look. Rolling her eyes, Theresa pointed at Cronus.

"Chuck him in the cell and then I'll transfer the powers." Jay just dragged Cronus into the cell. Theresa shuddered and the purple spirit came out of her calmly and went towards the prone form of the titan. She swayed slightly with Jay standing right behind her. The titan's power would make it impossible to escape because the Hydra blood will never leave his system without assistance and once Cronus leaves his cell, his power's are drained. Closing the door with her magic, Theresa smiled at Jay.

"We did it." Jay smiled back.

"Yes, we did." Jay then kissed her. Theresa stumbled backwards slightly but regained her balance and kissed back. Breaking apart, Jay turned away.

"We should call Odie."

"Yeah, we should." Theresa agreed. Grabbing his PMR, Jay made the call.

"Odie, tell everyone that it's done."


Everyone waited with anticipation for the two to come back from the Underworld. Kiley was sitting on the ground with exhaustion running through her.

"What now?" She asked. Everyone looked at each other.

"Don't know. I mean, we'll probably just get on with our lives and such." Neil looked slightly troubled by that. He was about to say something when the portal opened. Jay and Theresa came out looking tired but victorious.

"We did it." Everyone smiled.

"Now what about this other prophesy?" Atlanta asked. Everyone looked at each other.

"The gods should still rule. I don't really care for an immortal life full of suffering. The prophesy said we had the power to topple them, not that we have to so we leave it." Theresa said.

"Now, if only to tell the gods…"

"No need to." Everyone whipped around and saw Hera there smiling.

"Well done children, I'm so proud of you. What Persephone did won't go without punishment, I assure you because an attack like that was unwarranted."

"So what now?" Neil asked.

"Whatever you want."

"Meaning, we just leave again?" Archie frowned at that. Not he grinned at an idea he got.

"Why don't we stay at Brownstone until we're done school? I mean, it would be such a hassle to move during the middle of the school year," he smirked. Everyone nodded and gave pleading eyes to Hera. She sighed.

"Alright. We can also make room for two more, although Mark, you'll have to go under a different name because of how famous yours is." Mark shrugged.

"That's fine. I'll keep the last name though and say I'm a cousin with Kiley and that we're staying with Theresa. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with that." Theresa squealed and jumped into Mark's arms.

"Let's go home now."

Six Years Later

Theresa sat down with Jay at the restaurant.

"So, what's so important?" She asked. They were in a high class restaurant and how Jay got reservations, she has no idea. At 24, she was happy with her life so far. Everyone stayed in New Olympia (although Neil's modelling job took him different places), and got jobs there.

Odie became a corporate manager while Herry and Atlanta were still in University. Jay became the manager of a popular growing sailing class while Theresa is becoming a fashion designer. Kiley was studying to become a nurse while Mark took over the family business. Archie-surprisingly- became the boy's gym teacher at the local high school. He and Atlanta have been dating for a year since she broke up with Damon when he moved away. She could tell the Kiley was starting to crush on Herry and shook her head in amusement to that.

Looking around, she saw many smiling faces. Yes, life is good when there's no crazy gods after you because you hold the key to victory.

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