Here's the third.

Chapter Three

Theresa spent a good night and got up early putting on a green halter and a deep blue mini skirt with one inch heels. She left her hair knowing she'll brush it later. She crept out to the garage and slipped into her car and left for her fathers. Everyone already knew she would leave but didn't say anything in fear of being maimed.

Jay came down and got a bowl of cereal and went back to his room being a Saturday, he did as much homework as he dared knowing he'll burn out. Throwing down the pen in frustration, he looked out the window. He could see the harbour and rain. He sighed and looked at the clock; 10:00 am. Shit! They were late! Jay ran around getting dressed and then banged on everyone's door to get them up.

"Come on guy's Ares with have our heads on silver platters if we're not there in five minutes!" That got everyone moving. They all raced to Herry's truck-with Neil moaning about not being able to get his hair right-and sped to the school. Running down the halls, Atlanta had her medallion out first and stuck it in the hole waiting impatiently for the door to open.

"Come on! Atlanta, Archie, get there quick or Ares with think of another torture device to kill us with." They nodded and raced down the halls. Jay and Herry jogged while Odie and Neil walked, dreading Ares more and more.

"Alright now, where's that witch of yours now?"

"She's out on family business right now until Monday Ares so no lecturing her when she gets back." Hera said making everyone jump. She turned for her solarium. She had a bad feeling about tonight.


Theresa hopped out of her car and ran to the doors.

"Daddy! I'm home!" She yelled.

"Theresa dear, is that you?" Her father Stephen came out of his office with a phone in his hand.

"...yes I'm still here." Theresa frowned. In the house for five seconds and daddy is back at the phone.

"You will say that you have to go immediately.." Theresa said.

"...yes yes..oh, going now? Tell Eleanore hi for me." Stephen hung up the phone. Theresa was leaning on the door frame.

"Was that Tom again?" she asked while looking at a nail.

"Yes. He wanted to know if we wanted to come to a barbecue tomorrow. I said yes. I hope you don't mind." Theresa smiled.

"Of course not! I haven't seen Tom and them for a while." Stephen glanced at his daughter then at the calendar. His eyes went wide. Theresa arched and eyebrow.

"It's that day again isn't it?" She nodded sadly.

"I was afraid so." He grabbed a jacket and told Theresa to go get changed. She ran to her room and got on a short sleeved knee length dress and put her hair up. She ran down to the limousine and went to the graveyard. They got out and Theresa plucked a couple roses from the small bush at the gate. They went to the mausoleum and Theresa stopped. Stephen saw his daughter trying not to cry.

"Come on dear. You can do this." She nodded but cliung to his arm for dear life. They went to Mark and Despoine's coffins had pictures of all of them together. Theresa couldn't handle it anymore, she just broke down crying. Stephen went on his knees and hugged Theresa who wrapped her arms around his neck. She cried until she had no more tears to cry.

"Come on honey, lets go home" She sniffled but came. There was something that was nagging at her.

If her father was a descendent of Theseus, who was her mothers parents? She knew a little bit about her grandfather but never knew her grandmother and even Mark said that he never knew her either. She waited until they were inside when she asked. Her father was startled that she would ask that. He sighed.

"Come here. I need to tell you something your mother told me years ago. We were going to tell you sometime but with everything that happened, we never got a chance." She came and sat down beside him.

"Your mothers father, who you thought was our grandfather...he wasn't her father." Theresa's eyes went wide.

"Your mother was adopted by him and his wife after loosing their own child to a fever. Your mother wasn't told that she was adopted until she was ten. Apparently, when she came, your mother kept saying your grandmothers name. It was…Rhea I believe. Your mother was two when she came and couldn't really remember her father well..." Theresa wasn't listening anymore. Her grandmothers name was Rhea?

"Dad..." she said interrupting him. "Did she ever say what her fathers name sounded like? She must've remembered something."Stephen thought hard. Despoine only ever said it sounded like Crow. She thought it was a nickname.

"Yes, she said it sounded like Crow" Theresa stood up turning white.

"I think I need to go to bed now. Goodnight Daddy." She kissed him on the cheek and went to her room. It had pale pink walls and a huge dresser on one side. She dug through her suitcase until she came across what she wanted. She tossed it under her pillow and threw on and pink sports bra and blue track pants for bed. She was trying to sleep but something was bugging her. She called Hermes.

"Messenger of the gods. How can he help you?" Theresa chuckled.

"Hermes, can you call Rhea for me?" Hermes bolted up.

"Your not serious Theresa!" She nodded.

"I am and it's extremely important. Can you contact her for me? I need..."

"Theresa?" She screamed.