Ok, long time...I know. But the story is almost done! (I can't believe I just said that.) Now, the last part will seem a bit rushed though, just a warning.

The large group made its way to the surface when they came out of the tunnels near the tourist area. They slipped past and into the main part of the Parthenon and went outside. Neil spread his arms as the sun shone.

"Never, am I going to the Underworld again!" Everyone else rolled their eyes.

"What? It makes me pasty white, which is not good for modeling! No, you want a golden tan which-" Everyone tuned out Neil's rant as Theresa sauntered over to Jay.

"How are we going to find my sister?" She asked. Jay just shrugged while Theresa made an angry noise. Odie looked at his PMR and the two siblings.

"I might have an idea," he said slowly. Everyone's heads snapped to him while Neil stopped ranting.

"It might be possible to find Kiley if I had a blood sample from you two as you're siblings." Theresa turned to Mark.

"Wanna try?"

"We have nothing to lose." Archie flipped out his switch knife which Theresa eyed wearily.

"Are you sure that thing's not poison? I don't want to go back to the Underworld so soon." Archie rolled is eyes.

"Relax Drama Queen, it's fine." Archie took Mark's hand and slit his finger, then Theresa's. The blood spilt onto the little tab that was sticking out of the PMR while Odie pressed buttons and worked his magic.

"This might take a while." Everyone went to the fountain and sat on the rim.

"What are we going to do after we find Kiley?" Theresa asked.

"I mean, technically, we have to stop Cronus and we," she pointed to Mark and herself, "can topple the gods. I don't want that!" Mark hugged his sister while everyone else was thinking.

"We'll figure something out. Let's deal with out lovely grandfather first, and then go from there." Mark fell silent. He would prefer that the gods would stay in their positions, but they would answer to them. From what Theresa said, everything is a mess as long as Cronus is still on Earth and not in Tartarus. Trying to remember his mythology, he frowned.

"Isn't there anyway to get rid of him?" Mark asked the group. Everyone shrugged. Mark was still trying to wrack his brain for anything helpful. Everything was interrupted by a beeping from Odie's PMR.

"I think I found her. I'll only be certain if I have some of her blood."

"Don't care, where is she?" Theresa said.

"Pushy, pushy," Archie muttered. Atlanta just punched him.

"England," Odie said. Theresa was surprised.

"I guess we need more plane tickets then."


After finding a flight from Rome to London, the group settled down.

"Ok, we have first class seats and the plane leaves in an hour."

"We'll only have about 15 minutes then." Odie said. Neil rolled his eyes.

"I know that Odie, I've been on a plane before." Theresa gave Neil a flat look.

"Come on cry baby." Mark snickered as his sister dragged Neil off to god-knows-where.

"Are they like that all the time?" He asked.

"Mostly. I mean, she is his shopping partner, seeing as she's the only one who wants to go and can keep up." Mark almost laughed.

"I know, she use to be like that as a kid and I see she hasn't grown out of it." Everyone smiled at that thought when the two wayward teens came back. Before anyone could say anything, the boarding call for first class turned on.

"Come on, we have all the seats." Theresa said. Everyone just went along with her and taking her word on it.


About 3 hours later, the plane landed in London England when Odie was trying to narrow down the search.

"She's somewhere in central London."

"That's great! There's only like a million people here!" Theresa snapped.

"Sorry." She muttered while rubbing her head. She felt a small headache coming on and it was starting to hurt.

"Can we get it to pin point it Odie?" Jay asked. Odie shrugged.

"I can try. I won't help that Kiley might be going under a different name and we don't know what she looks like." Mark made an angry noise.

"Why not wait until tonight when there's not as many people on the streets and do it that way?" Theresa smiled at her brother while rubbing her forehead.

"Where's Herry?" She asked. Atlanta looked around.

"Where he always is. Getting food." Everyone snickered at that.

"Oooh! Can we go to the London Eye?" Atlanta asked. Jay shrugged.

"Why not? We have nothing else to do."


5 hours later (and considerably happier), the teenagers all crowded around Odie.

"Ok, she's still out on the streets somewhere." Theresa just touched the PMR. Immediately, she saw a girl that looked a lot like her wandering around on the streets alone.

"I know what she looks like." Theresa said.

"I just don't know where."

"Typical," Archie muttered. Atlanta slapped him.

"Guys, knock it off. Odie, do we have it narrowed down to a couple streets."

"Working on it Jay." As Odie tinkered, Theresa sighed and was leaning against Mark.

"Ok there Tess?" She nodded.

"I'm just thinking of what we're going to do when we find Kiley. I have a couple ideas on how to take down Cronus but I doubt Jay would hear me out on it when he finds out what it is."

"Should I be worried?" Mark said with a smile.

"Very." She replied seriously. Mark's look turned worrisome.

"I think I have it. Come on." The team followed Odie through the twisting streets of London until they found a couple seemingly deserted alleys.

"She's here somewhere. I can feel it," Theresa muttered under her breath. Mark nodded.

"I can feel her too." The two siblings looked around until Mark pointed someone out.

"It's her."

"Are you sure?" Theresa whispered. Mark nodded.

"I'm sure." The two broke off from everyone else and started walking in the street towards the teen. The teen turned around and Theresa could've sworn that she was looking in a mirror if it wasn't for the hair colour.

"Hello?" She said uncertainly. Theresa was lost for words.

"Are you Kiley?" She asked uncertainly.

"Yes." She said shortly.

"What's it to you?" Mark stepped up.

"I'm sorry if we seem rude but…were you adopted?" Kiley stepped back.

"Who wants to know?"

"We do. I just found out I had a twin that went missing after she was born. My friend has been helping me find her."

"And you think it's me." She stated. Theresa nodded. Kiley sighed.

"Yes, I'm adopted and no, I don't know who or why. What I want to know is why." Mark shook his head.

"I never knew until Theresa here did. But, can we bring our friend here so we can find out. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience."

"And what if I am your sister?" Kiley said.

"What then?"

"Then we have a lot of explaining to do and you won't believe me." Theresa said.

"Jay! Odie! Get over here!" Kiley watched as six other teenagers came over.

"Is this her?" The purple haired one asked.

"Yes Archie," Theresa said with an exasperated sigh. The black teen came over.

"Kiley, this is Odie, he's the one who's been helping me find you." Kiley just looked at him.

"I need some blood." Kiley looked even more wearily.

"Fine." Kiley took out her switch knife and cut her finger and Odie placed her finger on a small tab out of a walkie-talkie.

"When will we know the results?" Kiley asked.

"In a second." Kiley was about to ask how when there was a beep. Odie read it with a small smile. "

It's Kiley." When he said that, Theresa jumped into Kiley's arms. Kiley gave her an awkward hug.

"Um, does anyone want to explain to me what the hell is going on?"

"How about somewhere more private?" Mark suggested.


Kiley stared open mouthed. Theresa spent about an hour and a half explaining everything. From their birth, Marco, Cronus, the gods, the beach incident, the new prophesy and the recent trip to the underworld.

"So, can I see mum?" Kiley asked after her shocked brain caught up.

"Sure." Theresa got out her locket and muttered something under her breath and it lite up. Everyone took a step back when a small hologram appeared.

"Anyone for Star Wars?" Kiley asked.

"Theresa, Mark! Did you find your sister?" Theresa smiled.

"Turn around." When she did, Despoine let out a small gasp.

"Kiley, my angel." Kiley frowned.

"Not that I'm not grateful or anything, but aren't we gonna stop our evil grandfather?" Despoine smiled.

"You will. Theresa has an idea but, I don't think anyone else will be happy about it." Jay rounded on Theresa.

"'And what idea would that be?"

"Um, turn purple to turn him mortal with other details?" Theresa suggested. Jay's eyes turned hard.


"Jay! You need to honestly examine the possibilities. I'm probably not the only one who can do that, right?" Theresa looked at her mother.

"True. Mark has a slightly different one but yours and Kiley's are the same, just not with the extra god power." Kiley frowned.

"But I won't be able to control it."

"You wouldn't have to." Theresa said.

"Well, not really. I'll be the focus of the power since I've done it before and Mark could be the grounder. We just need something that can also frighten the gods because I don't exactly feel like ruling them at all." Despoine looked thoughtful.

"It would work. But Theresa, you'll have to be extremely careful. I don't want to lose you a second time to that."

"You won't." Theresa promised.

"Now, what can frighten the gods?" Odie looked thoughtful.

"Is there anyway to harness the power into some kind of substance, or combine it?" Despoine nodded.

"The only thing that I can think of that can be used it Hydra blood."

"But the Hydra's dead!" Atlanta exclaimed. Archie nodded.

"And on top of that, how would we fight it?"

"The Underworld has one there or-" Despoine held up her hands to the arguments, "go to Greece towards Mount Olympia. There's usually one lurking around there."

"Usually one?" Herry said.

"That doesn't sound good."

"No, but it's the only thing we have so full steam ahead!" Kiley said.


"Flying takes forever." Atlanta said flatly after they got off the plane once again.

"Can't help it." Theresa shrugged.

"Hey Atlanta, Archie, do you guys have any extra weapons?" Archie grabbed something from his pocket.

"Here. I have three of them so try not to loose them."

"Sorry. I only have what's on my wrist." Atlanta said apologetically. Jay handed Theresa his staff.

"This should help."

"Thanks." She smiled. Mark took the staff while Kiley took Archie's throwing stars.

"Thanks," she grinned.

"Now, how do we find this thing?"


Hours later and one very exhausted group of teenagers later, Herry held up the large vial of blood.

"Well, that was easy." Everyone looked at him like he was crazy.

"Come on, we need to get back to Olympus."

"But what fun would that be Jay." A voice said behind them. Everyone tensed up.

"Now, now, is that anyway to treat your grandfather?" he asked, looking at the three siblings. Their looks hardened.

"Guys, let's take him down, once and for all."