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Just a little fic that popped in my head that needed to be released.

Tony slumped down beside the headstone and thought hard about what he wanted to say, " Jethro I miss you so much, 25 years of loving, living, and working with you was enough." Tony stopped by every week and left flowers on his lovers' grave, it wasn't enough to dispel the loneliness but was all the time he could bring himself to allow between visits. They had been together since just after his recovery from the plague after Jethro had ordered him not to die and Tony just couldn't bring himself to go against the order. He had lost Jethro a little over a year ago to a drunk driver as he was coming home from the store with some medicine for their youngest who had the flu. It was unexpected when instead of Jethro at the front door it was the police telling them that Jethro had died instantly and hadn't suffered. Tony thought that it was good that he hadn't suffered but the hole that had been left in their family was just impossible to fill and he had decided that he would't even try. Tony had decided that he would be content to raise their children and wait for the day when they would be reunited with each other. As he sat beside Jethro and told him of the day to day events of the family and how everyone was doing he realized that even though Jethro was gone the closeness and love that they had shared hadn't ended. He traced his fingers over the name on the headstone, stood up and told Jethro he loved him and would see him soon and walked away, ready to continue least for another week.