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On to the story:

Tony's eyes wandered around the backyard watching the kids as they were playing on the playset that Jethro had made just before Liam was three. It had stood in the same spot for fourteen years and was still the place that the family congregated around when they had gatherings. He looked around at the family that he and Jethro had made and couldn't help but smile at the people around him. Tim and his kids, Ziva and Ray and their kids, Breena and Jimmy and their son, Abby, Grampa Ducky, Abree, Liam, Gabe and Rett rounded out the cookout crowd.

Tim McGee had been a part of Tony and Gibbs lives since he had joined the MCRT, he had always known that he would be accepted and loved in their home and even with Gibbs gone the atmosphere and attitude hadn't changed. Tim watched as his kids Caleb and Caylie played with Rett and Gabe. Since the divorce he never had enough time to just sit and watch the kids. He rarely thought of his ex-wife anymore, she had an affair while he was still on Team Gibbs and he decided right then that if he couldn't have the love that Gibbs and Tony had then he was better off alone. Tim shook off the depressing thoughts just as Ziva's girls came running towards him.

"Uncle Tim, Uncle Tim!" Layla and Maya were yelling at the top of their lungs for him.

"Hey, what's the matter with you? Something wrong?" Tim shook his head at the exuberance that the girls were bursting with.

"No but we have missed you, you haven't been around in ages," Layla, the talkative one said.

"Girls, we had dinner at your house last week!" Tim smiled at how much love everyone in the family had for each other. Just as he was about to say something else Tony called for everyone's attention.

"Hey! I would like to get all the kids into the house and watching a movie so that the adults can sit and talk about somethings ok?" Tony knew that this was the only way the adults would get to talk without little ears listening in on things they weren't ready to hear.

Abby went into the living room and put in a cartoon for the kids while Tony hustled the younger children in front of the television. He turned and told them that the adults would be in the kitchen talking and they could come get someone if they needed to.

Tony walked into the kitchen where the family including Liam and Abree had gathered.

Tony spoke in a soft voice," I have something that we need to tell everyone. Abree went to the doctor the other day because she wasn't feeling well and he discovered that she was pregnant..." All around the room gasps and squeals rang out, Tony quickly said the rest before the noise level got to loud," but he also found something abnormal that he said looked like cancer. She has to go to the oncologist next week and Abby has said that she will go with her because I have a court date and can't get out of it. I wanted everyone to know because I know that this is something that the family can help fight but also because you have kept our side of the family going over the last eighteen months and without your help, support, and nagging I don't know if I would be handling this very well. I have no doubts that our family will stand together and help Abree in anyway we can."

After he finished the room erupted again with sounds of disbelief and dismay. Tony looked up from where he was staring a hole in the floor, as the only possible way he could keep his emotions in check, to see a faint figure at the back of the room that quickly disappeared.