Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem - Rewrite (26/?)

by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have made a few minor edits to Chapter 12, 22, and 24. They do not make any major changes to the story, but I needed to correct some timeline issues. In Chapter 12, Daphne tells Sirius that he won't remember what he learned when he was in the Mindscape, in Chapter 22 Albus gives Eloise Seven Days (instead of 48 hours) to have Pansy broken, and, in Chapter 24, I moved Gabrielle's arrival up from Saturday night to Thursday night.

Daphne's Room
Thursday, July 5th, 2012

As soon as Daphne dropped out of the bond, she grabbed her wand and put up all the privacy spells she could think of, before starting to swear viciously. 'That psychopathic Dementor buggering rapist has gone too fucking far this time! Driving that poor girl to suicide? Why? What was so special about Sally-Anne that she caught his attention? And how many lives were destroyed because he wanted Bellatrix broken?"

Swiftly conjuring a set of targets, all of them with Dumbledore's face on them, she shielded part of her room and spent the next twenty minutes destroying and recreating the targets over and over again until her anger was under control.

Banishing the remains of the shattered targets, Daphne stood, breathing heavily, and muttered, "Crap! I'm going to have to break cover and talk to Lavender, she really needs to know this!" Checking the time, she realized that Lavender was working, but hopefully she wouldn't be with a client at the moment. Grabbing her purse, Daphne saw that she had more than enough available to pay for some time with the other girl. She grinned, Lavender really was a lot of fun in bed, and Eloise didn't really care who the client was, just that the girls were working when they were scheduled to be working!

She was heading for the door when she noticed her reflection in the mirror, and was that she was soaked in sweat and her hair and makeup were ruined.

Shaking her head, "No, better take a shower and fix myself up first. It would be too out of character for me to look this disheveled."

Taking a quick shower, Daphne repaired her hair and makeup and pulled her robes on over her nude body. Sliding on her shoes, she lowered the privacy spells, and sent an urgent message to the Senior Unspeakable detailing what she had learned, and what she planned to do, before stepping out the door.

Lavender's Room
Thursday, July 5th, 2012
1:45 pm

When Daphne got to the door to Lavender's room, she was relieved to see that other girl wasn't with a client. Knocking lightly on the door, Lavender opened it, and Daphne saw the surprise on the other girls' face, turning to understanding when Daphne made an odd gesture with her hand. Nodding slightly, Lavender smiled and said, "So, what can I do for you, Daphne? Bored with Harry and wanted somebody different?"

Daphne gave her a vapid smile, and said, "Of course not, but Harry and the other girls are all busy right now, and I'm in the mood to play!" Pulling the sack of galleons from her robe, she hands them to the blonde and steps into the room. Lavender grinned happily and flicked the 'occupied' light on so they wouldn't be disturbed.

She watched as Lavender put up the privacy spells and said, "I'm sorry for contacting you like this, but it looks like our missions are about to intersect, and I've got information that you need to know!"

Lavender held up her hand, "That's not a problem, but let's take this to the conference room, we can talk more easily there."

Daphne nodded, and she and Lavender gripped hands and murmured a command word, and their eyes glazed over as they appeared in the mental construct they called the conference room.

Lavender sat down on the couch and gestured for Daphne to join her, and then said, "Okay, what's going on? What information do you have?

Daphne gave a quick overview of her mission, to contact and join with Harry and the others to work against Dumbledore, and then described what Harry had learned this afternoon.

Lavender had actually paled when Daphne started talking about Dumbledore's plans, and said,

"Okay, that does add a bit of urgency to my mission. Fortunately, I was able to switch Pansy's earrings with ones that will prevent her from being put under compulsion charms of any type. And I wouldn't be surprised if Harry confronts Eloise as soon as he gets back, would you?"

Daphne shook her head, "I'd expect that to be his second stop, right after he talks to Pansy." Looking at Lavender she asked, "What can you tell me about your mission? It seems like we are going to have to work together to make sure that both are successful."

"Well, the information you gave me takes care of part of my mission. I was here to find out what happened to Sally-Anne Perks, but the main reason I'm here was to protect Pansy. We knew since the beginning of the year that Dumbledore had some sort of obsession with the girl, so I was assigned to get close to her during the year, so that it wouldn't seem strange to her if I took her under my wing when I arrived."

Daphne smirks a bit at the last bit, "Well, it looks like Pansy is quite happy to be under your wing, if that's what you want to call it."

Lavender just shrugged, "Pansy is actually a hell of a lot of fun to be around when she doesn't have to play the Slytherin Princess, especially since she doesn't have to worry about the Malfoys." The blonde then grinned, "You know, if I was just here for fun like most of the girls, I'd probably be right where you are. When Harry and I have been together, it took all of my control to stop my magic from reacting to Harry's, because the two of us are extremely compatible, and my magic really wanted to bond with him."

Daphne actually surprised herself by giggling and she said, "he is pretty amazing, isn't he?" Then she grew serious and said, "Don't give up hope yet, there are still four more girls to bond with him, and, while the faces and most of the features are obscured, one of the last girls was a blonde who was really stacked! It's not certain, but you might still have a chance to join him, especially since one of the other girls, who was sitting very close to the blonde had dark hair and was wearing a pair of earrings that I noticed somebody wearing the other night!"

Lavender smiles widely at the news, and then says, Now that we've gotten the important stuff out of the way, let's get back to our bodies! I really hope that you actually do want to mess about a bit. I'm not gonna lie, thinking about what Harry did to me is getting me wetter than Myrtle's bathroom, and, while I could go take care of it myself, it's a lot more fun with a partner, don't you agree?"

Daphne laughed and nodded, and the two of them dropped back into their bodies and Daphne pulled off her robes, showing her nude body and said, "I think you're overdressed, don't you?"

They didn't spend much more talking after that.

The Harris Residence
Around the Same Time

It was the sound of Hermione being noisily sick that caught Faith's attention, and she hurried up to the second floor, and, seeing Hermione's bedroom door open, looked inside. What Faith saw actually frightened her, because every book and knickknack in the girl's room was vibrating in place violently, and Hermione was kneeling on the floor, her head in the wastebasket.

Rushing into the room, Faith knelt down beside the girl she considered her daughter as much as Cordy and Xan's, and wrapped her arms around the girl, trying to provide comfort. Hermione stiffened when she felt the arms go around her, but Faith said, "Easy, babe, easy, I'm here to help. Just let me hold you, okay?"

Hermione relaxed slightly, and spit into the trashcan before sitting back. She visibly struggled to get herself under control, and the objects in her room settled back into place. Spitting again, she grimaced, before saying, "Help me to the bathroom, I need to brush my teeth, and then we are going to have a meeting to figure out a way to kill that murderous Snyder-sucking, raping bastard!"

Faith reared back in shock, "HJ? Who are you talking about? Who do you want to kill?"

Hermione glared at her, through eyes red with tears, but Faith could see the absolute ice cold fury in those eyes. "Dumbledore!" she spat, "That mother fucker is going to die, and the most painful way I can come up with!"

By this time Cordy and the other's were standing at the door to Hermione's bedroom, concern on all of their faces, but Cordy was the first to move. Walking into the room, she leaned down, and, with Faith, helped Hermione to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.

When Hermione was calm again, Cordy said, "Okay babe, let's start from the top. What got you so upset? And why do you want Dumbledore dead? Granted, he's not a favorite of any of ours, but you used to admire him."

Hermione said, "Let's go downstairs, and can one of you call dad and Gramps on the secure phone? I think they need to know about this as well."

When they were all sitting at the kitchen table, and Xander and Giles were listening, Hermione said, "To start things off, let me tell you about a girl named Sally-Anne Perks. Sally-Anne was sorted into Gryffindor with me and the others, she was fairly shy, but a nice girl. We got to be friendly, but not super close, she left school at the end of the Fall term last year, and nobody knew what happened to her. We just found out that she had killed herself at Eloise's, after Dumbledore forced Eloise to make her perform with a dog!"

There were horrified exclamations from all of the woman, and cursing from Xander and Giles. She let them quiet down before continuing. From what Harry learned earlier today, Dumbledore has some kind of oaths over Eloise, forcing her to do what he tells her, but now that monster is trying to force Eloise to make Pansy do the same thing!" She took a sip of her water, and said, "Harry is already trying to find a way to prevent it, and Eloise is doing what she can, but I figure if Dumbledore is dead, the oaths are meaningless, and it would solve a lot of other problems as well. Any disagreements?"

There was silence in the room, before Tara said, "You're right, he needs to die, but how to go about it?"

Xander's voice came over the phone, "Hang on a second people! First off, yes, I agree the world would be a much more pleasant place if the man was the guest of honor at a funeral, but you are talking about cold blooded murder!"

Hermione started to protest, but Xander said, "He's going to die, don't worry about that. But, remember the prophecy? Tom Riddle is already taken off the board, but from what my sources tell me, the prophecy is still active, so it's likely that Dumbledore is the Dark Lord that it refers to. I hate to say it, but that puts the ball in Harry's court, with our support and assistance of course."

Hermione said, "So we aren't going to do anything? That's not acceptable, do you hear me? I am not going to let the man I love face that murdering monster on his own!"

Giles' dry voice said, "My Dear, what makes you think we aren't already doing something? Right now the man is too well protected, by both his positions and his reputation to make a direct attack successful. We have been investigating what he has been doing, and have accumulated quite a bit of evidence showing exactly what sort of man he is. We are getting ready to release all of it, world wide and expect to see him stripped of a great deal of his power within the next few weeks."

Hermione nodded, "Okay, that makes sense. Can I ask what you've found out?"

Xander said, "So far, as sick as it sounds, it all comes down to money. The man is an absolute misogynist, who is making obscene amounts of money from Eloise's and several other brothels in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe. The worst part is, and we don't know how it happened, but, prior to Dumbledore gaining prominence, there was a great premium placed on witches remaining 'pure' prior to being betrothed or married, and there was very little evidence of the female students being actively involved with other girls. That started to change around 1945 or 46, and within a year or so, it started becoming expected that girls would spend a summer working at Eloise's or one of the other businesses he owns. The reason we haven't gone public with what we have so far, is that it would hurt hundreds of girls and women, and we are not going to injure innocents just to destroy one monster."

Hermione paled, "All the girls in the bond, and the others, he did something to make us love each other? It's not real?" Tears welled up in her eyes, and Cordy had her wrapped in her arms immediately, but Xander's voice came over the speaker, soothingly,

"Hermione, love, what you and the others are feeling is real, it's just that, without the bastard twisting the girls in the school, the odds are that most of the girls wouldn't be interested in having sex with each other. And before you ask, remember the conversation that you had with us when you were eleven, about how you found girls very interesting? Whatever Dumbledore is doing, it didn't make you bisexual, that is who you are naturally."

Hermione was smiling weakly as she heard what her daddy was saying, and she blushed slightly, remembering the crush she had on Chao Ahn when the older slayer had spent a few weeks visiting the family. "That's a relief! But, how can we tell the other girls in the bond? They're going to know something is wrong right away. I can already feel them in the bond asking me what is wrong."

Faith had been listening, and said, "You've got to tell the truth, it's going to hurt, but keeping secrets from those you love hurts even worse, and the damage is massively worse when the truth comes out! That's something we all learned when we were building the family. Right?" she added, looking around at Cordy and the others, who all nodded grimly.

"Thanks, I think I need to go back upstairs and let them know what is going on," Hermione said, "I'll see you tonight Dad, Grampa."

Getting up, she hurried up to her room, and shut the door behind her. Sitting on her bed, she opened herself to the bond, and was almost overwhelmed by the concerned voices. Sending out her love to all of them, she said, "I'm sorry I worried all of you, but, I just found out even more shocking news about what Dumbledore has been doing..."

When she finished, there was silence in the bond, until Cho spoke up, saying, "You know what? I don't care! So what if that bearded wanker made me enjoy loving girls? I'm happier now than I ever was before Harry saved me, and you all welcomed me. I love all of you, and I'll fight anybody who tries to tear us apart!"

There was general agreement in the bond, and Susan said, "Cho is right, we are family now, and I'll be right beside my sisters fighting anybody who wants to tear us apart!"

Luna said, in a voice far more serious than any of them could remember hearing, "Agreed, and personally, I was already attracted to girls even before I got on the Hogwarts Express the first time, so that doesn't bother me at all!"

Hermione reached out to Harry, "Harry, you've been fairly quiet, are you okay?"

Harry responded, "Yes, I'm physically okay, just having to restrain myself from going to Hogwarts and murdering that old bastard right now. I'm with Eloise, and she can't tell me everything, but what she can tell me is... is... I'm sorry, I don't have the words for it! But I want all of you to understand this, I love each and every one of you, and that's not going to change! This may be one of the strangest families around, but we are each other's family, remember that!" He sent feelings of his love to them all through the bond, and said, "I'm sorry, but I really need to get back to Eloise, she needs me just as much as all of you do, but you have each other as well. And then we are going to talk to Pansy."

"Alright Harry, we're going to talk about this among ourselves for awhile, let us know if you need us, okay?" Susan said, and they felt Harry pulling back from the bond.

It was a very long, very emotional conversation, but in the end, they all were comfortable with the fact that they were a family, and were going to stay a family. Hermione surprised them at one point though, asking what they thought about suggesting to Harry that he offer to bond with Eloise.

Daphne, who had been strangely quiet during the conversation, spoke up to ask Hermione what prompted the question, and Hermione said that it was fairly obvious that Eloise was developing feelings for Harry, even if Harry didn't realize it yet, and the more time she personally had spent around the woman, the better she liked her.

After further prompting from the others in the bond, she also said that it was almost inevitable that Harry would try and help her anyway he could, and he would consider bonding her to keep Dumbledore from declaring her 'oath breaker' and ripping her magic away, killing her! She was just as big a victim of Dumbledore's as anyone, and Hermione couldn't see Harry allowing her to die if there was a way to prevent it.

The others considered it, and, while Luna, Padma and Parvati didn't feel they knew the woman well enough to have an opinion, the others in the bond were in favor of the idea, and Daphne said that she would suggest it to him and get his opinion on the idea.

With that decided, the talk in the bond turned to gossip and plans for Gabrielle's arrival that evening. Fleur cautioned them that Harry would be treating Gabrielle far rougher than most of them would be likely be comfortable with, because her sister's Veela nature would require that he prove himself worthy by completely dominating her. But, once the bond was completed Gabrielle's need to be dominated should lessen a great deal.

Cho actually seemed interested in watching Harry unleashed, and the others gently teased her, which she took in good humor.

Eloise's Office
2:30 pm

Eloise was at her desk, thinking furiously about the Pansy situation. She was sure that Harry would be more than willing to help the girl, but was there was a way that she could defy Albus that completely and still keep her magic? Lifting the glass of fire whiskey to her lips, she wondered if it would really be that bad to just let go? She would see her Papa and Mutti again, and she wouldn't feel the guilt of what she had been forced to do...

No! No she would not let herself give in, not yet! If she was going to die to get free of Albus, then she wanted to make sure he landed in Hell ahead of her! Gretchen Grindelwald would watch that murderous raping bastard die, hopefully from her dagger in his heart, before she died herself!

Hearing a rough knock on the door, she got up from her desk and opened it. She stepped back in fright at the thunderous look on Harry's face, but, before she could say a word, his expression changed to one of dismay and he pulled her into his arms, saying "I'm not angry at you Eloise, I know that the psychotic old bastard has you under a bunch of oaths. But I'll do what I can to help. What can you tell me?"

Eloise collapsed, sobbing in relief in Harry's arms, and barely noticed Harry shutting the door behind them and picking her up, carrying her over to the couch, holding her in his arms. Every time she tried to speak, the sobbing started again, and finally Harry hit her with a cheering charm to help calm her down.

When she could speak, she said, "I'm so sorry, Harry! I've been trying to fight him, but, the oaths he made me take are binding me so tightly! It's only because he told me that he's started to perform the rituals to make you a member of the Dumbledore family that I can do anything at all!"

"He's what? That's insane, what does he think that's going to do?"

Eloise laughed bitterly, "Oh, he's insane alright, has been for years, but he hides it well. He also loves to ramble after he rapes me, thinking that I wouldn't dare act against him! But I remember everything he says, and, now that his magic considers you to be his heir and part of the Dumbledore family, even if it's not completed yet, I can tell you what I know."

Harry held her tightly, letting her talk, and she started by telling of the horrible day it all started, when Dumbledore murdered her father in his sleep and then what he did to her. The years where he forced her to work as a whore, until Eloise was all she was, and Gretchen Grindelwald was a distant memory.

The revelation that Bellatrix Black was actually his daughter, and Sally-Anne as well, from raping and obliviating their mothers almost made Harry physically ill. Dumbledore had also bragged that he had bedded Bellatrix multiple times, starting when she was only 14 years old! He did the same thing to Sally-Anne until he got bored with her and forced her to work at Eloise's. He refused to allow any female descendants to be unbroken, thinking that their only purpose was to be a convenient outlet for their better's lusts.

Harry was crying silent tears of rage as she told him everything that Dumbledore had told her, and now he was determined that Pansy would be broken as well. She didn't know exactly why he had fixated on the poor girl, but based on his previous victims, she could guess.

It was almost Four O'clock when Eloise finally stopped talking, and Harry just hugged her, and said, "Don't worry, he won't hurt you again, I'll make sure of it!"

She managed a weak smile, but nodded, "I know, I trust you. But, I need to use the bathroom, and you should try to stand up, we've been sitting for a while!"

Harry chuckled, "Good idea," and she slid off his lap and he used the back of the couch to help himself to stand. He grimaced at the pins and needles running up and down his legs, but was able to walk the stiffness out while Eloise was in the bathroom.

As he was working the kinks out of his legs, he felt Daphne contacting him, and he answered, "Yes, Daphne?"

"We were all talking, and Hermione made a suggestion that we would like you to think about. She mentioned the possibility of offering to bond Eloise to protect her from the bastard. Those of us that know her, like her a lot, and honestly, she's as big a victim of Dumbledore as any of us, if not bigger. At least none of us, as far as we know, have been brutally raped by him!"

Harry growled, "Daphne, you don't even know half of what that monster has done, and honestly, I don't think you want to! I think that I have enough hate in my heart to cast an unforgivable on him, and make it stick! I'll think about the bonding, but right now, I'm not even close to being calm enough to think about it, and, frankly, I doubt that Eloise is either. Anyway, we're going to talk to Pansy now, if you need me, let me know, okay?"

The New Watcher's Council Headquarters
Thursday, July 5th, 2012
4:30 pm

Xander sat back in his chair, shaking his head, the glass of whiskey in his hand barely touched. Giles was sitting across from him, his drink on the table, also barely touched.

"What the fuck kind of world is this, Giles? This sick bastard has been destroying girls lives for over 60 years, and nobody notices? Even when we take him down, and Hermione is right, he can't be allowed to keep breathing, you know that as well as I do. How do we fix the last several generations who went through Hogwarts?"

Giles frowned, "I honestly don't think we can, Xander. There isn't a form of time travel powerful enough to stop it from starting, well, that we could use without completely destroying everything. And, like it or not, and I certainly do not, the vast majority of the women have included the changes he put in place into the core of their personalities, and it would probably cause more harm than good to try and, well, deprogram them at this point."

Xander grimaced, "Yeah, that's about what I was thinking. But, the girls who've graduated in the last few years might be able to adjust to the truth, they're still young enough that they could recover their original ambitions. I'll tell you one thing, though, once that bastard is dead, we need to get our contacts in the Unspeakables to tear out the wards on that school and get rid of all Dumbledore's little enhancements."

"Agreed, but, when do you want to go to Amelia with this?"

Xander closed his eyes tiredly, and pinched the bridge of his nose, "I was really hoping you weren't going to ask me that question, Giles, because you aren't going to like my answer. Amelia is a wonderful ally, and an honest witch, but, she's trained in Law Enforcement, and you know as well as I do that the law won't be the one who bring Dumbledore down."

He took a sip of his whiskey, "Besides, she's got these damn vampires to... deal... with..." Xander slammed the glass down on his desk, "Son of a Bitch! It's a fucking distraction! That bastard Dumbledore figured out he was being investigated and that we were doing it, so what does he do, he gets one of his buddies to resurrect Spike, and William gathers up a few rouge vamps to go on a rampage, knowing that anything to do with Spike will get our attention like nothing else will!"

Giles stared at him for a moment, before swearing, "Shit! I'm afraid that makes way too much sense, and he's right, it would focus our attention on what Spike is doing, and not on him. Dumbledore may be insane, but he's not stupid, unfortunately."

"Okay, so what do we do about it?"

"As the bard was wont to say 'Aye, there's the rub." Giles said, looking into the distance. 'There's the rub."

Pansy's Room
Immediately after the prior scene

Harry smiled in relief when he saw that the privacy light was off, and knocked on Pansy's door. She opened the door a few seconds later, dressed in a bathrobe with her hair in a towel. Pansy looked surprised to see him, "Harry? Hi! I got your message and was going to find you after I got dressed. Come in, come in," she said, stepping back and holding the door open. She blinked when Eloise appeared behind him and the two of them walked into the room.

When the door closed behind them, Harry said, "I just found out about your situation, Pansy, and I'll help you, if you want me to." Turning to Eloise, he said, "How much does Pansy still owe of the 80,000 galleons?"

"Just under 48,000 galleons, Harry." Eloise said, quietly.

Pansy paled, she thought that she had paid off more of the debt than that!

Harry nodded, "Pansy, I've got more than enough to pay off what you owe, and, honestly not even miss it, but, if I did, you would belong to me for the rest of the summer. Are you willing to let me help you?"

Pansy didn't hesitate, "Absolutely! I was already afraid I'd have to start doing gang bangs or worse to have the money by the end of summer, and while I've enjoyed the hell out of the summer so far, I don't want to be the center of attention like that again. Once was bad enough!"

Harry smiled, and moved forward, pulling her into a hug. Turning to Eloise, he said, "Write up the receipt and I'll give you a bank transfer for it. But first, can you get a calming draught? It's time Pansy learned what we've discovered."

Pansy looked at him, concerned, "What do you mean? Why would I need a potion to learn something?"

Harry just shook his head sadly, "Let's just say that there were some ugly plans in motion for you, and by letting me help you, they've been ruined, but you need to know just how big the AK you dodged was."

When Eloise came back with the potion, she handed it to Pansy and left without a word, shutting the door behind her. Harry just gestured, and, when Pansy had drank the entire potion, he said, "I just learned about this earlier today, but Albus Dumbledore has an extremely unhealthy interest in you, and he's been pressuring Eloise to make you perform in the animal shows..."

When he finished, Pansy just stared at him blankly, before she nodded, saying expressionlessly, "Okay, I understand why you wanted me to have that potion first. I still think I'm going to have a breakdown as soon as the potion wears off, though. You don't mind, do you?"

He held her tighter, saying softly, "No Pansy, I don't mind. I think you deserve it, after what you've gone through, and what you just learned. But, for now, why don't you go ahead and get dressed and you can come to my ladies rooms, Daphne and the others are there, and I'm sure you would feel more comfortable with friends around, wouldn't you?"

She nodded, and got off the bed, pulling the towel off her hair and stripping out of the robe, standing naked in front of him, not saying anything. He looked at her curiously, "What's wrong, Pansy?"

"Don't you want to shag me? I mean, you just paid for me for the rest of the summer, I thought you wanted to have me." She looked confused as he just sat there.

Shaking his head, "Pansy, I do want to have sex with you, you're a very attractive woman, and I've discovered I like your snarky sense of humor and your sharp mind, but, right now, are you really in any condition to enjoy yourself?"

She looked at him for a few seconds, before dropping her eyes and shaking her head, "No, not really, but, I thought that's what you expected."

Harry stood up and put his arms around her again, kissing her lightly on the forehead. "Pansy, when you are feeling better, I intend to take you to bed and drive you out of your mind with pleasure, but, right now, it's probably one of the last things you want to think about, isn't it? Now, go ahead and get dressed. Do you want me to send a message to Lavender so she can join us as well?"

Pansy paused, then nodded, "Yes, please," she said softly, as she grabbed some clothes and started dressing. While she was doing that, Harry sent an 'Adfero' message to Lavender, asking her to come to his rooms as soon as she could, that Pansy needed to see her.

Once he sent the message, he contacted Daphne and the others, and explained that he was bringing Pansy back with him, and that he had given her a calming potion before explaining things. Daphne said they would take care of her, and he should rest before Gabrielle was scheduled to arrive.

Harry groaned, he'd actually forgotten about Gabrielle, but said that he'd be ready for her.

When Pansy was dressed, they left her room and found Lavender hurrying down the hall toward them. The blonde looked relieved when she saw that Pansy was alright, and walked up to the two them, pulling Pansy into a hug, "Harry said you needed me, what's going on?"

Pansy just shook her head, "I'll tell you in a minute, I don't want to have to repeat it, once will be bad enough!"

Daphne was standing at the door when they got there, and Pansy and Lavender went in, Harry squeezed Lavender on the shoulder as she passed, softly saying, "Thanks," before Daphne closed the door in his face.

Shaking his head, he went up to his room and tried to get a couple of hours of sleep before Gabrielle's arrival.

End Chapter Twenty Six

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