I Love/Hate You

Romano woke up he looked around and he noticed it wasnt his room. 'Were am i' he thought he looked down to see Spain the it hit him. 'Ahhh thats right i came over to the tamato eaters house' Romano smiled when Spain moved so he was on his back mouth wide open. Romano looked around for a few seconds the smiled a evil smile. He turned to Spain and put his hand a few inches away from Spain's cheek. "WAKE UP!" he yell and boom he hit him. Spain sat up with shock and turned to Romano holding his cheek. "What was that for Roma~" Spain wined rubbing his reddend cheek. "For not being awake before me" Romano yelled crossing his arms. "Sorry Roma~ but do you rember that im the hurt one here" Spain had a small smile on. Then it hit Romano 'I FORGOT' he yelled to himself. Spain laghed when Romano was in a bawl salking. "Come on Roma~ o lets go out" Spain smiled that big smile. "WHAT" Romano yelled turning around with shock. "Well im hungry so lets go out and get some thing to eat" Spain looked confussed "Do you not want to go out to eat". "What no well yes i mean ah" Romano was as red as a tomato. "Awww my little tomato thought i was asking him on a date how cute" Spain yelled hugging Romano. "Your lucky your already hurt or you would be dead by now.

So Spain took Romano out to King's they ate happly but Romano was complaning how they didnt have pasta. After Spain thought of an ida "Roma~ lets go to the mall" Spain yelled dragging Romano into the doors of the mall. "You told me this wasnt a date" Romano yelled as Spain finly stoped. "Well it's not" Spain told Romano but he thought other wise 'it is but if you know Roma you wont wana stay' Spain smiled. Romano sighed "Ok" Spain then took his hand and took Romano all around the mall. Romano saw one of those glass figers it was of the Italian flag it came with a light to make it light up in color. Romano sighed it was way to much but he loved it. Spain saw him so he had a good ida "Romano whats wrong" he asked worred. "Nothen you tamato eater can we just go home" Romano crossed his arms. As they passed the stand agen Spain stoped and bought the little thing with its light but didnt tell Romano.

They went back to Spain's and he sat on the couch. "Roma~ you see i have a gift for you but you have to give me something that i want in return" Spain smiled ear to ear. "What is it and what do you want" Romano acted he didnt care but truthfully he wanted to know. "Ok well here" he pulled out the little glass figer and smiled even bigger if possable. Romano was shocked but then his face light up "Really" he looked so happy. Spain loved it how happy he looked he just wanted to kiss him. 'thats it' he thought he looked to Romano "Well do you like it" he asked knowing the answer. "ya i... You idout this was way to much how could i posable give you something in return" Romano blinked he wanted it so bad he would do anything. "Well you no whats way more that only you can give my my little tomato" Spain laghed alittle at Romano's face witch was looking to the flag he held the light so that it was lighting up. "I want a kiss from my little tomato and it has to be a kiss not a pek a real kiss" Romano blushed a deep red. "wh...what" he looked to Spain with shock but new he really wanted the thing. 'Romano come on you know your doing this not because of the gift you like him theres no one you want more then Spain' Romano sighed he wanted to do it. 'Its a win win Romano' Romano thought but he needed to not think that was his big thing if he kept thinking he would talk him self out of it. "Fine" Romano said face as red as a tamato once agen.

Romano sighed he waited for Spain to get out of the shower at the last second he pushed Spain away and ran off. He was sitting on the bed and waited for the water to stop. There was a click at the door and he walked over to it and found him and Spain were locked in Spains room. His worst fair was comming alive he is going to be locked in a room with Spain for ever. 'This cant happen no not like this no no please god no' Romano was trying to open the door but always failed. Then the water stoped and Spain walked out of the bath room "Roma whats up" he asked seeing Romano pulling on the door. "Your door decided that it wanted to lock us in the room" Romano was now on the floor he gave up. "O i see well then ill call someone to come get us out" Spain looked around "My phone is on the chair in the living room" Spain sat on the bed. "What and put on some clothes" romano yelled covering his eyes. "But Roma if i rember right wasnt it you who came to my house in just a jaket and towl" Spain smiled and Romano blushed. "Well then were is my kiss" Spain smiled Romano stud 'come on Romano lets get it over and done with' he walked to Spain with his head down. "Roma are you ok" Spain asked but was shocked when he was pushed to the bed. He looked up to see Romano on top of him. "Roma" Spain was as red as Romano but he kept a smile. Spain slid his hand on the back of Romanos head and kissed him. 'What' Romano's mind went blank but he new this is what he wanted.

Romano closed his eyes and kissed Spain back witch Spain liked. Then they needed air so they parted. Romano looked away with a red blush on his face but then found himself under Spain. 'what when did he' Romano was kissed agen he kissed Spain back he wanted it to last so much.

To Be Continued...

Well thats what i got hope you liked it it was fun to wright. So ill wright more on this story so ill up date soon.