I Love/Hate You

Romano woke up he went to set up but found he was in pain. Then it hit him 'My god i slept with him' he yelled in his head. He layed back down and sighed 'Just please dont rember' he begged in his head opening his eyes. Spain woke up soon after and looked over to Romano at the time his eyes were closed so Spain thought he was sleeping. He got up and went in for a shower then walked back out to see Romano siting in bed. "You" Romano said with madness in his voice. "What Roma im sorry i guess i just lost it" Spain laghed nervisly. Romano turned his head as he started to blush deep red. "But i did like the fact you yell Tony when you" Spain didnt finsh sice Romano though a pellow at him. "Be quiet and open that door so you can feed me" Romano yelled but sice the suden movement it hurt him. "You ok Roma" Spain asked moving over to the bed. "Ya im fine i just need a bath" Romano said thoughing his legs over the bed side to be welcomed by pain. Romano flinched so Spain picked him up and carried him to the bath room. Spain help Romano start his water and helped him into the bath.

Sice Romano was in the bath Spain started to work on the door. "Why wont it open" he said out loude trying to move the knob around. Spain laghed as he figered out that something was veary off. "You know Italy you cant have Germany hold the door forever" Spain said for the others to hear. There was a voice on the other side of the door "Well i want you two to make up" Italy said. "Its ok we made up and we did it so he cant just run away from me this time" Spain said with a giggle. "So that was what happend you slept with my brother" Italy asked. "Well ya i did so you can go ill just tell Roma the door knob was just off alittle" spain laghed after the door was let go of. "Thank you Germany" Spain laghed as he heard them moving away. "You fix it yet" Romano yelled at the bath room door. "ya i did" Spain said rubbing his head. "Good now go make me food" Romano yelled siting on the bed.

Spain was done cooking Romano food like he wanted. He sat every thing out and looked it over then he noticed. "I need tomatos" Spain opend his frige and took out a big bowl of tomatos. Romano walked into the dinning room to see all the food. He sat down and waited for Spain who came in with the bowl of tomatos. "You can start to eat Roma" Spain smiled siting down. "Ya thanks" Romano said with a small smile. "Roma i was just thinking why dont you move in with me" Spain said making Romano blush a deepp red. "What are you talking about" Romano asked looking at his fried egg. "Well i love you Roma and i would be more then to have you to my self every night" Spain said for once with a straght face. "Well what about Italy" Romano looked up to Spain "He wont have anyone around then". "You wont have to worry he has Germany around now he dosnt call us for help any more he always calls for Germany" Spain was right so Romano shook his head. "Ok ill move in with you but there has to be one thing stled first. "Any thing for you Roma~" Spain said with a big smile. "First that door needs fixed, Second you need a bigger bed, And last you have to tell me you love me every day" Romano said crossing his arms. "Roma i love you, I already fixed the door, and i can get a new one as soon as possible" Spain smiled leaning over to kiss Romano. "I love you to Spain" They kissed then Romao pulled away. Im hungry can i eat now" Spain smiled "Ya you can" Romano started to eat he looked so happy.

The End.

So thats it thank you for reading it!