A/N: I don't own Glee nor the characters within. And here I go, making yet another ship collection. XD Anyway, this is a DD for ikalawangboses, who provided, "Quinn was really not into 'that', so she was a bit confused in finding herself naked and panting underneath an equally naked Santana." Anyway, just know I'm pretty new to writing Quinntana, but I always try my best. Thanks!

Quinn was really not that into 'that', so she was a bit confused in finding herself naked and panting underneath an equally naked Santana. "Oh godddd," Santana moaned, pressing a needy kiss to Quinn's lips before arching up, her back curving as much as she could so her hips rocked into Quinn's, fingernails digging into Quinn's shoulders.

"San – Santana," Quinn gasped, hands coming up and down to scrabble at Santana's hips, trying to pull her closer into her, the heat and strength of her thrusts against her scrambling every thought in her brain.

"Yeah? You close, baby?" Santana husked, thighs starting to tremble as she bucked and squirmed, the flash of her necklace bouncing against her chest the only thing other than her dark hair cascading down her shoulder Quinn's eyes could concentrate on.

This was insane. The air was hot, humid, the only coolness coming from Quinn's cracked open window. Santana's body was burning against her, sweaty and straining, power moving under her body as she slid hungrily across Quinn, so, so wet and assured.

Santana was wild and sexy, drawing the most of what Quinn's body could offer. Compared to her, Quinn felt like a virgin, fumbling and pretending, giving all control to the darker body so intimately twined with her own.

And then Santana's lips were on her own again, drawing her tongue into her mouth. Her hips rolled, and her body stuttered. Gasping, Quinn pushed up into her, hands now digging into Santana's shoulders, almost crying at all of the conflicting sensations going on all around her. "San," she moaned, shaking when strong fingers pushed into her, her eyes flying open.

"Come for me," Santana breathed, gasping with each roll and thrust of her hand. "Fuck, babe, shatter for me."

Unable to keep her head up anymore, Quinn let it fall backwards, Santana's tongue immediately tracing down her throat. Her fingers twisted, searching and probing, expertly pushing again and again against a spot that made Quinn's body seize, arching into her body. "San," she almost cried, the pressure getting too much to handle, "I don't – I can't – "

"You can."

"I – I," Quinn's toes were curling, her abs beginning to burn as she hunched her hips up and up and up as Santana pushed down and down and so deep, adding strength with her center rocking against her hand, eyes flashing, chest heaving and necklace bouncing harder and harder, "I – oh – oh! God, Santana!" With a deep thrust that stretched her, she was done, exploding and shaking, fingernails digging into Santana as her mind went blank. The last thing she saw before the red-black of her eyelids crashed down was the feral satisfied expression on Santana's face breaking, body crashing down as she rode Quinn's orgasm into her own.

Eyes scrunched shut as she sucked in breath after breath, twitching, melting as more heat and wetness glided between her legs, Santana hot and heavy and almost boneless as her body slowed, Quinn's mind slowly awoke.

She may have been confused as to how she'd gotten to where she was now, but as her arms wrapped heavily around Santana's shoulders, the girl's breath skittering along her collarbone, fingers still snug inside Quinn, Quinn knew she had time to deal with the ramifications later. Right now, she felt sated and alive, wanted, amazing.

And, maybe, Quinn accepted the soft kiss that suddenly pressed into her mouth, hand tangling into the dark tresses spread out over her chest and shoulders as she met Santana's eyes, an intense look passing between them, maybe it wasn't a bad thing to want Santana back.

Sinning, or not being into this, regardless. Santana...

Quinn opened her mouth, accepting Santana's tongue, shivering as Santana left her, arms coming up to press into either side of her shoulders as the girl slid fully onto her, feeling suddenly, overwhelmingly welcome; she wanted to explore this.