A/N: This was from a prompt reblog game with lightbluenymphadora on tumblr, where she prompted me "state fair food". Thanks!

"That was more fat than I craved while I was pregnant," Quinn groaned, bowing over her plate that had held incredibly good, incredibly disgusting deep fried oreos and a giant mound of curly fries.

"God, I know," Santana echoed, having to lean back against the back of the bench, her hand to her stomach. "Good thing we're not under Sue anymore. She would kill us."

That made Quinn crack a smile, and she leaned back as well, her shoulder resting against Santana's.

Santana studied her from the corner of her eye, then smiled, pulling her phone out as she leaned in.

"Food coma selfie?" Quinn asked.

"Food coma selfie."

Rolling her eyes but nodding, and Quinn's flush and in drawn breath at the feel of Santana's lips pressing into her cheek was forever memorialized.