CHAPTER 2- (the great news)

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It was after two long hours that the door of hokage office opened and one mikoto uchiha exited. But there was a difference in this mikoto and the mikoto that entered it two hours ago. The one who entered the room was a proud ninja and respected wife of uchiha clan head, but the one who exited the office is a woman who lost her pride and honor. Just because a man wanted her, she has lost her pride and honor and respect. But she can't tell anybody about it because of the seal which was placed upon her by the same man who had raped her.

She just made her to the Uchiha compound without even looking at anybody.

(Scene change)

(Namikaze residence)

Kushina is happy. Because today her friend mikoto did something, that make her husband happy again. She wanted to say thanks to her but minato said that mikoto had to attend a clan meeting. Kushina didn't think that minato could lie to her so it never came to her mind to talk with her best friend.

Seeing that minato is in a very good mood after his meeting with mikoto she knew she owe her friend a big favor. So kushina promised herself that she would help mikoto whenever she needed her help. But she didn't even in her most horrible nightmare could have thought what her best friend has to face.

Kushina didn't had a clue that this day would be one of most important day for the whole world's fate and the toads prophecy has already been half completed. Today, she decided that today would be the day they made love after a very long time.

So she prepared the room for the special occasion. That was the seen when minato entered the room finding the room decorated with scented candles and other things to make the mood for something special.

And his beloved wife (in Kushina's mind) waiting for him in bed under the sheets. Her clothes on the side of bed showing she was naked in the bed. It didn't have to be said for minato to understand the meaning of this. And he accepted the invitation by Kushina.

All the night they made love .while kushina thanked mikoto once more for her help. But she didn't know that her friendship with mikoto is destroyed for many years.

(Scene change)


(Uchiha compound – mikoto's room)


Mikoto just sat on her bed and thought about the situation. She could not decide what to do now. She could not tell about her rape to anybody. Also she could not tell about the seal to anybody because if anybody tried to remove it the kill switch will be activated and kill her.

The other problem was that she has to go to hokage office to take missions as she is a junín. So she has to face the person who has raped her and she could do nothing to avoid it. She can't even retire without a proper reason otherwise it will raise many questions about it. So she had to face that problem for some more time before she could either retire or start teaching at academy in which she had to come to HIS office once every six months.

At that moment her husband and Uchiha clan head Fugaku come into her room. He saw her sitting on bed and thinking deeply while in bad condition, her face showed that she had cried for very long. While fugaku was not a very caring person but for the sake of their marriage he asked-"Is there any problem?"

Mikoto was troubled bout what to say since the seal kept her from saying about the meeting at the hokage tower. So she just said-"No, there is no problem. It's just that my friend Kushina was having some problems with her husband." Fugaku didn't like that his wife is having friendship with his rival the yondaime's wife so told her-"I already said to you to not associate with that man and his family. Why can't you understand that simple thing, we member of great Uchiha clan do not associate with commoners like him. It doesn't matter if he is hokage or not. This is last warning stop talking with that man and his bitch of a wife."

After that Fugaku go to sleep but mikoto was wide awake she was unable to sleep.

(Time skip- two weeks later)


(Hokage tower-minato's room)


It was two weeks after that event that kushina entered the room looking very happy. Minato didn't knew what was so good that made her this much happy. So he asked –"hello kushina-Chan, is something happened?"

"Yes dear, you know I was feeling sick for few days so today I had gone to hospital for checkup. He after checkup told me something."-replied Kushina.

"What did he said?"- asked Minato.

"He said that i-I.….i-am….i-I am pregnant."-said kushina.

There was a silence in the room. It was so quite you could hear the sound of breath from kushina and minato. It made her scared that he was not happy about it. 'Maybe he doesn't want a child now. Maybe he will order me to kill the child now."- thought kushina.

"Y-y-you are p-p-pregnant?"-asked minato.

"Yes, are you not happy?"-asked a sad kushina.

"You don't have any idea how happy I am kushina. I am so happy. Now I will have a child who will succeed me. Whom I will make a proud shinobi of konoha."-said minato. 'And who will be the greatest weapon for konoha who will be strongest hidden village without any challenge.'

But to kushina it was one of the greatest days of her life. She was scared that minato would not like to be a father right now but her fear was for nothing. He loved that she was pregnant and they will be parents soon.

It was time for celebration for the namikaze family.

(Scene change – uchiha compound)


(Mikoto's room)


She was destroyed. A few days ago she started feeling sick but ignored it. But yesterday her condition got worse so she had gone for check up to a personal doctor, who after checkup told her she is pregnant. And she was sure it was minato's but didn't say to anybody about it.

But at the dinner after itachi left for his room fugaku put report in front of her and asked –"Can you tell me why you hid about being pregnant? It is shameful to be told about your wife's pregnancy from an outsider."

She quickly tried to cover up for it and said-"I wanted to surprise you tonight after dinner but it looks like the doctor did it before. Still I am sorry for hiding it from you".

Fugaku just nodded but did not replied maid a sound like-"Hnn".(sasuke is his duplicate). After that fugaku left for his study room for some work.

But mikoto sat there thinking what to do about the child. Should she drop the pregnancy? Or keep the child?

After hours of thinking that she would not kill the child he/she maybe the result of force but it is her child now and she will raise the child just like she raised itachi. After the decision made she left for her room to sleep.


(Scene change)


(Sarutobi compound- sandaime's study room)


"Are you sure Jiraiya? "-asked hiruzen sarutobi the sandaime.

"Hai sensei, this is the prophecy the old toad sage told me."-replied jiraiya.

"It is disturbing news. We don't know who this person is that is said in this prophecy to commit the crime of raping a woman. We have to do something about this jiraiya. We have to either stop this person from committing the crime or kill the child before it is born."- said retired sandaime hokage.

"I know sensei, but we can't do anything unless we have any information about a woman who is raped by someone few days ago. Should we tell minato about this?"- asked jiraiya.

"No, we should not. It is good news that his wife is pregnant. Let him enjoy this freely without any tension about this prophecy. And we could not be too sure that this prophecy will be true or not."-said hiruzen.

"Alright sensei, I won't tell him about this prophecy. But I have to go now to congratulate the couple for future child. And after that for some research for my new novels which I am naming "ITCHA-ITCHA PARADISE" I will send a copy to you very soon ."-said jiraiya before jumping through the window.

End. /

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