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Tell her Dimitri doesn't love her

Start kissing Dimitri right in front of her

Call her 'Rosie'

Call her 'Rosemarie'

Turn Lissa into a rabbit

Have Mia punch her

Have Adrian harass her

Have the queen insult her

Make her read a book

Have Eddie and Christina pour a bucket of water over her head when she's not suspecting it

Cut her hair

Yell at her

Accuse her of doing things that you actually did

Make Lissa cry

Have Stan attack her again and make her fail

Make her get detention

Deport Dimitri

Exile Lissa

Pull pranks on her

Make her make-out with a wall, video tape it, and put it on YouTube

Tell her she was three days to live

Tell her Dimitri got Tasha pregnant

Purposefully put her in a coma

Beat the crap out of Dimitri

Beat the crap out of her

Bring Victor back from the dead