Thought since I see so many drabbles, I will do them but devoted to either Archie and Atlanta or both. Enjoy!

~Meanwhile in Driver's Ed~

"ATLANTA! SLOW DOWN!" the Driving Instructor was yelling while holding on for his life.

Atlanta knew she shouldn't be doing this but she couldn't say no to competition. It started 2 minutes ago when she pulled nicely up to a red light. She was doing amazing and was perfecting it until when she looked beside her, there was a hot guy in a camero staring at her.

The guy started revving the engine smiling foolishly at her, she knew what he meant! And she couldn't resist it! Atlanta started revving her engine in return waiting for the red light to flash green, so she could win this race.

"Atlanta, what are you doing?" The confused teacher asked.

And suddenly the light turned green and the whole road was clear, Atlanta slammed the gas peddle and she felt her body get pushed back by the force. The teacher beside her was screaming his head off but she just shrugged it off meaning this was an adventure!

She was catching up to the camero that was steadily going a good 90 miles per hour.

"ATLANTA! SLOW DOWN!" the Driving Instructor was yelling while holding onto his life.

Before she could shout back at him, she heard them. The sirens that always ruin the fun.

~~~At the Brownstone~~~

Everyone was sitting watching a movie in the living room awaiting Atlanta to come home from her final test.

*Knock knock*

"Someone get that." Neil said lazily while checking himself out in his mirror.

"Ughh" Archie said getting up and walking through the hallway to the door where he swung it open. His mouth instantly dropped as he shouted for the others to come there.

"Hey guys.." Atlanta said embaressed as everyone saw her with a grumpy cop holding her arm.

"Taking it, you didn't get the license?" Herry said dumbly but everyone already knew the answer.

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