For two weeks after my birthday, I wondered when Edward would get over the accident and come see me. I had been careless when opening a birthday gift his parents had given me at a birthday party they had given me, and cut myself. When the smell of my blood set off six vampires in the room, I saw Edward compose himself and regain control just before Jasper lunged at me. Edward pushed me back hard, I landed on a table with glass on it and it shattered, cutting into my arm pretty badly just as Edward threw Jasper back and he hit the piano, shattering it into kindling. Carlisle was by my side before I knew it. Jasper got up, and ran from the house, the others looked at me sympathetically and left. Even Alice left, saying she was sorry. Carlisle told Edward to go after Jasper and calm him down.

I got home after work and I didn't see Charlie's cruiser in the driveway, but I saw Edward standing by the tree that flanked my drive. I smiled, and walked to him. I immediately noticed he was acting differently.

"Hey" I said to him fighting every part of myself not to jump into his arms. He always warned me of sudden movements around him, even though he said he had great control around me now since James's attack.

"Hey, walk with me, please." He said gesturing toward the woods behind my house. We walked a good three hundred feet from my house before he stopped and turned to me. "Bella, we're leaving. The people here are starting to notice Carlisle isn't aging. Some are starting to wonder what his secret is. We need to move on."

"Okay, I'll have to figure out what to tell Charlie. What about.." I was saying when he interrupted me.

"No, myself and my family, Bella. You have to stay here for your safety. You won't see me again. You can go on and live a normal life with no interference from me and my family." He was saying, but he wouldn't look me in the eye.

"Excuse me? No, I'm coming with you. What happened with Jasper was an accident that I caused with my clumsiness. I know the risks, and yet sometimes for some reason I am still a bit careless. It was nothing. Nothing at all." I was telling him as my head was spinning. I loved him so much.

"You're right, it was nothing, nothing compared to what could have happened. Bella I will not risk your safety or anyone elses like that again. Yo don't belong in my world Bella. I'm just sorry I let this go in so long." He still wouldn't look me in the eye until he said the sentence.

"Yes I am. And I do belong with you and in your world. I love you and your family with everything that I am. You can't leave me behind. I won't let you." I had reached up and grasped the lapels in his jacket. I had to try to hold him there, to make him see how wrong he was.

He covered my hands with his and he pulled me loose from him. "No, You don't. I can't take your human life from you. Do not follow me, Isabella. It could be dangerous if you do."

That was the first time I had ever seen him look like a vampire. I felt just a tinge of fear for just a second, then it went away. I just stood there and watched him walk away from me. I then found myself running after him and calling his name. He was gone. Gone from my life, from my future. I just collapsed from disbelief, heartbreak, exhaustion, and disorientation. What had I done to cause him to leave me like that?

I have no idea how long I laid there. The day faded into night, I could here animals scurrying about. I just curled up and let myself drift from reality. Then I heard someone calling my name. Then Sam Buley touched my arm and I scooted away from him, thinking he was an animal.

"Shh, Bella, it's just me, Sam Ueley. I'm going to pick you up now and take you home. We've been looking for you for a while. You're cold. Let's get you home and warm." He said almost in a whisper and I allowed him to pick me up bridal style and carry me back home.

When we made our way out of the woods behind my house, I saw police cars and police dogs, local police officers and a couple of FBI agents hovering over the hood of Charlie's cruiser.

"Charlie, look." I heard Jacob Black say as we got closer to the commotion in my front yard.

"She's cold, but unharmed. I found her about midway up the hill just beyond the first path. She was lying under a log." Sam told my dad.

"I got her. Thank you, Sam. Thank you so much. Bella, baby can you hear me?" Charlie said as he took me from Sam. I could here the worry in his voice. "Let's get her inside to her bed."

The next thing I remember was lying in my bed being covered with blankets and Charlie rubbing my forehead with his finger. "Rest baby, we'll talk when you get rested. Did he hurt you physically?"

"No, Dad, he didn't hurt me physically. How did you know where I was?" I asked, groggily.

"I found the note you left me on the kitchen table that said you and Edward took a walk in the woods. Why did he leave you out there? Did you two have a fight or something?"

"We broke up, Daddy. He said Carlisle got a position somewhere else and that they were leaving, but he didn't say where they were moving to." I answered and I began to cry harder that I ever had in my life.

"You'll get through this baby, I promise you will. Get some rest and we'll talk tomorrow. Are you hungry?" He asked with so much concern in his voice it just made me cry harder as I shook my had in answer to his question.

I stayed in my bed all night and the better part of the next day. I didn't want to eat anything, drink anything, say anything, or even feel anything at all. I just sat in front of my bedroom window and watched the world go on despite my broken heart. I emailed Alice twice in five minutes, which were kicked back to my in box almost immediately the Mailer Demon saying her address didn't exist. What had I done that was so bad I had to suffer like this? Was he looking for a reason to leave and seized that moment? I guess those questioned will never be answered.

I just sat there when I wasn't at school. I called in to work so much that Mike's dad who owned the sporting goods shop I worked at had no choice but to let me go. Dad got so bogged down by my situation and heartbreak that he decided to call my mom and have her come see me.

"I'm not asking you to leave here and move back with your mother, Bells. I just think you should talk to her and see if maybe can help you the way mothers help their daughters through heartbreak. I don't think I can, sweetheart. She'll be here this afternoon, okay." Charlie told me as he sat down on my bed across from me.

"Why did you call Mom and worry her? I'll get through this. I just need time, Dad. That's all." I said, never turning from the window.

"She's your mother and you need her right now. If you don't want to leave, I won't let her force you. The choice is and always will be yours. I promise you that, Bells." The way he sounded told me he was unwavering. I would have to deal with Renee when she got here.

Charlie sat on my bed until we heard the doorbell ring about an hour later. Charlie went to anwer it and I waited for him to return. When he did, Renee was with him. I looked at her and she began to cry. "Oh, Bella, my sweet girl. My poor baby. Your first heartbreak is always the hardest to get over. Please, talk to me, honey." I notice Charlie slipped away and Renee made her way to me and sat in the same place Charlie had vacated a few minutes earlier.

"Hi, Mom." That was all I could manage for now. I guess she knew that was the best because she just sighed and scooted back and sat against the headboard waiting for me to be ready to talk to her.

Charlie had brought her a glass of cola a few minutes later. When I realized she wasn't leaving, I guess something inside of me broke through my resolve, because I started talking and couldn't stop. "I'm sorry I put you through this Mom. I just don't know what I've done to deserve this at all. I mean I was always respectful when I was at his house with his family. Me and his sister Rosalie never really got along, but we never fought, per-say. I just stayed away from her, but I got along with everyone else. I just thought I was going to be with Edward forever. Momma, it hurts so much." By the end, I was crying so hard that I thought I might hyperventilate.

Renee and gotten up in the middle of my breakdown and wrapped her arms around me. She held me tight until I calmed down enough for her to talk to me and I could understand what she was saying. "Okay, I think I'm going to be in town for a few days longer than I had planned, so, I need to get checked into a hotel room, call Phil, and you, me, and your dad are going to get something to eat. I will hear no back talk on the subject, either. Then you and I are going to go somewhere tomorrow, just us and we're going to have a pamper Bella day. I'm not doing this because I think you are acting out, but because I can not let you sit in this room or any other room in this house and just focus on being depressed. You can be depressed all you want to. Girlfriend, but you are going to live as well. I love you very much.

Come on, I have some things to take care of." She took my had as she stood and led me out of my room and down the stairs where we found Charlie sitting on the couch and watching the Washington Redskins playing the Baltimore Ravens on his big flat screen TV.

He turned to look at us and I could tell he was only expecting to see Mom. His jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw me. He jumped up off the couch and quickly made his way over to me. He wrapped in his arms. "I'm so glad to see you out of your room, Bells. I've missed you." I just managed a small smile but nothing significant.

"Can I use your phone to find a hotel room in town? I also need to call Phil, and make arrangements to keep my rental car a few more days and I want us all to go to dinner tonight. Is that diner still open in town that had the great burgers?" Renee asked Charlie, still holding my hand. I guess she was afraid I would turn and run back to my room. I knew she was determined to make me face life with out Edward. I wanted no part of it, but I wasn't going to be allowed to withdraw any longer. Renee was going to see to that.

After mom made her phone calls, we all piled into her car and made our way to the diner for dinner. I want to be back in my room, in my chair, staring out my window. I'm not ready for this at all. I eat some but not all of my food, and I didn't speak at all. I just listened to my parents talk about their lives, and me.

"Bella, do you think you'd like to come back to Jacksonville with me when I leave. Now, you don't have to stay, you can always come back to Forks if you want to. I think a change of scenery would be nice for a while. What do you think?" Renee asked as she drank some of her cola. I just shrugged me shoulders and pushed my food around my plate.

"Bella, please answer me. I'm not trying to take you away from anything, especially your father, but I do think some time in the sun would do you good." I could tell Renee's patience were running thin on me.

"I don't want to leave Dad. If I were to go back with you, he would have no one. That's not fair to him. I know I'm not good company right now, but I'll try to get better." I knew I sounded like I was pleading with her.

"I'll be alright, Bella. I did just fine before. Sure it'll be lonely, but you'll be back soon, of that's what you want. I don't want you to go permanently, but I think some time would do you some good. Come on, Bells. We only want what's best for you." Now it was Charlie's turn to sound like he was pleading.

"This isn't some ploy to make me leave, I can come back. Do I have your word on that as your daughter? Please, don't lie to me. I can't take another person lying to me. What about school? I'm in the middle of my senior year. I don't want to switch schools. I want to stay here and graduate from Forks High School. If I promise to get better and to go to Jacksonville after graduation and a few times in between, like Spring Break, Holiday weekends and on extended weekends from school. Please, let me stay here. I'll even go talk to Mr. Newton and try to get my job back. I think my position is still open. I'll even agree to let you talk to him on my behalf." If this is what I have to do not to have my life totally turned upside down, I'll take it. My parents looked very pleased with the option I came up with. I hope they see it my way. I just sat there and waited for them to give me their answer.

"Okay, fair enough." Charlie spoke first. "I have some savings that will help with the cost of the plane tickets. I think I can swing getting you home if your mom can swing getting you there. I'm all for that. That's a great idea, Bella. I like that. I think that would be so very good for you. What do you think, Renee?" He looked at Renee who was sitting across from me.

"I like the idea. I know we can swing it. But what about Mr. Newton? Spring Break must be a real good week for him business wise. I'm not sure any boss would agree to that without custody papers being drawn up and since you're eighteen now, we can't go that route. I think it would be best if you didn't go back to work there. Maybe there is another place you could work that would be willing to give you the time off this arrangement requires." Wow, I was actually enjoying this. I'm glad Renee made me come here tonight.

"You don't have to work at all, Bella. I mean I don't need help paying the bills or anything. If you want something or need something, you can just ask for it. I tell you what, since you do so much around the house with out being asked to do so, I'll give you and allowance. I can do that. That way, you still have your own money and you don't have to worry about school work, being with your friends and getting your chores done, too. Does that sound like something you're willing to do?" Now I know where I get my negotiating skills from. Genetics.

"Sure. I'm ready to go when you two are." I stated. We waited for my mom to pay the bill, since she insisted on it and dad paid the tip, and then mom took us home.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning around 9, Bella. Goodnight, I love you." Renee said as she pulled up in front of the house to drop me and Charlie off. I nodded to here.

"I love you, Mom. See you in the morning." I said as I climbed out of her car.

"What are you and your Mom doing tomorrow, Bella? Are you going to be gone all day? I Don't want to worry." Charlie said as he unlocked the front door.

"She said she wants to spend the whole day together. I think we're going to Seattle. She said something about having me pampered and she just wants to talk, have a girls day together." I told him as I walked into the kitchen. Charlie only nodded at my explanation. I drank a glass of water and then told Charlie good night and headed up to my room for bed. I had a fitful sleep and Edward is still in my dreams. I just want to see him again, to know he was real. I want to know what I had done that was so bad.

The next morning, Renee picked me up at 9 and we headed for Seattle. She decided she wanted to stop at IHOP for some breakfast. We stopped at a spa and we both got a massage, then we got a facial, pedicure, and a manicure. I actually agreed to have acrylic nails put on and I love the way they look. "Mom, how are you able to afford all this?" I asked her as the technician was finishing the nails on my right hand.

"Oh, I didn't tell you? I'm sorry. Well, Phil got a new job, he isn't coaching high school baseball anymore. He got a position with the Florida Marlins. I didn't want to say anything about it in an email or on the phone. He's had the position for about four months now, so I'll be sending you some money every month, too. Now, stop worrying about the cost of things and start enjoying your day out and after this, we're going shopping. But first, I have to go to Western Union to pick up some money that Phil has sent me. And he said he hopes you feel better, that he loves you, and that he hopes you come down soon. He says he misses his monopoly buddy." I'm sure my eyes were the size of saucers by the time she finished explaining about Phil's new job. Huh, go figure.

After our beauty and relaxation, we went to one of the malls in Seattle and did some shopping. As much as I hate to shop, I had a pretty good time. We talked and laughed. I told her how Edward left me with no warning that Carlisle was even looking for a new position and how Rosalie hated me. I felt better as we went for lunch at Red Robin, then we headed back to my house. Charlie was cooking something called Mahi Mahi, and it smelled great. I didn't know he could cook like that. He said it was the only thing wonderful he did know how to cook and that was because he was so bored today that he watched the cooking channel on TV and thought it looked great, so he looked it up on the Internet and wah-lah, Mahi, Mahi was what we were having for dinner.

Renee ended up staying for a week and we saw each other every day and we had dinner either at the house or we went out to dinner, and every meal included Charlie. When she left, I felt so much better about everything, I just knew I was going to be okay now. We made plans for me to fly down to spend Thanksgiving week with her and Phil and they made arrangements to fly up here for Christmas. It look like I would be going there for Spring Break, so they decided to go to some of the theme parks around Orlando and spend a couple of days at the beach, too. All in all, our arrangements are going to work out just fine for me.

In the meantime, I need to get over Edward Cullen as soon as I could. I started hanging out with my friends at school. When we graduated, we started talking about the colleges and universities we had decided to attend. Mike was staying in Washington, Jessica was going to UCLA, Eric and Angela were going to attend UNLV together, and I was going to attend the University of Florida so I could be closer to Renee. My major of study was law, and I was going to minor in economics.