When we got back to the castle, Alice was waiting just outside the garage door going inside the caste.

"Bella, are you sure about this? I mean absolutely sure? I would hate that you've made this decision so soon after moving here and getting everything straightened out with Conner's estate. Are you doing this out of anger toward Edward?" Alice asked as she embraced me.

"I'm doing this because I want to. I'm without a doubt sure. I am not doing this to get back at Edward, I promise you that. I've made my peace with what Connors was and what he did. I appreciate your concern, Alice. But really, I'm alright. I swear I am." I answered her as we broke our embrace.

"Edward is determined to stop this from happening. I just think the two of you should know that he's on the war path. He saw my vision when you made your decision. I wasn't watching you, it just popped into my vision." She said toward Aro.

"That's quite alright, Alice. Of you would, please call for everyone to meet in the throne room. Isabella and I will go deal with Edward first" Aro said to Alice. She bowed and did as she was asked.

We made our way into the castle and found Edward about teen feet from the door.

"Bella, have you lost your mind? I don't want this for you. Please, think about this." He was almost begging.

"Edward, don't start this again! I want this for me. I have thought about this. My decision has absolutely nothing to do with you or what you want! I am not yours to save. Accept that!" I sternly said to him.

"Edward, I strongly to advise you to keep your thoughts and comments to yourself. I would hate to break Carlisle and Esme's hearts because you can't seem to learn your place! Now, we will not discuss this again or the consequences will be dire. Is that understood?" Aro stepped forward and menacingly said to him.

Aro took my hand and led me around Edward toward the throne room where everyone had gathered.

"Welcome everyone. Isabella and I have an announcement to make. Isabella has decided to be changed this evening. In three days time, she will emerge from her apartment one of us and your new queen. You are to address her as Her Highness or Milady from that point on. She will then take her rightful place here in the throne room at my side and have equal say in the matters the Volturi decide on." Aro said in his regal tone.

I wanted to crawl into a corner when everyone's eyes landed on me. Esme looked heartbroken at my decision and Rosalie looked just livid standing next to Edward. The other Cullens along with everyone else looked just elated with my decision.

After everyone was made aware of my decision, Aro took me by the hand and led me to my apartment.

"Go shower, my dear and have your last few human moments. Enjoy them. I will be here when you are finished. I want you to be sure, because I don't want you to resent me or hate yourself as Rosalie does. If you change your mind, I will understand and I won't make you do anything you don't want to do." Aro said as he kissed my cheek.

I went to my closet and got out a night gown to wear during my change and went to my huge bathroom to shower for the last time as a human. I'm so nervous and excited that the butterflies in my stomach almost double me over.

I turned the water on and waited for it to heat up.

"Aro, could you come in here?" I called out.

He was in front of me in mere seconds. "Yes, my dear. Are you alright?" He asked.

"Make love to me before I'm changed." I surprised myself.

He reached around me and turned the water off, picking me up bridal style and carrying me to my bed. He kissed me deeply as he laid me down. I began to pull at his jacket and he helped me take it off him. He loosened his tie and I went to work on unbuttoning his shirt. His hands roamed my body over my dress.

"Are you sure, Isabella?" He asked as he sat up, pulling me with him.

"Yes, I'm sure, Aro. I want you while I'm still human. Just once. Please." I said to him. He nodded as he moved to unzip my dress in the back. After it was unzipped, he unbuckled my bra and slid them both down my shoulders.

I began to slide his shirt off and he stood to undo his pants. I slid those down too. As I did, he stood me up to allow my dress and bra to slide down my body. He then hooked his thumbs into the sides of my panties and pushed them down.

He then laid me back down and suckled on my right nipple while taking the other into his hand. I gasped with absolute pleasure. I arched my back to him and let out a small moan. Then he began to kiss me all the way down my torso, stopping briefly at my naval.

Then, he moved down to my hips, kissing one then the other. He spread he legs smoothly and positioned his head between my thighs. He inserted a finger into me and I moaned again. He did this for a moment, then slipped his tongue into me. I cried out in pleasure when he tasted me. He pumped his finger a few times, then he moved to position himself between my legs. He placed his hands on either side of my head as he entered me.

I threw my head back as I cried out, moaning, felling the best pleasure I had ever felt. I pulled out, only to plunge himself back in again. He rolled over on his back, taking me with him and sitting me to straddle him. His hands began to glide my hips up and down, back and forth. I began scream his name over and over again.

"I want you to come for me Isabella." Aro said in a husky, sexy voice. If speaks to me like that again, I might explode. I have a funny feeling that's just what he wants.

A few more minutes later and we were climaxing together. After we had come down from our highs, he asked me "Are you sure, Isabella?"

"I'm sure, Aro. I want this. Please, let's not wait anymore." I replied, panting.

"Go, take a bath, I'll be right here waiting for you." He said and I could hear the smile in his voice.

I ran the bath and put some oils into the water, waited for it to finish filling up. Then, I immersed myself into the warm water. I washed my body and then let the water drain out of the tub. Then I turned on the shower to wash my hair. When I was finished, I dressed in my satin, spaghetti strap night gown and went out to my bed room where I found Aro looking out one of the enormous windows that flanked my bed.

"I'm ready." I stated as I walked to stand beside him. He really is the most beautiful man I have ever laid my eyes on.

He turned and put his hand on my cheek. He leaned in a kissed me passionately. "Lie down on the bed. I'm going to ask you again if you are sure. There is no going back. Once I bite, you will have reached a point of no return."

"I'm extremely sure, Aro. I want you to change me. I'm not going to change my mind." I said as I laid down on the bed. My stomach is doing more flip flops. Even more than before.

Aro moved to sit down on the bed beside me. He rubbed the back of his fingers down my face softly. When he got to my jaw, he moved my hair away from my neck.

"This is going to be very painful, Isabella. I'm sorry for that, but it can not be avoided. I'm going to bite both sides of your neck, both arms at the bend of your elbows, on your wrists and on both of your ankles." He softly explained.

Then he leaned into me and kissed my lips, moved to my neck, kissed me softly, then he bit me. I tried not to scream, but it hurt so much. I gripped the sheets with both hands as he bit the other side of my neck. He gently wrenched my right hand off the sheet, bit my elbow and wrist, then put it back on the sheet and moved to my left. I heard him say he was so sorry. Then I felt him at my right ankle and then my left.

I tried not to scream out as I felt like I was on fire. The fire grew and grew. I wonder if I'm a pile of ashes, and being reassembled just to be burned away again. I could hear Aro talking to me, telling me he was still with me and that I would be okay.

I heard the door open, then I heard voices, though I couldn't make out what they were saying. I thought I heard Carlisle, but I wasn't sure.

I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. I thought it would pound out of my chest. Then the fire felt like it was moving from my fingers, a small amount of relief. But as the fire moved from my hands, it seemed to intensify elsewhere.

It then began to fade from my feet and lower legs, then from my legs completely. It left my arms completely; then it seemed to gather and intensify in my chest and around my he

art. I felt my heart speed up to the point I thought it might beat out of my chest. It then slowed down, and the fire was gone just as my heart stopped beating altogether.

I opened my eyes to see so clearly it didn't seem possible. The colors of my curtains and my bed were just so glorious that I can't form words for it. I saw Aro, and he took my breath away with is beauty. Is it possible for a person to be so beautiful without Hollywood making them up? Looking at my future, I know it is possible.

"Isabella, are you alright?" Aro asked as he took my hand.

I smiled at him, and said "I'm perfect, Aro. Wow, I can see everything so clear. Who's talking in the hall?"

"No one is in the hall, my dear. Everyone is gathered in the throne room awaiting your emergence from your change." Aro replied, smiling hugely.

"How is it that I can hear them? The throne room is so far away." I replied.

"Your hearing has enhanced that much, Isabella. We can all hear like that." Aro said as he touched my face.

I looked at him surprised. "Your hand isn't cold anymore."

"We're the same temperature now, Isabella." Aro said. He leaned in and kissed me very passionately. I wanted more, but he broke the kiss. "Come, everyone is waiting for you." He led me out of the room.

We both ran to the throne room and we reached its doors in a matter of seconds. In my human life, everything would have been a blur, but to my vampire eyes, nothing was a blur.

We stepped inside the doors to see everyone turned their attention to us. They parted to make an aisle as Aro and I walked to the thrones. They all knelt down as I walked passed them with Aro. When we made it to the thrones, Aro turned me to face the court and addressed them.

"Family, and friends, I would like to introduce you to Queen Isabella. She is to be addressed as such. She has the same authority as the other three Volturi Queens. If she gives you an order, you are to follow it with out question. If she asks you a question, you are to answer it without hesitation. Is this clear to everyone?" Aro spoke with all the royal confidence as any monarch I had ever seen on television.

Everyone shook my hand and congratulated me, welcoming me into this new life. When Rosalie hugged me, she said to me, "I wish you had made a different choice, Bella." She left right after and said nothing more.

Then it was Jasper who approached me. "It is a relief not to want to kill you all the time now, Bella. Welcome to your eternity, sister." He really shocked me with that comment.

Then Edward came to me, looking like he wanted to destroy everything around him. "Bella, I agree with Rosalie. I wish you had made another choice. This life is not a good one. I hope you can live with your decision because I doubt Aro will let you hunt vegetarian. I know you Bella. Will you be able to live with yourself?" He nearly spat at me.

"Edward, that's enough!" Esme barked at him. I jumped slightly.

"Edward, please stop this! I mean it; I don't want to hear another word about my decision! Do you understand me?" I yelled at him. "Aro will not control me!"

"Of course, I will not control her, Edward. If Lady Isabella wants to hunt with your family, then she is welcome, with your family's blessing of course. Now, if you keep being this way, you will be dealt with more harshly than now in the future! Alec, if you would be so kind." Aro bellowed out.

Before I knew what was happening, Edward became like a statue. Felix came to lead him out of the throne room.

"What's going to happen to him, Aro?" I asked with a shaky voice. I notice Esme and Carlisle looking like they wanted to cry.

"I will keep him in his quarters under Felix and Alec's guard until tomorrow and if his attitude has not changed, I'm afraid he will be executed for his treason." Aro said.

"But he hasn't committed treason, Aro." I protested.

"Yes he has, Isabella. When he speaks out of control and blatantly defies our rule, he;s committing an act of treason. I am not giving him another chance. Carlisle, Esme I need you to speak with your son on this matter and inform him of his fate if he does not watch what he does and says." Carlisle and Esme left quickly to deal with their son. I can only hope they get through to him. I care for Edward's well-being even though I no longer love him.

The throne room emptied I told Aro my throat was burning. " We need to get you fed. So tell me, Isabella. Who would you like to hunt with, Heidi or Alice?"

"Alice, if she would like to teach me. I don't want to kill a person." I timidly answered Aro.

"Alright, Alice, if you would, take my mate for a hunt and keep her safe." he said to Alice.

We went into the countryside for our hunt. I found the trail of a bear and Alice told me how to take it down. I did, and I felt amazingly full from one animal. But to be safe, Alice had me take down a dear, which I did with ease.

"Bella, are you happy with your decision?" Alice asked me as we made our way back to the castle.

"I'm very happy with my decision. I know it was quick. I've accepted what Conner did and what he was. I will always wonder why. But I just feel right here. I don't feel like something is missing. Aro has went out of his way to make me comfortable here. He hasn't pressured me into anything I don't want to do. He has been great with me. I belong here. I need you to understand that. I love you Alice, like a sister." I told her very confidently.

"I do understand that, Bella. I'm very glad you're happy here. I just don't want you to regret your decision. That's all." Alice said.

"I'm great with my decision. I promise I am. Let's go home." I smiled at her.

We took off running and I beat her to the castle. When we went inside, we were both laughing to each other.

We ran into Esme on our way to find Aro and Jasper. "Bella, sweetheart I just want to let you know that you won't have any other comments from Edward. He understand his place here. I'm sorry he gave you such a hard time." She said as she hugged me.

I found Aro and looked forward to my future with him, my family and being Queen Isabella of the Volturi. I'm glad I have grasped my forever as I find Aro and wrap my arms around him.