Hey guys im back with a new story although i know i should be updating the old one's which i will be since i finally got my own computer! Anywho i know my summary sucked but i couldnt describe this story the way i wanted because of the short limit of character's but this story was originally written in my notebook for my best friend but i thought since she loved it why not share with my beautiful reviewers so here is the Prolouge of the story My Dear Amiko hope you guys love it.

The Hikaru family sat in the living room discussing the fact of their daughter Amiko going to school at Cross Academy. "It's a nice school plus Kain Cross would love the fact of another pureblood family attending his school for peace between humans and vampire's in which I find very interesting since it gives us a new name, not the one your brother established for us in the first place"Yoshimaru, Amiko's father said. "Well your father has a point Amiko, plus i think you'll have a new out look on things ever since your brother left for training a few years ago you havnt ben the same" Akasha said putting her hands on Amiko's shoulder's and smiling when she looked up at her " and you'll make friends outside of maids". Amiko sat thinking about the sitution she knew it would please her parents and she did want to finally go some place new plus she had herd so many great things about Cross Academy from Kushina her personal maid and her only true friend. Looking back down Amiko closed her eyes for a moment then reopened them and said "yes",her mother lifted her hands off her shoulders and kissed her head telling her she would enjoy her new school and that her classmates where vampire's too which in a way put Amiko at ease.

Yoshimaru rose from his chair he thanked Amiko for making the right decision and then her and his wife left the living room. Walking down the hall Akasha made the statement of Amiko being some where else other than home would sort of scare her a little. Looking into his wife green emrald eyes Yoshimaru assured her she would be fine and that she had nothing to worry about. "Ok, Yoshimaru im trusting you dont make me regret it you know how i am when it comes to my children plus wont Tomoari be comming home soon, what if he finds out Amiko's going to a school that his arch nemise govern's" stepping to her husband Akahsa told him that he wouldnt be happy. In their training room downstairs Amiko was practicing her "yoho saishusui" with her trainer. After knocking him with other variouse martial art's Amiko practiced he concluded their match for the day by bowing just in time for Kushina to come in and tell Amiko she needed to get ready for Cross Academy. While walking down the hall,Kushina stated she didnt like Amiko practicing her kung fo and said she should put that training off for awhile since she'll be going to Cross Academy. Amiko was very skilled in martial arts, she learned much from her brother before he left for China and over the years she was now unbeatiable the only three people who could get her down was her parents and Tomoari. "Kushina i cant just just stop im still in the process of learning and im mastering my own technique so please just bear with it"Amiko said in her regular sweet but with an edge tone (A/N: in you've ever read or watched Rosario Vampire her voive is kinda like Kurum's voice in the Japanese version).

Amiko got to her room and started to pack her things and lay her bags against the walls for when the maids picked them up in the morning to take them to the car. As Amiko showered and got in her pajama's for the night she lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. She then closed her eyes and pictured that going somewhere new wouldnt be all that bad and while walking down the hall Kushina had told her that shouldnt wouldnt be the only pureblood there saying Kaname Kuran, Juri's and Hakura's son would be there as well. 'Well we'll just have to see tommarrow' Amiko thought drifting to sleep.

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