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Who can ever say whom people are parted from and who they are reunited with; and when. How cruel it can seem that matters of such importance should be left to chance.

It certainly seemed so to Amanda, tipsy and crying in her bed, back at her parents' house, watching the news while her family and friends were out there, enjoying themselves.

It happened at exactly that moment. She was trying to navigate through the different options, finding a topic that would not worsen her mood or bore her to tears (more tears, that is), when all her efforts were thwarted by breaking news. The options disappeared from the screen, to be replaced by a full shot of Ambassador Sarek, surrounded by a flock of obnoxious journalists.

By the time Sarek had made a hasty retreat and the live broadcast ended, Amanda had only gathered that there had been some sort of diplomatic crisis which had escalated into taking hostages and then armed violence. And that Sarek had somehow taken care of it.

It seemed unbelievable. Such things did not happen on Earth. Yet, the news cast continued to report about it. And as she tried to gather all the facts and understand what had happened, Amanda was struck by the realization that the already prominent ambassador had just managed to become a Federation-wide celebrity.

She thought back to their meeting only a few months ago, to their abrupt parting. Suddenly she wanted to see him again, tell him all the things he had not wanted to hear from her. She was seized by the fear that if she did not act at that moment, she might never see him again in person; that in future, she would only get to see him on the news, wondering about what-ifs, and what-might-have-beens.

Her decision made, she stood up. She had a hunch as to where he was heading. He had only made one single comment to the reporters trying to keep him from leaving. And from his comment, from the way he had phrased it – and from the little understanding she had gained of him over the course of their acquaintance – she thought she could tell where he had gone to. She was going to track him down. Every single reporter was probably looking for him right now, but she would be the one to find him.

While Amanda made her decision, Sarek had driven to the embassy where he had exchanged the official aircar for his private one. He had left anonymously while the reporters were crowding the embassy entrance.

What a coincidence it was, then, that Sarek's thoughts should also be occupied by musings about chance and Amanda.

For all his denial of luck, things had fallen together in a particularly unfavourable fashion. He really could have done without the reporters chasing him. He needed to leave Terra and return to Vulcan as soon as possible, but the next civilian ship for Vulcan would not be leaving for another two days.

He considered calling for emergency transport, then decided against it. With his new-found popularity it would cause too many questions. There was no helping it. He would have to wait. At least he would no longer be bothered by the journalists.

Sarek had to admit, he felt quite pleased with his little deception, and even more so with his planned hide-out for the next two days. He was sure no one would find him there to bother him. Just as Amanda had suggested...

Amanda. Strange, that his thoughts should still be set on her, now that his stay on Terra was coming to a close. It was still difficult for him to admit that since their meeting in spring that year, she had been constantly on his mind. Thoughts of her had become eerily familiar, ever-present like the need to breathe; never intrusive, or prominent, easily pushed into the background of his mind, and yet ever present.

Should it not be fitting then, that two people, thinking of each other, hurrying to the same place, should both be remembering the same moment in the past, their eventful meeting only a few months ago?

Whether it was inevitable, or merely by coincidence – a matter of chance.