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Just another Soldier

As I walked down my street I keep wondering what Jasper had planned? With the war in all I didn't even expect this a carriage was waiting at the front of my house Jasper jumped down from it and took my hand Ma'am I do believe I promised you a date? I giggled why, yes Sir you did. Then shall we be on our way. I believe so Major.

He just chuckled under his breath and he lifted me in to the carriage and he got up front it. A while back he surprised me so much when he came to my door saying he was promoted to Major I thought he finally lost it at first then I was super happy he kissed me then. The north has got to hate not having him. He is an amazing man if I had my say he was the best man in the year of 1863 he wanted to have a date before he left to Galveston Because he was gonna be there for a few days to evacuate the women and children.

God I love my Soldier I don't know what I would do without him he already promised me after the war he would marry me why do the Yankees even want us to stop our way of life they are being a poor bitches (oops is that very lady-like oh well that's the truth) they cut off our supplies so we are workin on what we have I have sent with Jasper bunches of blankets, curtains, and rugs I spread the word to send them to the Confederates and most of the Confederate are ok thanks to my brilliant idea. While I have the northerners glaring at our soldiers hatefully because their teeth were chattering. I was snapped out of my thoughts, by the carriage stopping. Jasper opened my door and helped me down, we were in our meadow all the flowers were in bloom even if it was Fall it seems as if it stayed this way just for us with the Lilacs, Violets, Babies Breath, Texas Star and so many more without the names I could recall Jasper sat me down in a bare spot were the flowers form around in a circle and we ate lunch I snuck on Jasper's head a crown of flowers and I started giggling Jasper looked at me confused and asked what is so funny?

Then he realized he looked up and saw the crown he sighed what good is it to be King of the meadow with no Queen he pulled his hands from behind his back and he had a crown of his own and he put it on my head I giggled again why, Jasper I would love to be your Queen just as much as any other girl in this town.

We finished our date we ended up making a whole jewelry set of except for earring. When I got home I packed up some food in to a bag and pressed our crowns in my Diary. I ran out to my barn and grabbed my horse she is a brown and white Pinto named Shiloh (it means Peace) a gift from my daddy. I quickly jumped on her back. And I sped through the woods no way was Jasper leaving me without a proper Southern good bye. By the time I got to his house he was already heading to camp I followed him I finally caught up with him when I stuck back a little cause he found three women and he had to do his job I heard him greet them and they started to whisper to each other then the lead one said, "I hope you survive you maybe great use to me". I growled at that then she lunged at Jasper. She looked like a Mountain Lion grabbing a Deer for dinner but she was much more graceful I saw Jasper fall of his horse Freedom Fighter. And I jumped off my horse and screamed at the woman/ beast creature get away from my Soldier and she had a look of amusement on her face looking at me at looked at the other two then spoke sisters should we add her to the list this might be fun the sisters replied in a monotone voice why no sister she walked towards my with a evil grin on her face I grabbed Jasper and clung to him pray he would get up and help me but all he did was start screaming it was the scariest thing in the world to hear him scream I never thought that something could hurt him so bad then I realized she was right behind me.

I turned around and said please put me though his pain so he won't have to go though it alone her smile just got bigger, "of course dear" the next thing I knew it that I am bleeding I feel the flames of Hell. I burned for what feels like forever. At least I think so it was agonizing torture I wasn't sure of anything except that Jasper was going through the same thing and that was my life line to keep myself grounded to my humanity. I awoke and looked around I was in a house everything was unfamiliar except for one and I was draw to it I followed the smell and gasped Jasper was sitting on a bed with his head down looking about ready to cry. His head snapped up and growled at me my eyes started to tear up but they would never fall and for some reason I knew that Jasper looked at me then his face went into shock. Jade darlin' is that you ''yes Jasper it's me what has happened to us'' he sighed I don't know but please don't worry I'll get us outta here somehow. Just then laughter floated through the room. Oh don't bother you will just end up more likely to die it was the Bitch that hurt my Soldier. I growled at her you stay away from my Soldier you're the one that made him- us become like this she just smirked of course you two show potential to my army huh now I was confused last time I checked women weren't suppose to fight.

She sighed you two are vampires now so we have our own different type of wars like right now most of us are fighting for territory to hunt all of a sudden my throat started to burn I looked at her and asked why was my throat burning she laughed and said silly me I forgot you two were Newborns with how controlled you were come along I will only show you once now let's move we followed her out to the woods and smelled the air it almost smelled like home smell the air and if you find something that smells good and is alive then kill it ok so we found two humans Jasper began to drink from him I started to drink from mine then I spat it out the woman (I learned her name was Maria) growled at me and asked why I spit it out I looked at her and said it taste worst that hardtack. Jasper just had a grimace on his face uhg same here (I don't like Jasper killing humans so I made him hate it) then I caught a delectable scent I followed it and killed it, it tasted like honey "yum" I thought jasper did the same we shared a look that held satisfaction on it Maria looked at us and sighed ok so let's get back to camp. We followed her I just looked at Jasper and held out my hand he grabbed it and brought it to his lips. God my Soldier is gonna make me swoon wait can vampires swoon.

Oh no more of that soldier you will come with me I screamed for Jasper to help me but the other vampires held him back it was the last time I ever saw him sadness washing his face but his eyes showed the love he had for me I'll have you again one day he screamed while she grabbed me and pulled me to a field and dropped me then this other vampire appeared well well looks like I get another one Maria. He just laughed and picked me up.

Present day were Edward meets Bella

Sighing here goes another year without him. Thing is I can tell when you're lying to anyone my friend Charlotte is the sweetest thing ever.

She kept my sanity though the whole time I was fighting with the Cuban army I was second rank next to the leader his most trusted fighter. But to me I was just another Soldier fighting the war's back then now I was in Washington in the states I as neighbors to this Bella girl I made quick friends with her she is something special ya'll know I told her I could see. When people lied to me or others she thought it was fascinating I honked my car horn I was driving a BMW completely red except for the for the blue X across the hood with white starts round it I heard Charlie say isn't your friend a little bit Patriotic. Yeah that's Jade for you. Then she ran out to my car and I looked at her with hurt eyes why starting up the car. I am a little Patriotic I did this to protect my Southern side she rolled her eyes and laughed Charlie isn't good with words and you know that. As laughed too as we pulled into the school.

I got out of the car and sighed I hate school. Bella walked up to me don't we all hate it. I smiled at her. Nun of ya'll hate it as much as I do I grinned as we entered the building then the scents hit me like a rocket. I was fighting all my instincts to crouch down and hiss I grabbed Bella's hand and pulled her to the office. We got our schedule I have every class with her except gym thank god I have seen what she can do walking in a flat surface I felt a little bad for her class just a little. We made it through the first half of the day it was lunch time and I walked with Bella to her table I felt several pairs of eyes on me I despised humans I thought to myself well of the exception of Bella and Charlie I thought I heard someone chuckle behind me I rolled my eyes Back off mind reader I thought to myself then I heard a snicker and a gasp behind me.

I ain't that stupid mind reader and don't tell your families lies about me I will find out I turned my attention back to Bella, Jessica was telling her about the Cullen's Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and the last one caught me dead (har har laugh if you want) Jasper I was suddenly think to myself it couldn't be the same one could it. He would have never survived and that pain I knew he could control, feel, and use other people's emotions I hated that like and I hated it even more without him. I took the chance it wouldn't kill me I hope. I looked there was a blonde Beauty Rosalie by the envy in Jessica's voice then the one beside her I am going to take a guess and say Emmett because he is flippin HUGE I rolled my eyes and muttered to myself he looks like a flipping Teddy Bear his grin got a little wider when I said that. I looked at the one OH MY GOD Tinker Bell is real I started to scream in my head MY WORST NIGHTMARE IS ALIVE! Then I am guessing the one laughing is the mind reader. Edward by the description Jessica said then the last one was the blonde I was looking for since that dreadful day with Maria Jasper my Jasper.

Then the mind reader looked curiously at me as if sayin how you know him I rolled my eyes at him and thought you should study Jasper Whitlock Youngest Major in the Confederate Army. You would be surprised. Then the god-damn bell rang and I and Bella hurried off the Biology. Bella got the last seat so I stood calmly on the side of the room close to Edward sadly and he kept pestering me about how I knew Jasper I growled softly at him. Where you guys friends, family, or … say the word Edward and I'll rip y0ur throat out the bell finally rang I ran to my next class which I apologized to Bella for leaving her but she forgave me. Time pasted quickly then finally I made it to last class of the day our study period I looked round the room for someone familiar I sighed and sat by the waving hand Emmet hey he boomed Sup' a answered so is it just me or is your family pretty big he laughed there are two more in the family Carlisle and Esme but they are the parents. Your one of us right, yeah I guess so why, Um for you to be here you have to have Carlisle permission okay I'll run by later so are you guys all vegetarians or what. Yeah we all are Carlisle is the one who made the whole vegetarian thing ah how clean is his record hmm I guess maybe he killed any humans he works at the Forks hospital. Interesting I haven't killed one I am repelled by human blood it smells and taste like sewer water or whatever taste disgusting to you. He laughed quietly, and said human food. He smiled so what is your power. I looked at him and said I am a sponge, he raised an eyebrow. I sighed, I can absorb others powers and make them more advanced. Sweet! He said in his head can you hear me? I nodded and said in his, Can you hear me?