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Am I Worthy…?

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I've been there done that I am the most popular girl in Washington High and thing is I don't date at all even though all the guys want me. My guy friend is Mike Neuter (ha-ha I had to do it sorry I'll stop continue the story) he is the mascot the Grizzly bear I am Cheerleading Captain he has been a friend for awhile he is trying to push us farther in our friendship I know he just wants to fuck me they all do over half the girls at school lost their innocence's to him. He is a fuck me dump me type of boy.

I am a virgin and people sneer at be because of it. But it gives my Daddy a peace of mind so I am happy. Only the one I love can steal it away. I jumped out of BMW and walked towards the school Mike appeared beside me and slung his arm over my shoulder. "Hey babe what's up", I kicked him in the knee and dropped down to hug it. I whispered in his ear, "we aren't going out and we never will. So stop the shit" I stood up and walked a few feet away until I hit something. Then I realized it was someone.

I rubbed my head. I am so sorry I didn't see you. Please forgive me. I then looked up I swear I saw a Bear in a man suit. He grinned and his dimples stood out which made me giggle. He said hey I'm Emmett then gave me his hand I take it and pull myself up. Then I realize how cold his hand is, like a soft winter snow yet to be harmed by the ways of nature. I thought poetically to myself. I am Jade Nice to meet you Emmett. Then the little brat showed up, Hey I'm Mike I'm… I cut him off, not his girlfriend. He has this imagination thinking that I'll give in to him. I myself have never dated. Oh that's cool. He smiles hey what is your schedule. Oh yeah here I handed mine to him. He just grins again. Sending my heart fluttering. Why does he make me feel this way? No other guy has done this. We have all our classes together but one. Then the bell rang, I waved bye to Emmett. I missed him already. Sadly 3rd hour is the only one I don't have with Emmett and the only one I have with Mike. God why do you torture me so? Mike looked Annoyed, Pissed, and Mad I could go one but didn't. I sat down at one of the tables preparing for Biology he sat down next to me I sighed and looked at the blue peeling wallpaper. What the hell jade your fucking ignoring me now? I didn't even realize he was talking. Boy this was getting annoying! What Mike? He grabbed my hand; I started to struggle against him. But I wasn't strong enough. I was forced into the hall after Mike made sure there was no one else he threw me into the bathroom. I was stuttering at this point, Mi-Mike sttopp ple-please. Don't hurt me. Oh for Fucks sake shut up before I damn gag you, you fucking Whore. I looked around wildly for anything to help. I HAVE WANTED YOU FOR THREE DAMN LONG FUCKING YEARS! And now this new guy shows up and you suddenly like him. I don't think so slut. I don't think so. I'm gonna make you filthy where Emmett will never love you and No one ever will. I cried at the thought of never having a chance at winnings Emmett's heart. Then it struck me it was love at first sight bullshit. I never believed in it till now then I heard fabric ripping and saw my shirt and bra thrown across the bathroom as "He" fondled my breast and bit at my ear and muttered how I felt so good for him that he can't wait to be inside me I cried more at that thought. I squirmed to get away from him but he apparently thought I was asking for more. That's right being good slut for me. He said I shivered as the words hit me. Then more fabric disappeared "He" ripped off my pants and panties. Then I saw him remove his own pants I saw him going Command-o he smiled as he looked at my pussy. Then he forcefully ripped my legs away and thrust himself into me past my barriers. I screamed in the pain of it he then gagged me saying, "Shh we don't want visitors now do we?" he thrusted himself into me a couple more times. Before finding his own sick release. Then he said this maybe painful. But you deserve this don't you. I couldn't speak I was in so much pain.

Then I faintly realized I was rolled on to my stomach and my ass was being lifted but all I thought was where is Emmett? Then I felt a searing pain again then I was shocked! He put himself in my ass. I almost blacked out from all the pain. As he slammed he fully sheathed into me. Past my Guardian muscle But I heard a scream not realizing it was my own. Then I heard a Door it sounded like it got slammed but I was on the verge of passing out so I wasn't sure. But I did see a pair of familiar Blue Jeans. Before I passed out I whispered, "Emmett helps me." The clear painless darkness showed up.


I just got out of Sex Ed. Where all the girls were looking at me as if they where gonna jump me. I mean I'm all for it but it still creeped me out because I was the only single Cullen so the High School girls automatically I was walking by the girl's bathroom. I was about to look in because I felt something was off and the tugging in my chest was almost unbearable, I remember Carlisle saying when you find your mate and they are in trouble it is almost too painful to live with. I then decided as I heard a scream that the punk who tried to hurt my mate is gonna with hell had accepted his sorry mother fucking ass. I slammed open the door. I looked at the scene before Jade was lying on the ground about to pass out and Mike was in her ass literally not giving a damn in the world. I thought. Holy Mother Fucker NO! I growled then I knocked Mike out and picked up Jade. She flinched in my arms which made me whimper. Shit I'm turning to a pansy ass, fuck. I went over to Mike Neuter and said you ever touch My Girl again I will be the last of your damn worries. I kicked him in the stomach at a human rate. And walked out,

I tucked Jade into my chest and ran (at human speed) to my Jeep. Alice then appeared "Emmett, Carlisle knows and he is at the hospital getting ready for her." I whipped around to face her; you knew this was going to happen. She looked at as if I just burned down her closet. Emmett Cullen how dare you accuse me of something you're not even sure about. No I didn't know, until you made the decision to go into the bathroom. I sighed, Sorry Alice I'm just worried, and she smiled softly. And put her hand on my arm. It is ok Emmett I understand. A few minutes later we were at the hospital. Carlisle you look drained, he smiled at my slightly funny joke. He sighed, if possible I do. Well she right now is resting and well we had to do surgery because as Emmett would say "ass muscles" were ripped and bleeding. My growl was getting louder by the second. The Alice gasped, oh guys she isn't gonna like the news I have. I looked at her what is it Alice? Well he mom is gonna get in a plane crash and her dad is gonna be killed on duty by a random shooting. Carlisle just sighed and walked into Jade's room and started checking on her. If she doesn't make it out of this alive…. I thought. But I was interrupted by Alice, Emmett McCarty Cullen if you finish that though you wish that I did kill you. I sighed, Fine Alice. I started to realize I was falling and falling fast for Jade damn I thought to myself. I was broke from my musing when Carlisle walked back in the waiting room. He smiled at me. You may see her now Emmett. I smiled gleefully and walked to her room. I smiled when I stepped in the room it smelled like her with little traces of medicine and bleach ehh. I heard her tell-tale heart beat. And my world brightens as I hear her say my name. Emmett?

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