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Jade P.O.V

Emmett looks at me startled, then grins. "I love you more" as I lean down hesitantly. He sighs, "Don't force yourself to love me love me when you can." I smiled. "Emmett, I want to love you. I want to show you I care, but every time I get close my heart tells me I need to know something first."

I sighed scared, Emmett rubbed his face emotions covering his face. I looked at Jasper, he had a worried look on his face. "Will someone please tell me?!" I pleaded, thinking that they did something horrible. Emmett let out a large breath as it swarmed around my face. I was dazed a bit it was intoxicating. "We aren't normal babe; I'm just scared of what you will think." He admitted, I smiled. "Emmett as long as it's legal I won't get scared." I put my small hands around his large ones, Jasper chuckles, "human laws you mean." I look to Jasper confused; Emmett sent a glare from hell to Jasper. "Babe I'm stronger, faster, and can't get hurt by human weapons. I hear way better than humans." He admitted his head down I smiled, "so you're Captain America?" He gave out a booming laughed. "hardly babe." Jasper was chuckling. "Babe I'm a vampire." I look at him like he's grown threes head then glared.

"You bastard! When I'm being dead serious, you think it's funny to play a trick on me that I would really believe that!" I rant and storm upstairs, Jasper sighs. "that went well." Emmett groaned and I heard him come up the stairs as I slam the door locking it. I lay on the bed sobbing. "Babe hear me out?" he begged. "Leave me alone Emmett. I cared, I thought you were serious and you played a joke on me." I say sadly, "I thought you were better than that." Emmett flinched knowing that she was right. "babe if you won't let me tell you let me show you? Please I need you." He practically whimpered. I got off the silky sheets. As I walked to the door, I smirked then turned fairy size and crawled under the door. I saw him on his knees his head rested on the door. I smiled softly and walk to the other side of the door, morphed into a human. I opened the door, "ok one chance." I said arms crossed over my chest. His head snapped up, his eyes gleaming as he picks me up and spins me around. I fight back a giggle. As he sets me down, he walks in the room and gets me my jacket. I tried to stay mad, but the look in his eye made me smile. He picks me up bridal style. I give a smile, blushing lightly; it was too easy to be around Emmett. I should be chaotic, not letting anyone touch me but with him I don't fear him. He saved me and I owe him.

Emmett took me outside, "Ready?" He smiles brightly. I giggle at his happiness and nod. "watch this." I nod nervously as the sun came out of the clouds. It felt warm against my skin as he steps into the light. His skin was brilliant bright shining like a human diamond as I touches his cheek. "so rare," I whisper, as Emmett smiles softly leaning into my touch. "Emmett, I have to tell you something. I don't care what you are or what you've done, you trusting me with your most absolute secret is enough for me to say this."

I look down nervously, as Emmett gently lifted my chin. "I want to be next to you as an immortal, where I'm worthy of everything you are. Emmett, I love you but please promise me you will." As Emmett smiles softly. "When you are near my human age, I will change you. My tiger, I can't live with the fact that you could slip from my grasp I love you. You will always be worthy of my love," then with that confession of his love, I leaned forward as I closed my eyes. I felt his lips touch mine and I felt fireworks erupt from us. They were beautiful and dazzlingly his lips were perfectly matched for mine. I know we are perfect together. That I was his true absolute soul mate.

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