30 Chapters containing at least 57,000 words.

I just want to say, this is honestly the best Fanfiction I have worked on so far.

I can't believe that I have finished it and I am left here with a huge smile on my face.

Without you guys encouraging me at the end of every chapter, it would've been impossible for me to finish this story.

Originally, I was going to finish at the end of the Sweet Tooth Rising but you guys just loved this story so much, I just had to continue with it.

I have never worked so hard on a fanfiction before and all in all, I just want to thank you all for going on this amazing experience with me.

Hopefully one day, I will do another Bruce Wayne and Hermione Granger story. But for now, their era has ended and it is time to move on.

At the moment, I am not working on another fanfiction story called Assassin's Creed. It's a Severus/Hermione story and it's completely AU with no magic in at all so if you love the pairing Hermione/Severus, please please check my new story out :)

Thank you all for supporting me!