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Summary: College students, prostitutes, ninjas, street kids, lovers, underage, girls—you name it; it's in here. An AkuRoku drabble and art series counting down the days to the US release of KH: 358/2, re-uploaded here for posterity.

Rating: M for adult content and language

A/N: This entire project was originally posted over on 117days at livejournal. It's still there, so you can pop over for a look at the art (done by the artist formerly known as pouikee) and guest drabbles (by kokanshu, or as she's known on ffnet, hongkongstar). I actually kinda sorta thought I'd already started re-uploading 117 Days here, but it's definitely not on my list. It was probably pre-deletion/dramatic meltdown of drama. I promise to stagger the updates so it doesn't feel like spam.

Keep in mind that I wrote each drabble AFTER taking in the art drawn for that day, so it's imperative that these two things are viewed in tandem. Don't deprive yourselves of the full experience! That said, please enjoy.

The prospect of a snow day paradoxically thawed Roxas' otherwise icy, cold exterior and reduced him to bright-eyed, ruddy-cheeked wonder. Running full tilt down a snowy bank at a speed Axel thought looked reckless and insane, the blonde shattered the early morning lull with a downpour of laughter.

Axel, though, had a certain mistrust of snow. "It pretends to be something it's not," he explained, finger pointing accusatorially at a snowball bouncing ominously in Roxas' mittened hand. "First it's 'snow,' but in an hour it's water. Okay? And I have a problem with deception."

"The snow is not deceiving you, Axel. Didn't you ever take a science class?" Roxas sent the snowball sailing at Axel's head.

Ducking easily, Axel shrugged. "Science? Oh, you mean Satan's Language?"

"Ha ha," Roxas said, sending a barrage of snowballs over, one landing squarely on Axel's shoulder.

"Just you watch. In one hour, this is going to be water." Eyeing the snow on his shoulder wearily, Axel scowled. "You lying piece of shit." Another snowball hit him on the ass.

"It can't heeear you," Roxas sang, packing another ball between his mittens.

"I REFUSE YOUR DECLARATION OF WAR!" Axel shouted, turning and continuing down the snow bank in a strictly non-hasty, non-panicked way. "I'll have you know that I enjoy my Roxases 1) DRY and 2) PACIFISTIC. Since you fit neither of these criteria, I'll just go have that steaming cup of Hera's nectar, i.e. coffee, alone."

The quick crunch of snow under shoes had Axel wincing, anticipating the onslaught of snow as Roxas ran at him. When the cushioned warmth pressed up against his back, Roxas' arms encircling his waist, he was almost surprised. Almost.

"My nose is cold," Roxas said, a small voice pressed into his back.

Turning in the arms holding him, Axel tilted Roxas' chin up. "I can help you with that." Axel watched as the blonde fought a smile, eyelids lowering, lips pursing almost imperceptibly. This is when Axel sucked on his nose. Roxas made a noise of disgust, mittens flying to his face.

"Better?" Axel smirked.

"Who does that?" Roxas asked, rubbing at his nose.

"I've sucked on places far more-"

"Shut it, or I'll play naked in the snow before coming to bed."

"Shutting," Axel said, smirking away behind closed lips.