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We walked throughout the house and I think Tony and Ziva were sold. They agreed that THIS house right here was their dream house. This is a huge step for them. I know that they are ready for it. They spent about 6 years getting ready for it. In about 3 months, the twins will be born. This journey has been interesting and fun so far. I wonder what these last 3 months would bring.

I woke up to the annoying alarm clock in my room. I haven't heard that sound since June. Honestly, I did not miss it. I smacked the alarm clock and groaned. Ugh. The first day of school. Only about 180 more to go. I rolled out of bed and on to the floor. That woke me up because I hit my head on my nightstand.

"Oww." I said rubbing my head

Only in about a week, Tony and Ziva moved into the new house. Which I found shocking because it only took a few days? Well, when you have a bunch of people helping you, it's possible obviously.

I got up off the floor and walked sleepily out of the door. I heard Ziva laughing and I heard Tony groan. I chuckled to myself and I grabbed my stuff and headed towards the bathroom. I had to look mind-blowing the first day of school. I know that everybody would be talking about me losing my father and my mother being incredibly ill this summer.

I took a 20 minute shower because I knew that I needed to do my hair. I decided to have my hair in a braided ponytail with hoop earrings. I had my clothes in the bathroom with me (old habits die hard) and I had a sheer black top and a black cami under it. I had some skinny jeans and some, as my youngest cousin Alanna would say, kick-butt boots. I had this owl necklace and some bracelets. When I face the drama today, they could say that I looked good too.

I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs where Tony and Ziva were talking about something. They looked at me and Ziva smiled. Tony did not seem he approved.

"Where do you think you are going, missy?" He said protectively. I rolled my eyes.

"Tony, I'm going to school. If somebody dares touch me or even looks at me, I have a bunch of guy friends and Marcus to back me up. I will never worry about nobody having my back." I said to him.

Ziva started laughing. "I see that the over-protectiveness starting to kick in already. Ignore him Sam. You look amazing." Ziva said.

I smiled at Tony. The smile meant 'I told you so.' And he rolled his eyes. I walked into the kitchen and I saw some waffles on the table waiting for me with some apple juice.

I yelled "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" even if they could hear me perfectly fine.

"You are welcome." Ziva said sipping some orange juice and reading her book.

I finished my breakfast quickly and gave a high-five to Tony and gave Ziva a hug. "Marcus just got his car and he is picking me up and he is dropping me off this afternoon. I will see you guys later!" I said walking out of the door grabbing my phone.

"Bye!" They yelled as a union.

I walked out of the house and I saw Marcus's car in the driveway. He was sitting on the hood of the car smiling at me. "Hey beautiful." He said kissing me.

"Hi." I said. He hopped off the hood and opened the door for me. I slid in and he closed the door. I threw my bag into the backseat and buckled my seatbelt.

I can't believe that I am starting my sophomore year already. It feels like just yesterday I was a freshmen. I was just a 'baby' then. From last year to now, I have matured majorly. I have always been mature but I think I carry myself in a different way.

Before I knew it, we were at school. This is it. I wonder what little Freshmen I could meet today. I want a nice, smart one. I may need help from them through-out the year.

I open the door and I grab Marcus's hand and he kissed the top of my head. "Are you ready for our sophomore year?" He asked.

I sighed. "As ready as I could ever be." I said

We walked into the school and the whispers were already starting. Eh, right now, I could really care less. I just wanted to catch up with my friends and put my stuff in my locker. I would decorate it sometime this week.

"MINI ME! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" I heard my friend London yell from down the hall. I turned around, dropped my books and ran to her and jumped into her arms. I missed her so much this summer. She is crazy, just like me. I think that's why we got along so well.

"BIG ME! I MISSED YOU TOO!" I said to her while she spinned me around. I heard some familiar laughs as London puts me down. She's like 5'8 so it's easy for her to lift me.

"Brianna! Karen! Awwww! WE'RE FINALLY SOPHOMORES!" I said giving them a huge hug. I love these girls. We have been through a lot. I will always have their back as long as they have mine.

"We missed you too!" They said as a union. They were identical twins. I could tell the difference by Brianna being a little taller and Briana has always been the kind of girly-girl.

We started catching up and I saw this lost freshmen looking at her schedule and looking around. I had to help her. It would be just wrong if I didn't help her. "Hi, I'm Samantha. Do you need help?" I asked. She had hazel eyes, auburn hair, and she was about my height. She was so adorable.

"Hi, I'm Madison. You can call me Maddy. Can you help me please?" She asked looking nervous.

I nodded my head. "Of course. Where is your first class?" I asked taking her schedule. Brianna, Karen and London all decided to be nice to Madison. She seemed nice. I saw that we had 2 classes together, Drama and technology. I showed her where her locker was, and her first few classes until I see her again. I made one friend already. I can't wait to see what the freshmen class brings. I think it would be fun watching them juggle the drama in high school. They would get the hang of it in maybe January.

The first bell rung and I grabbed my bag from London and I put my stuff in my locker. I rushed around to get to my first class, Chemistry Honors. I walked in the room and the whispers were starting up once again. I'm ready for all of the questions today.

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