Port 2: We'll Make This Dream Come True

EDITED 8/6/2012

That night, Yukari's apartment

The nightclub was fun, but eventually, home beckoned.

After Yukari had said farewell to her friends, she had made her way home to her own apartment, hands in pocket. What happened a few minutes ago with the Hanamura kid was still playing on her mind like a broken record, what with the odd sensations she got from Isis afterwards. His hitting on her was just lame, but it was his whole… aura that surprised her. Still stupid, but he wasn't just another kid trying to get laid.

As she started walking back, she looked up to see barely visible clouds, growing darker even in the polluted sky. Yukari frowned, she never liked it when it rained, always made it harder to clean up after getting soaked. She soon made it back to her apartment, opened the door, and took her wet boots and socks off, moaning to herself as she left them to dry. She undressed and popped into her sleepwear, settling for a white vest and pink sleep shorts. With that done, she looked at her electronic clock, and read the time on it: 23:55.

"Jeez… guess I really was out all night," she muttered to herself. Listening to the rain patter against the apartment complex's rooftop, with nothing else to do, and not yet feeling like her eyelids were iron bars ready to shut down over her eyes yet, Yukari sat down on her small couch (and by small, given Japanese apartments, it was REALLY small), and grabbed the remote from the coffee table, switching it on.

The first channel? Nothing but news. The second channel? Some odd erotic anime that only otaku watched. The third channel… okay, she wasn't even going to say what she saw there.

"Really is nothing on…" she muttered. And just as well, her eyelids were starting to get heavier and heavier. Soon, give or take a few minutes, they'd begin to close, and she could drift into a deep sleep….

Until the TV's chattered faded into the nothingness of silence. Yukari's eyes widened, expecting to hear at least the voices of those old news broadcasters, but she got nothing. She even grabbed the remote and tried to increase the volume, but no sounds came out. The superstitious side in her (of course, fueled by her having seen gods and supernatural beings as a high school student) was screaming in horror: something wrong was happening here.

A mighty crash hit the silence, and Yukari jumped in her seat, almost falling onto the floor. Feeling rather scared now, especially with the creeping, uneasy darkness surrounding her, she began to step away from the TV, and towards the sound of the crash.

It… was her light novel.

She frowned, and growled to herself, putting the novel back on the shelf, this time sat near the center, so it couldn't fall off.

She was caught by surprise by the next weird event. A brunette eyebrow cocked at the pop of static she heard from the direction of the TV. The moody, cruel vibe surrounding her room, a foggy atmosphere if she had to describe it, made her feel much more uneasy. Her shoulders hunched up, and she stepped forward towards the TV, her feet slowly pressing onto the ground, making sure not to make a sound. She kept her eyes peeled from the TV screen, the bottom of her stomach now starting to rumble.

Isis herself was also starting to echo loudly, enough to rock her hearing and disorientate her sight.

"Urgh!" she moaned. She closed her eyes, but then, the echoing stopped abruptly. Not even a fade out. She opened her eyes, and saw the television.

Then, right bang in the center of the television screen, right in front of her face, laid that. Her eyelids shot wide open, her brown eyes almost bulging at the horrific sight in front of her, "WHAT THE HELL?!"

What she saw in the TV was enough to her to fall backward, tripping over her bare feet and landing square on her bottom. Her heart raced almost out of control, her windpipes working overtime as she laid there, staring at the ceiling, wide brown eyes, sweating face and her entire state rocked by the horror of what she had seen.

Didn't help that it took her by surprise, too… but Yukari, gathering up her courage, moved onto her knees and looked at the TV screen again.

There it was again.

Piercing, hollow, glowing, unnatural topaz eyes stared right into hers, but what horrified her was the owner of those eyes, with brunette hair, cropped into those distinctive points, and her pink jacket from high school. It was her.

Yukari's mouth dropped wide open, unable to close, her mind reeling from what she was seeing. While the figure was mostly cloaked by the yellow haze and darkness surrounding her, Yukari could tell her own hairstyle, and the curve of her own face.

What disturbed her most of all was the wide, Cheshire grin the Yukari in the TV had. That, combined with her aggressive, narrowed yellow eyes, made for a haunting visual. Then, almost as soon as it appeared, it disappeared back into the static.

Yukari frowned. That thing was not natural. Nothing supernatural or even just a little spooky had happened since the Dark Hour: and even then, that was after she got rid of her Persona. Well, technically it was her Evoker, but she had tried to turn the page on her Dark Hour adventures, and live the life of a normal young woman.

Maybe she was just seeing things… she was rather tired, and just wanted to go to sleep now. A sad smile crossed her lips at that point.

"He always said it'd be better in the morning," she said sadly, then her hand clicked the power button on the remote, she tossed the remote onto the couch, and laid down on her bed, soon dozing off into a restless, vacant sleep.

The next morning, at the hotel

He knew he shouldn't have stayed up that late.

The first thing Yosuke knew, he woke up feeling like a Shadow had licked him all night. His head throbbed, his body felt drained of all its spirit, and to make matters worse, the bright summer sun was filtering through the window, searing right in his eyes.

His eyes flipped open, a flash of white light hit his optics, and he lost his balance, quickly tumbling out of his futon and onto the floor.

"Woah, oh, ow!" he muttered, crashing onto the floor. Picking himself off the floor, Yosuke moaned, and pulled himself back onto his feet, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. He circled his arm around, giving his shoulder some circulation going for it, and then rolled his neck back, moaning to himself.

"… yeah, I really shouldn't have stayed up that late."

However, Susanoo'o, who had been quiet since he left the nightclub, was going crazy again. This time, it let out a high-pitched shriek. Yosuke moaned, and closed his hands over his ears, trying to block out the intense sound, "Ow! What the…."

Then, it cut in mid pitch. Yosuke opened his eyes, and his forehead creased with a confused frown, unable to understand what was going on. "Damn… just what's been going on with my Persona lately… this is something weird, alright."

Twitter Update from #jiraiya (Yosuke Hanamura)

"met this total babe last nite, total cockblocker though #portisland"

Four days later….

July 8th, 2013

For the next few days, nothing really happened to Yosuke. He didn't have any trouble from his Persona, nor did he meet anybody else who struck out in his eye. Even when he went back to Let's Positive Thinking two nights after he first met Yukari, he still couldn't find her, and so, he just tried his hand at dancing the tribal dance of the society known as the party people.

To say he ended up making a complete jackass out of himself was an understatement: he ended up in the midst of a heated argument between two shady guys, and it took a good deal of bluffing and the argument getting physical before Yosuke could sneak away. He just hoped nobody he knew saw him, or that those guys were going to hold a grudge.

When he woke up, he didn't even think anything bad was going to happen. He just thought of it as another day, and he even thought of going to the movies, or trying to contact Rise or even Yu. Not like Yu was in Port Island, but he may be lucky and get to see Rise, that adorable, leggy hottie. Even then, he could see himself getting an awesome backstage pass, unless Rise thought he'd try to look into the women's dressing room.

Sure, he liked women, but he was better than to sneak into their privacy.

Although he wished he could have gotten Yukari's phone number. Maybe she had a Twitter too, that stuff was awesome. He wondered who she really was, and while he did try, she was totally uninterested in his approaches. Which sucked, because he thought she was really hot, and he did want to know why she caused Susano'o to react like that… but that made him think.

Yosuke sat down on the chair next to his futon, and rubbed his temples. Surely, there had to be more people out there with Personas, right? It had been something of a surprise when he had fought Aigis, Mitsuru and Akihiko, but it helped further his belief that the Investigation Crew weren't the only ones out there with this power.

His eyes widened. When he talked to Akihiko once after the incident with Labrys, he did explain that he was part of a group called S.E.E.S., but didn't go into detail about the members, preferring to leave them anonymous. Yosuke was actually starting to put two-and-two together, and looked up at the ceiling.

Perhaps…. Yukari…?

No, it couldn't be. Yosuke let his face fall to his palm, and moaned into it. It was a possibility, but he wasn't going to make any rash decisions: the last time he let his emotions get the best of him, he nearly killed a man whom turned out to be misguided. Plus, Naoto was better at that sort of stuff anyway: she'd be able to understand.

Shame she hadn't been in contact for a while. He then wondered how Kanji, Teddie and the rest were doing back in Inaba, while he was trying to get this girl, they were probably having so much fun. A small smile came to his face, as he thought how they'd react to him bringing back a girl from the city.

"Ah, can't think about that sort of stuff anymore," Yosuke got up, and began to walk towards the bathroom, "I've got a new day ahead of me!"

It was when he had a shower, gotten dressed, and was walking towards the door that everything suddenly unraveled.

"Yosuke!" cried Mr. Hanamura. Yosuke stopped in his tracks, and whimpered, biting his lip. Considering that his dad was never the type to shout like that unless he needed him, he just knew something bad was going to happen.

The teenager nervously turned over to his father, and flashed a grin, even though he feared the worst, "Yeah, Pops? What's going on?"

The older man's expression was gripped in a twist of fear, shock, and blazing determination, "Turns out that the Junes in Port Island is in trouble! We must go there and help promote the glorious name of Junes! Or else, if I let down Junes, I can never forgive myself!" and to add emphasis, he banged a closed fist quietly on the table, eyes staring holes into his son.

Yosuke's entire face fell into a horrified jaw drop. Oh, no. He tried to open the door, his hand clutched the doorknob, tightened around, and began to twist it to the right. It clicked, and wouldn't budge. His eyebrows rose into a frightened expression, as the worst came to pass. He then looked over his shoulder to his dad.

"But Pops, isn't this our vacation? We're supposed to not work!"

Mr. Hanamura simply gave him a thumbs up, serious expression still locked on his face, "But we must, for Junes!"

No matter how much he complained, before Yosuke knew it, he was already at the entrance of Port Island's Junes, wearing his work apron over his usual white shirt, his black long pants, and a fake smile that, for all purposes, looked like a goofy, toothy grin that screamed, "I'm going to eat you and your family's soul with our cheap goods," rather than the glow of false assurance he meant to project.

He really didn't want to do this, but, duty called, and his father was adamant about the family scrapping their plans for today to help promote Junes. Yosuke was really more disappointed over the fact that they were on vacation, to relax and not think about work, and yet, they were working.

Ah well, at least today should just be standing outside in an apron, while helping the occasional customer.

… and that was a pretty bad twist of fate, now that he thought about it. He considered trying to hide in the store and just help would-be shoppers, a plan of action he was seriously considering, when he looked around and, to his horror, saw his dad approaching the store's exit.

Mr. Hanamura walked into the street with a delighted grin on his face, and actually began giving out brochures on the street to confused civilians, who were more worried about the ever so slightly middle-aged man giving out Junes brochures than they were convinced of Junes' 'greatness'.

Yosuke frowned watching his father act like a total jackass for the sake of Junes, if Chie or Teddie heard about this, they wouldn't let him live it down. He was glad they had never really met his father, or else there would be a lot more 'Junes heir' jokes going around… and the less said about those, the better.

He sighed, and decided there and now to go into the store. The store itself was neatly segmented, with rows of items neatly parted from one another. He looked over at the electronics section, seeing a few… less than desirable types eyeing up the TVs and video games like they were pieces of feminine meat… Yosuke wished he didn't look over their shoulder to see a DVD case with some cute moe characters on them.

He pulled away, and made a squeamish face at them. He always thought it was weird as hell that some guys really desired those characters, but what could he do?

Yosuke turned around and headed over to the clothes section. Unlike Teddie, who would be innocently trying to get young women the help they 'needed', Yosuke wasn't actively seeking out women to ask him for help, hell, he could do with less women making accusations at him over the stock and other things that he couldn't solve, even if he wanted to.

Although, to be honest, he could do with a bit of an ego stroking that was a babe asking him for help.

He paused, and looked over the shelves. Everything was in place, people were shopping, and weirdly enough, it seemed his dad's antics had gotten some attention, well that and the 50% price cut sale they were currently having. He smiled to himself, watching people fill in the aisles, looking for goods to buy.

"Guess Dad knows what he's doing after all," Yosuke said to himself.

He searched the corridors, keeping an aware eye out for any possible shoplifters, and put his hands in his pocket. He then put his finger to his lips, and muttered mostly to himself, "now, gotta wonder how popular Junes is with the teens around here…."

It was when he looked in the shoe aisle that he saw a familiar figure of the female form, looking at some summer shoes. She was even holding one of them, pressing it against the sole of one foot to see if it matched up with her size.

He usually would have just walked off so she didn't bombard him with dozens of questions (which he didn't have the answers to), but he could tell that cropped, parted hair from anywhere. His eyes initially went over to her cute bottom, clad in blue jean shorts, and up her slim upper body, dressed in a pink sleeveless t-shirt, exposing her small shoulders and thin neck.

It was Yukari again! How lucky!

Yosuke's eyes had a new glean in them, and his lips were now widened into an enthusiastic, encouraged grin. Keeping his posture straight and his steps full of swag, he walked up to the brunette, and called out to her softly, as not to draw anyone in, "Hey, Takeba-san! Didn't expect to see you here!"

She paused, and her whole stance seemed to go rigid. Her head gently, uneasily turned over, and when she caught sight of him, her entire face went from neutral to an irritated frown quite suddenly. Her eyelids fell to half mast, and she placed the shoe down next to her sandaled foot, putting her other foot back in the sandal, while she put her hands on her hips, "Oh, it's you again."

Yosuke, a little surprised at her bad vibes projected at him, blinked at Yukari, but simply shot a grin at her, placing his own hands on his hips, "Aw, come on Takeba-san! You know my name!" he playfully teased.

"And I'm not gonna say it."

Her matter-of-fact tone cut into Yosuke's good mood, but being the charmer he fancied himself to be, he kept his lips upturned, then again, he was glad she wasn't making fun of the apron he was currently wearing, "That's harsh, Takeba-san. You're such a tease!"

At his tease, Yukari's bored expression quickly jumped into a disdainful sneer, "I wouldn't tease someone like you," she muttered. Ouch, Yosuke winced, she was quite the minx with words. And frankly, it hurt.

However, he kept up his positive expression, ruffling his brown hair with his hand, briefly adjusting the headphones wrapped around his neck.

"Your loss," he grinned. Yukari visibly rolled her eyes, groaning at his lame comeback. Even he had to admit it was lame, but it was either that or say some really, really stupid catchphrase that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Yosuke, briefly looking away from Yukari's face, looked down at the shoes she was looking to buy. He put his hands on his jean pockets, eased up, and smiled at Yukari, gesturing to her shoes, well, flip-flop sandals, "Heh, can see you need shoes! Luckily, they're on sale for cheap! 50% off!"

Yukari made a rather nasty face at Yosuke, her lips jutted out into a scowl, "Don't need to be reminded, I saw it the second I walked in, jerk."

While he gestured to her shoes, Yosuke couldn't help but sneak a glance at her lower body, especially her legs and feet. She did have cute feet indeed, what with the light pink pedicures on the nails, but what really got him was her legs. Yosuke was a bit of a legs man, and he had to admit, he thought Yukiko had great legs, but this girl's legs were on their caliber!

It wasn't like he was into that stuff though. Nu uh. It was nice because she took care of every part of her body, yeah, that was it.

Perhaps to keep his mind off denial, however, he quickly pulled his eyes away and back to her unhappy expression. A thin eyebrow quirked down at Yosuke's antics, causing a punch full of nerves to hit the boy and make him feel even more tensed.

So he said the first thing that came in his mind that wasn't praising her appearance, "So, what you doin' here at Junes, eh Takeba-san?" he grinned.

"It's none of your business," she quickly snapped back, eyebrows narrowed now. Now she was getting angry.

Yosuke flinched, and remembered that while he was trying to take a further step with Yukari, there were customers that might need assistance, and raised his hands, waving them, "Hey, hey! I'm actually hired here, Takeba-san! I'm supposed to help!"

"I don't need your help," her tone was more and more aggressive with each word she spoke, and her fists began to clutch together, as if she were struggling to hold her anger in, "Just leave me alone."

"Well, if you don't want me here, which you obviously don't," he immediately regretted making that remark, as Yukari's entire face darkened intensely, and she looked like she was ready to explode: this girl had Chie's temper! "Then what do you want? Is there something you wanna buy?"

That seemed to strike something in her, as her eyes widened, her expression lightened into neutrality, and suddenly, she looked over to the entrance as if someone was there, paused, then turned back to Yosuke, a small, vengeful smirk crossing her lips, "Oh, I know where you can come in handy, Hanamura-kun…"

He looked over to where she had glanced, but he couldn't get any idea of what she was referring to… unless she had someone with her as well.

Her smirk only seemed to grow wider, coupled with her narrowing eyes, "Oh yeah, someone very close to me needs some help, and I just know you're the guy to help…."

Yosuke already felt a sweat start to break out, given Yukari's strangely delighted tone. He only had one thing to say: "This can't be good."

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