Ragnarok fic prolouge

Hey! This is my second story and I tried doing something like a self-insert. the main character may have bits and pieces of my personality but He isn't exactly me.

Oh and there will be some references to other games and stuff that are not part of Ragnarok Online. Just a heads up.

Oh and I will be busy for a while, this idea was stuck in my head so I wanted to try. The actual Ragnarok themes won't be arriving until the next chapter... plus I may have made the recovery part a little waaaayyy to fast. But bear with me please
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Prolouge: Catastrophe

Pain and silence... That was all I knew. I was ignorant of everything else as I lay down in a puddle of my own blood. I couldn't even feel anything else but I suppose the pain was too great that I can just barely feel it.

My day started out rather well to... I woke up early, excited for that skiing trip my parents and I are going to, and had everything I needed to travel ready. I ate some pancakes with maple syrup, which is pretty rare since we don't really eat pancakes that much, and even finished all my homework on time.

I didn't know what to do... I didn't even know what happened. One moment I was sitting in a car with my parents and then...BOOM! …Nothing...

I suddenly felt something despite the numbness of my body. I saw my mother and father each with one hand on either side of my shoulders smiling at me sadly before my vision blurred imprinting their sad faces in my mind.

I felt so tired…so sleepy.. 'Maybe...maybe just a few more minutes...' I thought before slowly closing my eyes feeling nothing else but pain. I think the last thing I heard was someone shouting out for me to stay awake but I was too tired...


I groaned as I heard a weird noise coming directly to my right. I slowly opened my eyes and saw nothing but white... white ceilings, white bed sheets, white computers... 'Where...is this the Hospital?' I wondered.

I suddenly tensed as I overheard people shouting by the corridors. I couldn't hear much but I did catch words like crash, drunk driver, explosion, parents... and dead... at the last word my blood ran cold... if I remember correctly my parents were hurt as well! Where were they!

I jumped out of bed rather quickly and tried to run out the door. It was a mistake on my part, I had forgotten about the IV stuck in my arm and forgot to consider the slipperiness of the floor. In my haste the needle got snatched out of my arm making me yelp in pain and slip to the floor...my short spiky black hair getting messy...'I need a haircut'

The door opened and I saw two men, both are probably doctors, and a lady who wasn't wearing anything medically related. "Oh dear... you have to be more careful son." The doctor with black eyeglasses said to me before he and the other doctor carried me back to the bed. The other doctor wrapped a bandage over my right arm, which bled because of the needle, and the lady sat adjacent to my bed.

"Whe-Where am I?" My voice was pretty rough and dry but I managed to whisper it. One of the doctors gave me a glass of water and I greedily gulped it down. After a finishing the entire glass I asked again "Where am I? Where are my mom and dad?"

All three adults looked at each other before the lady sighed and said "Well, Lan...you are in St. Lukes Hospital due to a car crash incident where a drunk truck driver hit your parents car making it roll down a cliff..." my heart sank and I wasn't prepared for what she said next "You and your parents were gravely injured...but your parents insisted in you being rescued first, even though they had a greater chance of getting rescued... you were taken in intensive care immediately and in some miracle you were given time-" I was confused on why she said "given time" but I didn't stop her...mom did always grill it into me to be polite. "- But...I'm sorry to say that your parents did not make it..."

Time stopped for me as I felt the numbness creep its way into my body once more... not just physically but emotionally as well... My entire world shattered...and it simply got worse when she added in a rather grave voice "Also...due to some...complications...you only have 3 days to live..."

I didn't say anything...nor did I show any emotion outside... after a minute of silence I bowed my head and finally felt tears well up in my eyes... my left hand reached towards my face as I felt the liquid run down my face. I wasn't making any sound... I was simply reacting slowly.

The lady seemed to notice and made the doctors go outside the room. She sat on the bed next to me and embraced me. Putting my head on her shoulder and patting my back. "Let it out Lan...let it out. Her words seemed to affect me as I made choking noises and finally cried grabbing on to her like a lifeline. My life was shattered in that one moment...all my dreams...hopes...all my hard work and good behavior...wasted and obliterated in one instant.

I didn't know how long I cried before I fell asleep... but when I woke up my eyes were hurting. I didn't try to leave the bed this time... I just stared outside the window catching a perfect picture of the beautiful luminous full moon casting its radiant moonlight over the forest. I simply stared at it recalling my past dreams and fantasies of running free away from the problems... hunting and playing like the wolves... I envied them...even more so with my current predicament. It's not fair... no matter how many times I help someone, something bad always happens to me! Why! I thought long and hard grasping my head with both of my hands... I can never run away from the past... I already knew that I can't change it either... it doesn't help me though... It doesn't stop me from wishing that it would all go away.

Truth be told I could really care less about myself... the only reason I work hard is for my parents... they did everything for me, being an only child they made sure that I wasn't spoiled like some other brats and always remain polite. They would always be there for me and that made me promise to myself... I shall succeed for them, not for myself but for the people who protected and raised me. Now...their gone...my will to live is gone and I'm simply waiting for the cold embrace of death. The woman was probably a school counselor or something, and Lan isn't my name... But who cares anymore... the old me is gone... all my relatives live rather far away and I don't even know where St. Luke is. There's tons of St. Lukes!

"Aww, cheer-up Big Bro!" my head snapped up and looked around frantically. The voice was rather small but I was sure that I heard it. "Down here!" I looked down and saw...a small person?

I rubbed my eyes and grumbled something like "Oh great I'm losing it" or was it "Too much morphine..." I can't really remember but it's irrelevant.

"No you are not losing it L!" He said again "Besides don't I look familiar?" I looked down again thinking that there was nothing I could lose. To my surprise he DID look familiar... almost like... my eyes widened "Nooooo...Way..." he only puffed out his chest and ….floated... up to my eye level.

He was pretty small maybe 5 inches at most, wearing clothes similar to a character I had in my PSP Phantasy Star Universe 2. He had a Blue Necnec Shirt and a pair of Braves Pants... I think he also has a Braves Coat on but it's tied to his waist instead. He also had the same hairstyle as my character, White and spiky. Over his eyes was a transparent light blue visor like object and where his ears were supposed to be was a pair of antennas (think of Chachamaru from Negima Magister Magi) and a pair of Dark Navy blue boots. Finally he also had metallic metal blue wings that are shaped like the wings of Latios from Pokémon with the letters 'PSP' marked in the back of both wings.

"Do you know who I am now?" He asked lazily floating in front of me. I smiled slightly and opened the palm of my hand and raised it up a bit. He gladly sat on it with his legs crossed, smiling as well. "Of course..." I murmured "You're the personification that I dreamed of for my PSP a long time ago...am I right, Sniper?"

He smirked and gave me a genuinely surprised response "YEP! As expected from you 'L' you rarely forget about your fantasized characters...although I thought that you would be freaking out right now."

My smile was a sad one this time "I would...but I have a lot on my mind right now..." Sniper seemed to flinch a little and rubbed the back of his head. We were silent for a moment before Sniper jumped up and floated towards me head. "I can understand that... since I am technically still a part of you... well I-I wanted to show myself to you after hiding for 4 years"

He looked sad and stuttered as he sat on my shoulder. "I-I'm sorry I was j-just afraid that you would get scared and refuse to acknowledge my existence..." I didn't want my newfound friend to be sad himself so I reached out a finger and patted his head, accidentally making him fall downwards before he managed to correct himself, blushing as I snickered. "It's fine Snipe, at least you came out now eh?" The door suddenly opened and I was about to tell Sniper to hide when I realized that he was already hidden somewhere 'that was fast...' I mused.

I looked at the door again and saw the same lady from before looking at me with a worried glance. "Are you okay? I heard you talking to someone." I inwardly cursed as I forgot about the possibility of my voice being heard. I simply nodded trying to look as detached as possible. "I'm okay... and I was just talking to myself..." I looked back to the window again and saw Sniper sitting on top of the curtains. She didn't look convinced as she sighed and walked out the door before saying "Okay... just call a nurse or someone else if you need help..."
When she shut the door Sniper flew towards me and glared at the door. " I don't trust her..." he muttered clenching his right hand over and over again. 'A sign of agitation...' I thought

He looked at me and said "Lan I'm taking you out of here." I looked at him in surprise "Why?" He looked around cautiously and whispered "I checked this place out with some of the sensors that I had, thanks to your imagination, and found out that this isn't a normal hospital...this is an isolation house! It isn't even named St. Luke!"

I was speechless 'Why would they put me in an Isolation-house...' Sniper seemed to know and said "I think it wasn't intended but one of the doctors injected some sort of Virus that they were experimenting on. I overheard that it wasn't contagious but they were saying that they should simply kill you to get on with the procedures...they were apparently underfunded because of the delays and failures. They're getting rather desperate."

I was panicking myself, I know I was about to die anyways, but I did not want to leave yet after meeting one of my imagined characters... plus I did not want to be in a science experiment for who-knows-what. I whispered "How're you going to take me out of here."

Sniper seemed to smile before he encased the room in something with a bluish technological like appearance. "I can do better! I was given permission to provide you with a second chance, in a videogame that you liked!" The videogame part got me skeptical...but I'm talking to my psp what else is new? So instead I gave a question. "Permission from whom?" He smiled and pointed upwards... I had a realization. "Plus Odin in Ragnarok allowed it too." Wait...Odin...I'm going to Ragnarok? As in Rune-Midgard? I couldn't resist 'YES YES YES!" I shouted but clamped my mouth.

Sniper then said "You're going to be in for a surprise though, plus I won't be able to join you for 7 years... I need to recover my energy..." I deflated and said "so your leaving me to huh..."

"What! NO! It's just that I need to recharge... and prepare 'that'"

There was a banging on the door and Sniper opened up a portal before pushing me in. "Well SEE YA BRO!" I was surprised by the push and wasn't prepared therefore I got a weird dizzy feeling before feeling that I'll pass out. My final thoughts were "Mom, dad... I hope you're watching... I will have you in my heart right?" and "I am so going to tor- I mean talk to Sniper for not warning me...

'Well... I suppose I have a new life to explore... I still miss my parents... But I smiled as I slowly lost my consciousness 'I suppose I wouldn't be their son if I kept moping now would I?

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