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Rebirth: Ch 1 The Fox maiden and the Werewolf

The portal felt weird... It's like being on a roller coaster only, it also involves your body getting squished or thrown around like a rag doll without a safety harness. Although I did notice that my body was changing... into what I don't know.

The only thing that concerned me was when I lost all my hearing before gaining them back again with some difference. There was also a slight pain in my eyes.

But amongst all that all I was thinking about is how I read too many self-insert fics and why I wasn't panicking. I mean... I just met a personification of my psp, made when I was very young apparently, my parents...moved on..., and chucked through a weird portal thingy by said psp... Normally I'd be freaked out, but for some reason I'm simply excited and accepting on it... Must be the adrenaline...if it is adrenaline... That or I have a subconscious force that lets me avoid becoming an emo...

My thoughts were the thrown out when I felt the area change. I couldn't open my eyes for some reason and I also couldn't move my legs and arms.

After struggling a little bit I finally managed slightly open my eyes, which I noticed were a LOT clearer than what they were before. I looked around and saw that I was in a clearing of some sort and lying down on something warm and fuzzy.

I tried to move or speak but I couldn't as the only sounds that came out were a bunch of gibberish gurgles. Suddenly, the fuzzy thing that I was lying down on moved. I felt a big hand hold me and turned me around. I didn't if I should panic or be at awe... Facing me was a giant wolf's head with a scar on its right eye... Atroce... He seemed to grin as he hugged my body, which in noted was tiny compared to my original height of 5"9' , to his large chest.

"Mornin' to you to Lyall" He said. 'Okay... I know my name is not Lyall, but hey I called myself Lan even if that isn't my name...' I thought as I stared at him before having the urge to say dada for some reason.

I couldn't really control my body as my face adopted a smile and giggled.

He smiled, like my dad, and patted my head...yes he did pet my like a dog... It did feel rather comfortable. "Looks like you're getting bigger! Just 2 months ago. You couldn't even open your eyes, and now you're starting to bark like your old man! I am so proud!" It was funny I could see his tail wagging back and forth... It was longer than what they made it looked like in the game, and fuzzier.

Wait...Bark? Why on earth would I bark? Unless...! Him implying that he was proud of me, my inability to be rather coherent and move. The small petite body I had! I'm a baby...great... getting off topic.

I think Sniper forgot to mention that I'm the freakin' SON of 'THE' Atroce! ..

I still miss my dad though...and my mom. But I suppose depression isn't the right way to go eh? My parents are still with me after all...

Anyways, while I was busy musing in my thoughts Atroce brought me to a forest of some sort. I could have sworn I saw a couple of wolves bowing at him, or was it to me? We entered a cave and I somehow instinctively knew that we were in Payon cave.

My hunch was proven when I saw a couple of Sohees, packs of Ninetails, Munaks and Bonguns moving along the caves. They each looked different than the sprites in the game, like this one Bongun had a rather long and spiky hair and one of the Ninetails had a big scar on his right side Though I was honestly surprised when the ruins that were supposed to be there looked a little too realistic for me.

My concern about them breaking must have been pretty strong since I involuntarily gave a small whimper or was that a purr?.

'If I was big and saw a baby whimpering like a dog I would be screaming cute right now...' I mused.

Atroce showed a rather comforting gesture "I wouldn't worry about those piles of junk falling on you pup. They've been standing here for years! Plus I wouldn't let any harm come one ya' trust your old man here." I felt a little bit better though I was also embarrassed when he let his slobbery tongue lick my hair. Dog slobber, blegh.

"Yo!" came a voice from behind us. Atroce- 'I should probably call him dad now.' - turned around which included me since I was in his arms. What I saw was rather weird... He seemed like a Bongun but rather... different. He had the generic blond hair like almost every Bongun but the clothes he wore didn't have a big resemblance to the others plus his hair was a Lot spikier.

He was pretty buff and he made no effort to hide it. The sleeves of his blue top was ripped it was also open making it look more like an open vest. He was grinning and had his well-muscled arms, that were wrapped in bandages, crossed. He wore a sleeveless white shirt, one that you would only expect a human to wear. The only thing that gave a hint of him being a Bongun is the legwear, which was full of scratches and patches, and the talisman wrapped around his right arm. Unlike the others who had them on their hats... I wonder what will happen if the talisman is removed.

"You're as wild as ever Hao." said Atroce. "Is Moony ready to see her son?" Okay… either Atroce is simply my powerful caretaker or he and moonlight flower are a couple.

Hao simply grinned and pointed behind him with his thumb. "Yep, Lady Luna has been rather anxious and excited. Shana is waiting with her and my own son Shin." he turned around and we proceeded to follow him.

I think I saw Atroce smile a rather perverted grin... a wolfish grin anyways... He said "Ohoho so you and Shana finally got busy!" Hao almost tripped but caught himself. He turned his face to glare at Atroce but with his face red, an obvious sign of a blushing storm he grumbled and I think he said something about perverted nosy dogs. If Atroce heard it then he probably wasn't affected since he was chuckling.

"Don't think you can hide it from me Hao. After all it is because of Moony and yours truly that you're even together?" Shin simply growled and shouted "Shut it ya' overgrown stuff toy!" but this only made Atroce laugh harder as we continued down the hall.

I heard some laughter and it got louder as we walked closer to this building. It looked like an ancient Chinese/Japanese temple with some tatami mats and a couple of human looking guards. Although I could have sworn that they looked like skeletons in the distance. They ARE wearing the clothes and armor worn by skeleton archer and warrior in the game, so maybe they change appearances? Who knows...

We went inside and I saw a small blonde haired kid maybe around my physical age, slightly younger, clinging on to the legs of a Munak looking woman. Beside them was Moonlight Flower with her signature Fox hat and furry paw like hands and feet. Her Giant Bell was sitting right next to her looking pretty brand new. She smiled at us and hugged me and Atroce, though she couldn't hug Atroce entirely with his big physique taking up the majority of her arms.

"How are you Atro?" She said as she carried me. I was curious but elated at the same time. Moony, as me and my cousins call her, is one of my favorite characters, along with Atroce, Though luckily she wears more of that fur since she practically wears next to nothing in the game. She smiled at me and my little body couldn't resist letting out a small giggle... seriously, when can I control these things?

"Oh ya' know me Luna, I've lived a rather excitable life. Besides with these claws no would be hunter can defeat me!"…here is rather...err, proud? I saw rolling her eyes at him and I resisted the urge to roll my own eyes since Atro was flexing his muscles and making poses... I look down and saw the little Bongun kid looking up at me curiously and I wanted to at least try reliving my childhood and make it worth it. So I did myself a favor and did my best of baby imitations at wanting to play with him.

Apparently Moony understood and placed me on the ground right beside the Bongun kid. The Munak, probably the Shana person, looked after us and said "Looks like Lyall wants to play with Shin"

"" Shin tried to say. If I'm not mistaken he tried to say Onii-san, which means Big Brother in Japanese, that or he said Oni... I think it meant demon but I'm not sure. Wonder why he called me that.

"Well look at that, Shin already recognizes his future master!" this came from a rather proud looking Hao. Though I focused in the master part, why would I be his master? I'm still in a kid's body! "Well without a doubt those two would get along in the future. I was worried that we'd have to look for a different companion for Lyall."

I saw Hao clutch his chest pretending to be hurt. "Why Master! You doubted me?" before he bursted out laughing with Atroce, mom and Shana just watched us and the two laughing adult males. I couldn't help but think how interesting this new life started...

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