Ragnarok Wolves Howling: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Enter the Kingdom Of Archers


To summarize my training, I would like to say that it is TORTURE. Sheesh, no wonder MVP monsters were so powerful. Their training regimen is so hard. Add the fact that I became lazy in my past life, this thing was a PAIN!

I think Shin will whole heartedly agree with me as both of us were breathing hard and can barely stand right now. But at the same time, I became proud of myself. Now at seven years old, I had developed skills that would allow me to at least be able to outsmart and outlast a Kobold!

Even though I still look like a seven year old, I would say that I have more physical power than an average teenaged human from my first life.

The humans here are more powerful since they did not have the luxury of electricity at the level of my old homeworld. If I remember correctly the most developed technology that they had was the power of coal and steam. That and Magic.

Anyways, Shin was finally given the generic clothing for a Bongun except that it was small and I can see that Shin had some personality traits from his father. Whenever he thought no one was looking I can see him tugging at his clothing looking like he wanted to change it drastically.

Hmm, I wonder what would happen if he trained in one of the human classes. Hmm, I can easily see him as a Monk, actually, it would be better for him to become a Taekwon! Since he is already training how to use punches and martial arts, he'd be a very dangerous warrior if he learns how to send powerful kicks. Besides I think he'll be hurt if a priest uses heal on him while his talisman is on him.

That was an interesting discovery. The Talismans of Munaks, and Bonguns give them the undead property. They're not actually undead but the talismans hold the souls of ancient warriors. The Talismans then slowly makes the Bonguns and Munaks remember their past lives since they were apparently the reincarnations of those same historical soldiers loyally serving Moonlight Flower, the guardian of the ancient empire of Payon which was destroyed by the great fires.

So my mother was THAT old. At least I thought she was until she told me that while her soul is that old, her body changes through time, and that she is a different Moonlight Flower from the past. She tells me that if she ever wanted to she can visit the shrine and enter her mind summoning the past Flowers and asking for their advice.

Same goes my dad. But they told me that it was the first time that I was born. I wanted to correct them that I am also a reincarnation of a human from a different world but they would just laugh and not believe me. Besides, now that I'm here who cares about that old life? Yes I'd miss my friends but most of them would smack me upside the head and order me to have fun in this life. Doesn't stop me from hoping to see my old Ragnarok friends, or at least see if their characters are here.

Hey if my PSP can have a personification, then anything is possible.

Whenever I wasn't undergoing training from dad, my mom was teaching me about the different cultures and people that she met from adventurers that wander in the cave. Some adventurers were rather friendly to mother and she even said that she had even attended some weddings in Payon since places like Prontera and LightHalzen were still quite… unwelcoming to monsters.

On a side note the War-of-Emperium is still being done in this world and I have never heard of Morroc getting destroyed yet so I was quite happy. I missed the old Morroc, it was very beautiful before the it was wrecked to pieces. I really don't want to meet Satan Morroc yet, The only time I faced him was in a Super High Rate server and even then it was a big Party, just because the characters were extra-powerful did not mean that the admins failed to bump up the power levels of MVP monsters either.

"Master Lyall?" called out Shin. Darn it, I told him not to call me that. So far I managed to get him to call me as Lyall when in public since it would look weird to call me Master, but he still reverts to that whenever we were in private.

I took a deep breath as I swipped some perspiration of my face, "Yes Shin?"

"Dad said that we are finally able to visit Payon without sneaking around. You excited master?"

Oh! I remember Mom telling a group of archers that we would visit Payon after two years.

"You bet I am! I'm excited to see the Human settlements!" Even though I was tired, my ever uncontrollable and emotional tail was wagging with joy. Mostly because they finally unlocked my powers.

It appears that my brown hair was a fake cover from a pale blue hair. My tail was the only one who remained blue because it symbolized if I will be able to call on the powers that I inherited from my parents consciously. If I wanted others to see me as a Human, my hair would turn back to being dark brown, and my tail and wolf ears become invisible. An illusion of human ears then appears on the sides of my head to fool anyone.

So my parents will visit Payon without me disguising as a human, showing everyone a young boy with pale light blue hair, wolf ears and tail as well as black wolf eyes. Everyone would then see that form as the son of Atroce and Moonlight Flower.

The other form would be of a boy with messy brown hair and hazel eyes. No one would know that that same hazel eyed child is the pale blue haired pup of two Guardians.

"Pups! Com'ere, and get your tails ready." Called out my dad Atroce. "Payon will be expecting us soon and Luna is already preparing herself."

Both me and Shin shared excited looks with each other before we dashed towards Atroce. When we left the cave both of us were wearing different clothes. Shin still wore the generic Bongun clothes but he lacked the hat before and know had it. He kept blowing the talisman out of his face so he angled his hat a bit. I can see him becoming like his dad pretty soon if his personality become any wilder than it started to.

I on the other hand replaced the old white tattered pants with some fur shorts. I did not expect it to be very comfy. Oh and Moony thought that I would look cute if I wore the glove and boots like she has only in smaller sizes and in a light blue color. I decided to forgo wearing any upper clothing since dad told me that I wouldn't need them in the future. I kind of agree with that. I may be small now but I'm pretty sure that I'll be outgrowing them soon enough. Though I did have a scarf on my neck, a little bit big, but I looked absolutely adorable when I looked at the mirror. My mom wanted me to look cute and the oversized scarf, and animal gloves and boots.

I was surprised my dad didn't protest though when asked he said that cute things become girl magnets… That perverted Hound dog. But I couldn't disagree. Hey I was a healthy growing hormonal teenage boy before I reverted to becoming a kid. I would probably look back on this and attract some early attention from girls as I grow. Besides, gossiping ladies are great sources of information to be 'in the know.'

And I highly doubt that they would think that little ol' seven year old me would be listening. Score!

"C'mon!" I said as I dragged Shin with me excitedly. Our parents walking at a more sedate pace watching as.

The forest was really bigger than I thought and to my joy, I found a poring which I proceeded to carry on my arms. I think that it would add to the innocent and cute appearance. Besides the Poring feel like soft pillows. Very comfy and squishy.

"I hereby name him Mr. Squishy. My Squishy! MIIIIINE!"

Shin couldn't stop looking at me weirdly after that, as the adults laughed. My face couldn't get any redder. I can't help it! The poring was the first monster I fought in the computer and they were cute.

I'll be letting Mr. Squishy go after the Payon visit though. I think that he prefers being able to roam around freely.

Though when we finally saw the gates of Payon, Shin and I couldn't help but gaze in awe. The city really looks great! Reminds of the Japanese gates and buildings.

I watched in amusement as the gateguards become bewildered and hastily bowed to us. They were staring at me in shock though. Well, no one told them of a kid to come with Atroce and Moonlight Flower so that was expected. They weren't shocked about Shin though since they had seen younger Bonguns and Munaks occasionally wandering around with an older one. To the Payonese people, they knew about them carrying the old spirits of the ancients.

All the while Mr. Squishy was munching on an apple that I gave him.

Before entering I made the scarf cover half of my face in preparation for a factor of mystery and cuteness. I won't be able to do this again when I get older so I'm taking advantage of it while I still can.

Putting on the most innocent look that I can, I looked at everything with big blue puppy eyes. Seeing some people talk about how cute I was made me smirk under the scarf. Shin also got in the act by looking like an innocent and young curious Bongun loyally following me everywhere a small spark of mischievousness settling in his eyes. At the corner of my eyes I can see Atroce and Hao struggling to contain their laughter while Moony and Shana looked on in amusement. Together we all walked straight to the big red palace, and at the sideline people were all pointing and waving at us. I saw some people who are obviously not locals by their expressions and facial features. I saw one knight grab his sword but a local huntress smacked his head and explained the situation to him. The rest of his party listened in and I see how they were struggling to get the idea that two extremely powerful monsters were welcomed in town.

As we come closer to the palace I see the most well-dressed and probably the oldest man in town. The Emperor of Payon.

Beside him surprisingly was Harayu Jin, the same Hunter who asked permission to explore the Payon Cave. But his uniform isn't the regular Hunter's clothes as he was wearing the garbs of a Sniper.

'Interesting' I thought. 'So there is a transcendence class. Even then he looks pretty young. I guess they shrink back to being younger like it does in the game.'

I pretended to not notice them so I 'accidentally' bumped into Harayu's leg, Lluckily Mr. Squishy was safely tucked in my arms so I really wasn't hurt by it as he absorbed most of the impact. I did fall down on my butt though which was my goal and looked up to his eyes as innocently as possible seeing his raised red eyebrow and the amused chuckle of the white haired emperor.

"And who might you be little one?" asked the emperor. Jumping up I puffed out my chest and made my eye smile, as impossible as it may have been and talked in the most innocent tone that I can muster. "Hi! I'm Ice! Son of Atroce and Moony Flow'r!" I intentionally mispronounced Moonlight Flower into a nickname before I pointed to Shin who was laughing quietly behind me.

I told him I'm Ice because it was agreed upon that my real name should be kept as a secret. Ice may also become part of a title which I'm most likely going to have. Hmm, I wonder if the Ice Wolf, would be a good title.

"And this is Shin, My ever so overprotective big Brother with no sense of direction whatsoever!" Making Shin stop laughing and blush as red as a tomato sputtering indignantly. Ha! Take that you directionally challenged Bongun! That was for always calling me master when I told you not to.

The emperor nodded and smiled at me. "I see." His sagely old voice said with a bit of mirth poorly concealed.

Before I can say anything I was picked up abruptly, much to my annoyance, by Atroce and placed on top of his head. "Haha! Sorry about that pops, this son of mine is rather energetic!"

The emperor calmly waved his hand as if to dismiss any negative notions. "Nonsense you overgrown mutt! It's refreshing to see someone like him after 5 years!" Wow, so I guess Atroce and the emperor were close friends. "Though I think I know why you did not allow anyone to enter the cave. I would much appreciate it if you would join me for some tea and clarify as to why you deemed it necessary to black all access to your home."

Moony nodded regally and said "Of course, though is it possible to allow my son Ice, his future bodyguard Shin and Hao to explore the palace a bit? This is the cubs' first sight of a human settlement."

Technically that isn't true for me but the places that I've been at are different anyways so I suppose that doesn't count.

"Of course," The emperor jovially said. "like always you and your family are welcome to this palace. And Payon will welcome the guardians the protect it and it's history."

With that we entered the palace doors and I can't help but wonder how this first human contact will be.


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