Percy's POV

The screeches of battle was dying. We had won. But one problem. I was dying. Annabeth and Poseidon were kneeling next to me. Everyone else were so caught up on their own injuries, they probably haven't noticed me. The enemy had run a spear through my stomach at the last minute. Annabeth was crying her eyes out while my dad was just smiling sadly at me with tears in his eyes. "Please. Don't go." she sobbed. I hated seeing my Wise girl like this. So torn up and depressed. "Goodbye, Wise girl. I love you." I said, my breath becoming shorter. "I love you too, Seaweed Brain" she said, tears running down her cheeks. "Always remember me." I said. Those were my last words. Smiling at her, my soul left my body. Percy Jackson was dead.

Annabeth's POV

He was dead. Percy Jackson, the love of my life, was dead. He was lying in front of me in a pool of his own blood. I couldn't stop crying. He was gone. No more Seaweed Brain. Forever. His sea green eyes which used to be full of life and happiness were now dull and lifeless. "Rest in peace, son" Poseidon said, closing his eyes. He was still smiling. It made him look like he was having a pleasant dream. But he was dead. Nico saw me and waved. I kept staring at Percy. He saw me looking at a body not realizing who the body belonged to. He approached, a look of horror spreading on his face. "Is….is that Percy?" he asked. I just sniffed and nodded. "No….no, I can't lose him too! I already lost Bianca! Isn't that enough?" he wailed. People must've heard Nico, because they started crowding around us. "Is that Percy?" someone from the crowd asked. "Yes" I answered. Tears kept trickling down my face non-stop. Everyone else started tearing up. The Hero of Olympus was dead.