Chapter 2: Four Years Later

Disclaimer: Do I look like Rick Riordan?

Annabeth's POV

Its been four years since the Giant War. Four years since Percy

died. I could clearly hear his voice saying "Always remember me".

Those were his last words. But I was over him. Partly. My mind was

buzzing with excitement. Riley Jefferson had proposed to me. And I said

yes. He was a son of Hephaestus. He had honey brown hair, dark brown

eyes, was tall, and had a great personality. I started dating him three

years ago. Of course I still missed Percy. His confused face. His cute

hairstyle. His deep sea-green eyes. But I moved on. I was on my way to

meet Cecilia Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite, my best friend, our

wedding planner. And yes she is Silena's sister. I chose her since she

volunteered and seemed professional at things like this. She was

perfect for the job. As I passed by Half-Blood Hill, I saw Russel, who was

a satyr, and some guy scrambling to the top. Running to help them, I

spotted a hellhound following close by. "Oh Styx" I grumbled to myself.

The hellhound hasn't seen me yet, so I ran as quietly as I could, behind

it. I unsheathed my knife and slowly stabbed the hellhound. Wounded, I

stabbed it once more, turning it into gold dust. Looking at Russel and

the boy, I noticed his features.I almost dropped my knife. Sea-green

eyes. Messy black hair. Lopsided grin. He was an exact copy of Percy.

Only a few years older. 'Could it be?' I thought. "Hi, I'm Andrew

Johnson." He said giving his hand out for me to shake. He was smiling at

me, a sparkle of happiness in his eyes. Like I said, an exact copy of

Percy. They had the same voice! "Do you mind giving me a tour, Wise

girl?" That confirmed my suspicions. "Is it really you?" I asked in a voice

that came out as a whisper. "If you mean Andrew, yes. If you mean

Percy, absolutely!" At that point I hugged him so tight, I'm pretty sure

his insides would've come out. "But weren't you killed?" Tears were

threatening to spill. "I'll….explain later." He answered. Cautiously taking

a step back, I asked looking at him warily "Did you cheat death?" "No.

Why would I do that? Come on! I wanna see if anything changed! Race

ya! Bye Russel!" he said waving bye to Russel, sprinting inside of camp.

"Wait for me Seaweed Brain!" I called out to him laughing. I stood next

to him panting then punched him. "Wow. Looks like not much changed,

huh?" he joked. "Um, Percy, about that…." I trailed off. Riley was

walking towards us. "Hey Annie. Who's this?" he asked. 'Uh-oh' I