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The Dark Tournament had sucked. It was, barring only Majin Buu, the most emotionally traumatic experience of my entire life. I was glad it was over, and on some level, I had even been happy to return home and start school again.

I hated school, but being with my friends in an environment where demons weren't rooting for our untimely death was a relief. And if some idiots at our school wanted to get on our case, all we had to do was hit them in the face and that would be the end of it.

My first day back at Sariyaski had been more eventful than I had intentionally planned on it being. Rei, who I can only classify as my arch nemesis, welcomed me back to school in her usual fashion of taunting and harassing me. I ignored her as usual, especially considering how tired I was being that the tournament had only ended a few days prior.

Yusuke and Kuwabara warned her that I didn't need to be harassed that day and I warned her too, because that was the responsible thing to do. But Rei was, as always, relentless and, somehow, even more annoying than usual.

To make a long story short, she shoved me. I didn't have a choice but to give her one good sock in the stomach. She fell to the ground crying and I was casually escorted to the office, by Keiko as per the request of our teacher.

Because he had faith in my ability to one day be a successful member of society, Principal Takenaka decided to ask my mother remove me from school instead of outright expelling me so he wouldn't have to add another black mark to my already terribly long list of black marks.

Chichi Son is my least favorite person to be around when she's angry.

After laying into me in the middle of Takenaka's office, she pulled me out of school, continued to yell me, and then took me to see her wonderful little sister, Shiori.

And that was why Kurama was walking me to my new locker at my new school.

Kurama was a grade higher than me so all hopes of even seeing him outside of lunch was a pipe dream. I was going to be sitting in class with a bunch of prep school kids who knew me because of my association with Yusuke and they were all going to immediately hate me. I already hated every single one of them, including my cousin who, at the moment, seemed to be enjoying the fact that I was suffering.

We reached my locker and I slammed my head against.

"Don't damage school property, please," he said.

I frowned at him. "I don't like you in a school environment. It makes you ten times more annoying than usual."

"Likewise to you," he said.

"Whatever," I said.

"Don't be so glum, Kairi," he said.

"I hate everything," I said.

"That attitude has got to go," he said. "You have to keep in mind that the only reason you got into this school is because I told them how wonderful you are and how you're going to be on your best behavior."

"Why would you tell a lie like that?" I asked.

Kurama glanced up and down the hallways, which were deserted as homeroom was currently in session. Then he grabbed my arm and twisted it up against my back, and shoved me up against my locker.

"I know this may not mean much to you, everyone in this school likes me quite a lot. If you get into trouble while you're here, then it's not going to look good for me, and I'm actually rather fond of my upstanding reputation," he said. "So, for the duration of your schooling here, I think it best if you made everyone here believe that the sun shines out of your ass."

He released my arm and I rubbed my shoulder.

"It's no fair you doing that when I can't even defend myself," I said.

I was not allowed to use my energy until I got it back to normal, at least Genkai strongly advised me against doing so otherwise I could hurt myself or something to that effect. I wasn't really listening when she explained it, but I wasn't going to argue with her. I was just going to be on normal human status for a while.

"You'll be all right," Kurama said. "Do you remember what you're supposed to do after school?"

I sighed. "I'm supposed to wait until Trunks gets here and then he's going to eventually going to take me home when he gets bored of hanging out with me."

"He only gets bored of hanging out with you because you're a terrible person," Kurama said.

"How can you say that?" I asked.

"It's really just a feeling, Kairi. Feel free to ignore me. I've only really gotten to know you over the course of this past year. I can't really say that I'm going to be able to read you that well," he said.

"But you can read me enough to think that I'm a terrible person?" I asked.

"You're not a terrible person. . . You might just be an emotional terrorist," he said

I gasped. "An emotional terrorist? Did you just call me an emotional terrorist?" Kurama went to explain but I stopped him. "How are those the first words that come to mind? Emotional terrorist?"

"I'm sorry, but you are clearly not interested in him. You're in this strange 'open relationship' with him because you feel some kind of obligation to him which is not okay," he said. "But you don't like him anymore. You've just been leading him on—and don't say you haven't because you have. You're an emotional terrorist. And it's even worse because you're leading him on while you like someone else."

I shrank away from him a little. "You think I like someone else?"

"I don't think. I know," he said.

"Oh, you know, because you're so smart and you know everything. Tell me, oh, wise one, who is this mysterious person who's suddenly, from out of nowhere, managed to catch my eye?" I asked.

"Hiei," he said, bluntly.

My jaw dropped. "Hiei? Really?"

"The fact that you're getting defensive instead of denying it says something," Kurama said.

"I don't like Hiei," I said casually. "I mean, like, he's cool and all, but-."

"The fact that you just used the word 'cool' to describe him is incontrovertible evidence that proves you like him," he said.

"And how did you come to that conclusion?" I asked.

"Because the only time anyone ever uses the word 'cool' to describe someone is when they're describing someone they like, especially when said person has a short man's complex and is considered to be an asshole by everyone he meets," Kurama said.

"Oh, shut up," I said.

"Even you think he's an asshole. As I recall, you once called him the most arrogant, ungrateful, sarcastic asshole you had ever met," Kurama said.

"And how could I possibly have feelings for a person like that?" I asked.

"Because you are a Saiyan and arrogance, sarcasm, and assholery are programmed into your DNA," he said.

"I can't believe you just said 'assholery' like it's a real word," I said.

"I'm merely trying to speak in terms you'll understand," he said.

"I may not be some weirdo brainiac like you, Suichi, but I can tell when people are being condescending," I said.

Kurama shrugged and then started to push me along down the hallway.

"Soon, you'll come to see that I was right about all of this and you'll understand," he said. He stopped in front of a classroom door and smiled at me. "In the mean time, how about you go in and meet your new classmates?"

"If I said I'd rather eat glass would that make any difference at all?" I asked.

"Nope," he said. He pulled the classroom door open and walked inside. The teacher saw him and he smiled.

"There you are, Suichi. I was afraid you might not show up," the teacher said.

"Sorry for our tardiness," Kurama said politely as if he hadn't just been being a condescending ass to me out in the hallway.

"Students, 11th grade class representative, Suichi Minamino has a new student to introduce to our class," the teacher went on. "Please give them both your undivided attention."

All of the girls in the class seemed to have broken out into restrained giggled fits. I cannot believe Kurama had fangirls in school.

"This is my cousin, Kairi Son who's just transferred from Sariyaski," Kurama began. The murmuring began almost immediately. That wasn't going to get annoying or anything. "Say 'hello', Kairi."

"Yo," I said, flatly, flashing the peace sign.

"She's quite timid, but I hope that won't deter you from making her feel welcome here," Kurama said.

"I'm sure she'll fit right in here with class 2A," the teacher said. "How about you go have a seat back there, Kairi. Thank you for introducing her to us Suichi."

Kurama walked out of the classroom and I walked to the empty desk at the back of the room. I dropped my bag down on the back of my chair and then plopped down. My teacher started to go on giving the morning announcements, but there were whispers and glances.

I reclined back on my chair and tuned them out. I wasn't happy to be here, but I couldn't really screw things up for Kurama just because I hated everything about my life right now.

"You've gotten older," the boy sitting in the desk next to me said.

I looked over at him and stared for a moment. He looked incredibly familiar but I couldn't place where I'd seen him before.

"Come on, I know you know who I am," he said with a chuckle. "Or maybe you don't recognize me outside of a headlock or without someone tying me to a flag pole."

And then it hit me. "Suekichi! Matsuo Suekichi." Suekichi was one of my classmates until junior high when he transferred schools. He got picked on a lot. Yusuke was always bailing him out of trouble for a small fee of about 10 zeni. Suekichi was always a nice kid though.

"You do remember me," he said. "And I haven't had the chance to forget you. Your reputation precedes you. Urameshi's too."

"How've you been?" I asked.

"Great. I'm on the boxing team now," he said.

"Good for you. I thought it was kind of pathetic when you let Yusuke take your money all of the time," I said.

"That's a little rude to say," he said.

"Well, when you're right you're right," I said with a shrug.

"Why aren't you at Sariyaski anymore?" he asked. "You didn't get expelled did you?"

"They asked my mother to remove me after repeated reports of harassment from some girl there," I said. "You remember Rei don't you?"

"She's still giving you problems after 10 years?" he asked.

"Not anymore apparently," I said. The bell rang and I sighed.

"Cheer up. It's not so bad here," Suekichi said. "Although, I don't doubt that everyone will give you a hard time about being Suichi's little cousin. He's kind of a like an in school celebrity."

"He has that effect on people," I said getting to my feet.

"I didn't even know he had a cousin and I wouldn't have ever guessed the two of you were related," he said.

"I don't blame him for it," I said. "I wouldn't tell people I was related to me either."

I stopped in the middle of the hallway because I sensed something odd outside of the building. I walked over to a window and looked outside. Botan was standing outside, waving at me.

"You've gotta be kidding me," I said.

"You know her?" Suekichi asked.

"Sadly," I said. "How do I get to the roof?"

"Just take the stairs all the way up. It's connected," he said. "But we've got math-."

"I'll be there, don't worry," I said. "Save me a seat. I've got to deal with this."