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On the referee's whistle Zuko punched out bursts of flames, jumped up and twisted himself while shooting flames from his feet. Toph's hands were up, her senses feeling out her surrounding; quickly she felt the heat in the air and bent up a column of earth to block the fiery attack. Toph felt his vibration from a couple of feet away as he landed and charged towards her to deal another couple of blows; with a smirk, Toph sent up a wall of earth to cover her as she punched a controlled fissure on the path of where Zuko's foot would land. Zuko was caught off guard as the fissure turned his foot's direction; recovering from the brief shock, he used his other foot to flip over trailing another burst of fiery flames toward Toph. Toph kicked out her foot onto the earth, kicking up blocks of stone and pelted them towards Zuko's direction; she felt a body of heat nearing her as she ran towards Zuko's direction, quickly as she ran she slid down on her knees and bent backwards as to avoid the flames. Popping back up on her feet, Toph hurled another set of rocks.

"You hot yet, Toph?" Zuko called out, sweating from exertion.

"Been hot, Sparky." Toph replied, a sweaty mess with a menacing grin on her face before she then gave a swift stomp on the ground, sending particles of dust into the air, visually impairing Zuko for the time being. Despite his impaired state, Zuko threw a ball of flame from where he last heard her from.
"Playing dirty, Bei Fong?" he said, in stance as he walked around the arena blindly.
"More like a healthy coating of Earth, if you ask me." He heard right near the shell of his ear while her hand gripped the back of his shoulder tightly; he then aimed another flame to find his fists engulfed in two columns of earth, and Toph quickly engulfed in the earth beneath his feet. Quickly he blasted the earth gloves off as the majority of the particles cleared from the air, then seeing Toph, he ran towards her, dodging whatever she threw at him and tackled her, pinning her underneath him. Zuko felt Toph's well-developed body squirm against him, causing very hormonally driven thoughts to race around in his head as well as blood rushing south before being flipped over and pinned by her lithe form. Don't think about it, don't think about it...Damn. Zuko thought, then felt Toph's head lift up, eyes widen with facial features that first displayed pure shock, and then her eyes narrowed at him, glaring daggers at the all too physically happy male beneath her.

"I felt that" Toph said menacingly, blushing from either embarrassment, hate and/or annoyance. Zuko took that pause of embarrassment to pin her back to the floor. Not one for being victim, Toph wrestled him back to being pinned. You're not going to win so easily Zuko thought, and with that he pinned her over and kept her underneath him before the whistle blew. Zuko won. Even though both heard the whistle, Toph wasn't going to let this prissy prince besmirch her reputation; as the prince kept her pinned underneath him, Toph raised her head off the ground and whispered into his ear; "please, harder". Zuko loosened his grip on her for a moment, in which Toph took advantage of and pinned the prince underneath her; in the next moments both Toph and Zuko were rolling around the arena, both struggling for dominance in this long since ended battle. Both parties slapped faces, tugged at each other's hair, and slammed each other onto the arena floor.

"Alright, alright! Break it up! Break it up! Zuko won. We can't spend any more time on just one battle. Go clean up you two love birds. Not together." a coach called out, quickly striding towards the tussling two, and broke them apart.

"Fine, he wins. And Coach...just no, hell to the no. While we're on this topic, go flush your brain out of the gutter. Gods." Toph huffed angrily, and then stomped back to the girl's locker room.

"Really coach? Never with that mess of a woma-...not so soon." Zuko first angrily huffed then turned to uphold his image, flashing a charming smile before walking off to the boy's locker room.

After cleaning themselves off, they were once again whisked away to the palace to continue the afternoon routine in silence; to change their clothes then off to their individual activities. Zuko, after an hour being the guest of honor at a museum opening finally plopped down into his the chair in his study and began to do his homework.
"Five wishes." he heard a presence said behind him. The said presence leaned onto the back of his leather office chair.

"You owe me five, if I could recall." Zuko said, dropping his pen. "So what do I owe the pleasure of you sneaking into my study, Toph?"

"Just need a place to hide" Toph said nonchalantly, propping up her feet on his desk as she sat in a chair she pulled up. "And I'm bored."

"Well, I'm not your entertainment venue, Miss Bei Fong, especially after your un-sportsman like conduct after I've beaten you." Zuko said while reading a stack of documents. "You might not want to hide from your maids; you really need the education after you've acted today."

"Haha, very funny hotpants." Toph said with a frown, "I assume, however, that you enjoyed a part of the fight. You were quite 'happy'."

Zuko froze in place, cleared his throat, and then calmly faced the window. "LADY MIN, THE CROWN PRINCESS IS IN THE CROWN PRINCE'S OFFICE!"

"Shut up, Sparky!" Toph quickly jumped onto his lap, and clamped her hands over his mouth.

"Princess! We must get back to your lessons. This kind of behavior is unacceptab..." Lady Min froze at the sight. Lady Min then briskly walked up towards Toph, pulled her off of Zuko, and bowed deeply. "Death to myself your majesty for not instilling princess-in-training Toph the etiquettes of the court."

"It is quite fine, however, give her frequent reviews as to ensure this does not happen again." Zuko instructed.

"Yes, your majesty. Thank you for your mercy. Death to my tongue but the Great Queen is in charge of her education."

"Very well, just return her to her studies."

"Yes, your majesty." Lady Min, still bowing, back pedaled out of the room with her hand on Toph's elbow. "Now, Miss Bei Fong..."

"Going back Lady Min. Don't worry, I won't do this again." Toph said exasperated as they walked back. We'll finish this later.

=Three Months and three weeks later=

"Guys, where are you taking me?" Toph asked as Suki and Song carried her throughout the school using an arm bench and blindfolds.

"Somewhere…" Suki trailed off as they hauled her through different hallways.

"…alright…but just so you guys know, this is the last time I'm going to let you guys do this to me." Toph said uneasily, gripping their shoulders for dear life. These few months have been exhausting; rituals, ceremonies, every single detail on etiquette had been hammered into her skull, even the old classical speech had been injected into her mind, What didn't help was that Zuko acted bi-polar towards her and would not tell her his five wishes, and her soon-to-be sister-in-law was an untrustworthy, misleading bitch who aimed to have her make as many mistakes as possible, especially making them very public with Queen Ursa and the elders.

"Ouch, Toph; relax, we're not going to throw you off the building." Suki grunted as she felt finger nails digging into her flesh.

Toph felt herself being lowered back onto the sweet earth and then spun around; she heard quiet murmurings.

"Surprise! Congratulations Crown Princess!" Toph heard as the blind fold was yanked off, and sugar spun flowers and mini groom and bride cake with sparkler candles were placed in front of her.

"Ms. Jun…guys…what's all this for…"

"Enjoy this, Princess. It's the only time you can make fun of me for being an old maid." Ms. Jun said, giving her a smirk as she handed a plastic knife to Toph. It had finally hit her that she was going to get married in a week.

"You were that bored to marry someone you don't know?" Mai droned as she sat next to him during break.

"I did ask you, but you declined, and the royal family can't wait any longer or make any other changes." Zuko said gruffly, and then started to drink his water slowly.

"I never expected you to actually go through with it…"

"I must say that you're too late to change your mind. Everything has been settled, and there is nothing you can do about it. Besides, I don't want anyone I like to be trapped in that palace. "

"I see." Mai said monotonously, and then went back to her classroom.
Mai sat down, her eyes showing discomfort at the sickening upcoming date, her body language forever stoic and un-phased.

"So, you talked to Zuzu? Were you able to say your last good byes? After all, he is going to get married to that little Earth bending peasant." Azula said coolly as she sat down next to Mai.

"What should I do Azula?" Mai finally spoke after a moment of silence.

"This is completely out of your control, Mai. But, I think I can do something to Zuko to change his mind, as well as breaking that little Earth peasant for her impudence." Azula muttered, her words sharper than Mai's knives, and full of ill intent on her future sister-in-law. "Don't worry Mai; soon Zuko and you will be sneaking around Ember Island before you know it."

-1 week later-

Damn this thing weighs at least five kilos Toph thought as she attempted to keep her head from dipping, as her ladies in waiting and personal maids helped her steady her arms down the narrow hallway. Toph has been pulled, compressed, massaged, primped, pampered, prepped, picked at, and washed to every point possible on a human body; they prepped her to the point of no longer biting her tongue to "gently" earth bend the woman scrapping her precious feet, and giving out a cry of horror to the maid who was inching too high above the knee. Toph dressed the part of a Traditional Royal Bride; Toph's hair was braided and pinned up into a bun underneath the giant hat-like wig decorated with clusters of the royal jewels on three points of the wig, along with phoenixes decorating each tip strapped to her chin. The robes consisted of many layers and patterns of phoenixes and rivers of red silk with a thick, gold threaded belt wrapped around her rib area, and sleeves that were a yard and a half longer than where her hands ended. Her posture was straight as her arms made a horizontal line as she held a ceremonial piece with maids at each elbow to support her in this graceful, nationwide event. For the day, Toph was given contact lenses, and had light make-up done on her face. As she finally reached the end of the hallway, to her right is the room where the ceremony is to be held. Standing in front of the priest and seat cushion was Zuko, dressed in ceremonial robes as well; Zuko dressed in silk robes a few shades darker than Tophs' with patterns of dragons and mountains, his hair was gathered into a top knot, and decorated with the flame-royal golden head piece. Through this lengthy ceremony vows were made, drinks were exchanged, gifts were given, a parade procession took place, blessings were received, and offerings were presented to/from the parents, elders, government officials and dead ancestors; by the end of the day Toph and Zuko both changed their outfits, and were ushered into a room guarded outside by maids who were dressed in ceremonial garbs as well.
"Zuko…why are we being herded into a room for…?" Toph asked exhausted as she sat down in a corner of the room, rubbing her neck; she now wore an even more elaborate hanbok compared to the one during her training, but less extravagant than her wedding dress. The chima had even more elaborate gold and silver leafing on red silk, the jeogori had gold and silver leafing around the collar, was dark green, and had a very slight transparent look in a certain light. Her hair was kept in a braided bun with a golden phoenix binyeo stuck through it, and a badger -mole cheopji placed on the front, top-center of her hairline.
"You don't understand this?" Zuko, dressed in a regular suit and tie, scoffed and then gulped down the contents of a tea cup as he pointed to the small tables of food, untouched wines, one of the two cups of medicine, and the laid out futon on the ground. "We are expected to eat dinner, get drugged by 'medicinal' tea, and in our drunken/drugged state, we somehow are going to get tab A into slot B, as well as to 'keep each other warm'." Zuko then gave his best salacious grin towards her; his cup was emptied . Toph's eyes widened, her brows furrowed as she glared at him intently the idiot drank the damn thing; crap. "You wish." Toph uttered, moving even more away from Zuko. Zuko soon noticed, and began to crawl closer to Toph, his face inches away from hers, still smiling; "Not really" Zuko raggedly breathed, still leaning ever so close to her as a blush of discomfort graced her face.
"What are you doing?" Toph asked anxiously as Zuko came closer and closer as she tilted her upper body back until she was lying on the ground, with Zuko essentially hovering above her. Zuko remained silent.
"Hey Asshole, what are you-"

Binyeo: A decorative hair piece that goes through a bun. Essentially a hair stick that is used for decorative purposes.

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