Title: Comparison

Author: Constance Truggle

Fandom: Buffy/Young Justice

Rating: FR7

Pairing: None.

Summary: Conner finally comes to visit his mother.

Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or DC.

Word Count: 320

Author's Note: Got to my destination today, but didn't have time to actually get any writing done, so this is short, too. Sorry about that. But I'm satisfied with it. ^.^

"I was cloned."

"So? I was magically created from my sister."

"I was put through a rapid acceleration program."

"You think your guys watched Star Wars? Sounds like you went through the Stormtrooper program to me."


"Nevermind. I was born a fourteen year old."

"I'm part alien."

"I started out as a glowy green ball of energy."

"I'm super strong."

"I can open dimensional portals. With my blood."

"I was programmed to destroy things."

"Lame. I'm telling you, Conner. My origin story is so much cooler than yours."

Buffy shook her head and walked away from the door she'd been eavesdropping at. When she found out about Conner and how he was cloned from her and Superman, she knew introducing Conner to Dawn would make things feel more normal for him, but she didn't think they'd get into the one upmanship game they were currently engaged in. It was ridiculous to her, but to each his own, she figured.

She wandered the castle grounds for a bit while Dawn entertained her nephew. She thought about Batman, and how he really was a nice guy. A bit of a brooder, of course, but she couldn't help it if she had a type.

Robin had come along, too, to keep Conner happy if things didn't work out so well. If she wasn't mistaken, the Boy Wonder was holed up in the room with them. She wouldn't be surprised if he was laughing his ass off at them, too. She nearly did, which so wouldn't be good since she knew Conner, at the least, knew she had been there. Damned senses. But now she found herself at loose ends, so continued her aimless meanderings.

Eventually, the dark shape of the man who brought Conner to visit loomed in front of her. She smiled up at him.

"So, wanna spar?"